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21/09/2020 14:17:45
Everything is progress
So in these troubled times of the global pandemic it can be harder to feel in control when the goal posts keep moving, to know our true paths when everything is uncertain, and to stay calm and positive when there is a heightened anxiety and depression around us.

One soothing thought I'd like to share is to ...

Know that Everything is Progress

Whatever you do in your life right now, whatever steps you take to build security and keep yourself and those you love and care about safe, it is all progress. It may feel like you have a mountain to climb or greater responsibilities these days, but knowing that Every little thing you do helps your bigger picture can be really reassuring.

Even when things don't go as you planned or dreamed, know that this is still progress!! This is most important because "failures" or "mistakes" are all part of learning what we need to Succeed.

Remember to focus on what you've achieved and do little and often to achieve your goals.
19/09/2020 12:41:44
Moon healing programme
I'm So excited to be offering my new Moon Healing programme!!! I've been busy writing lots of articles on how to heal by the moon with crystal therapy. See my Moon Healings in the left-hand menu.

We are already partway through the programme and those I'm sending healing to with moon and crystal energies are really loving it.

If you feel you'd like my help, please contact me, Katy, at ❤

Moon Blessings
Katy xx
31/10/2019 16:06:21
Spooky Halloween Article
To mark my Tenth Anniversary in energy clearing and healing, and to add some extra spookiness to Halloween I've written a huge article for you!!

It's called The Darker Side of Clearing and it's not for the faint-hearted.

Here it is:

It shows my journey through energy clearing over the years and what I have come to understand about the darker forces out there. Complete with handy tips for if you are going through a clearing and healing process yourself or if you are a healer yourself.

I will be following this up with a nice uplifting positive energy article to balance out the energies and I can't wait to do that too!!

But if you are someone interested in the darker forces and how they work, and what they do, how you clear yourself and improve your natural self-protection, you might like a look . . .

Let me know what you think about it!!

Love and ghostly Halloween Blessings

Don't forget your FREE energy check!!


Katy xx
30/10/2019 19:22:04
Happy 10 Years FireBeans!!
It's official, FireBeans is now 10 years old :D

I'm so excited to celebrate with you!!

It has been a truly amazing time. Wow what a Lot I've discovered and so much I've lived through. FireBeans has been my life, my heart and soul. It has helped me find myself and be happier and healthier. It has given me strength through difficult times. And I've returned the favour by helping give others strength, happiness, love in their lives, health and well-being, and helped others along their soul journeys too.

I have a lot to be grateful for and I'm especially grateful to those who have travelled with me over the years.

I will be celebrating 10 Years of FireBeans for a whole year!!! So watch this space for offers where you can join me :D

Blessings and Love xx
05/10/2019 11:26:12
Keep Your Options Open <3
So we all know the phrase "Don't put all your eggs in one basket" well this is a recurring theme for me lately and I've seen this same theme pop up for others too! It feels like one of those global shifts and like we are all being guided to let go of old ways of focusing on just one thing. Life has naturally So much variety to offer us, we miss out on a lot of fabulous things by being too focused in one direction.

Now this can apply to Anything! Your work, what you eat, what you wear, the people you spend time with. Look for areas of being too focused and where things have got a bit stagnated. What could you do to add variety? The world feels to be calling for a shake up, for people to get out there and experience new things.

If we stay stuck in our ways, the spirit world Will come in and shake things up for us!! Take my word for it, I've learnt this from experience this last year lol.

If we broaden our horizons, dip toes into fresh oceans, we allow new wonderful energies to come to us, new learning, new teachings, enlightening experiences. How can we say no to That?

Try something new today, go on, you know you want to!
Love and Light

25/09/2019 12:08:52
Did you Remember to Breathe Today?
Yes I'm serious :D Breathing is rather important :D

What I mean is, it's important to make a little time to focus on your breathing every day. I don't even mean you have to do some convoluted looooong complicated procedure, although some are quite fun and liberating!! I mean just a few seconds remembering to breathe a little deeper, a little longer, give a good sigh here and there to really get some good proper air movement and energy flow.

A little focused breathing goes a long way in mental health, energetic cleansing and healing and so much more.

Try it and see!
Love and Light and Angellic Breath
20/09/2019 09:18:18
A little self-healing tip
If you are like me, you are sensitive to energies around you, from people and situations and places. It can be easy to be overwhelmed by these energies, and think that they're your own when they're not! Here's a quick little tip I discovered for when you need to receive instant help, no matter what you're doing or where you are, and can't stop to really heal and get to the bottom of the energies you've picked up or are sensing so powerfully.
What I do is, I identify that the energy that is bothering me isn't mine. Then I try to release the external energy up to the Light or down to the Earth. This doesn't take much effort and you get instant gratification :D
To do this, just literally focus your attention on the healing powers above, the Universe, the sky, the Light above and then the healing powers below, the Earth centre, right at the magnetic core of the Earth. This is a quick connect up and connect down which releases energies caught in your energy field. If you are able to then imagine the energies releasing up and down from you to these source points. If you are also able to discreetly then put your arms out to your sides or in front of you and turn your palms facing up or down as per your focus up or down. Moving your palms like this helps focus the energy :) it speeds up the release.
This little self-healing tip has helped me out of Many a drama that would otherwise have been hard to let go of!! It helped me stay centred and clear-headed!!
Contact me for further tips and ideas or if you feel you have any external energies trapped that you can't let go of easily.
Love and Blessings

13/09/2019 11:40:33
Friday 13th and a Full Micro Moon
It's set to be a scary, spooky and emotional night! Beware! ✨

Such a rare night ~ Friday 13th and a Full moon.

But it's not just any old full moon, tonight's is the Harvest Moon, a micro moon and the moon is in Pisces. All these things together suggest things may go bump in the night, there may be a lot of superstition, sensitivity, and spooky things going on, plus it is a highly emotional time, a time of letting go, unburdening... It is a time of Truth, discovering untruths. It could be a confusing and challenging time for many.

Don't forget to do your FREE energy check to help your day/night be not so unlucky, to clear any spooky spirits from yourself, your home or work place!! And to help you let go and move forwards in your soul journey as we head into Autumn.

Spooky Blessings
12/11/2016 20:12:25
Latest Research ~ The Thyroid Gland
I spend a lot of time researching, it's SO very important to keep learning...

These past few days I've been looking into the thyroid, and undiagnosed cases of underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) and overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism). It's pretty scandalous what I'm seeing, and massively so in the United Kingdom - worse here than even America! Sooooooo many people suffering from severe symptoms and not being treated by their GPs, being turned away and told "it's all in your head", "take these antidepressants and stop asking questions!!". Why? Yes why indeed! And this is what I am looking into. And what to do about it. How to stop suffering and get much needed help. It is such a dangerous condition to have left untreated. It's really got my blood boiling... so I'm keeping some calming Blue Lace Agate crystal at my side while I read and learn and think....

I expect I may post more on this issue as it is early days in my reading. But I send healing vibes and Blessings to everyone suffering in the dark, in silence. You are not alone xx

28/10/2016 09:35:27
New Moon Drama!
One of the things I've become distinctly aware of over recent years is the mighty effect of the moon. Now first I picked up on how much of an effect the full moon can have on people (and animals, and our homes!) But as time has gone by, as many moons pass, I have noticed it's not just full moon times that affect us, but other moon phases. Now of course this is nothing new, people have been saying this since ancient times ;) but it is only recently that this has really started to resonate a lot with me. Hence blogging about it now.

And in paying closer attention to moon cycles and my own life and healing others, as my work has shifted over the years to see global patterns of change, common behaviours happening at once, I have been starting to piece more and more of these patterns together with moon shifts and cycles.

Currently we are heading here into a New Moon, we are just 2 days away from the New Moon. There feels to be an odd energy shift taking place as a result. Some shocks are coming out around the world, people opening up to being different to how they've been behaving, an unmasking of negativity... Just be mindful of this in those around you over the next couple of days and take care to stay in balance and keep a level head, being aware that the moon is affecting many people.

**Now is a good time for private meditation rather than too much interaction and social activities**

Many Blessings and Peace to you all at this time as you read this ♡
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