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05/09/2010 18:02:52
Immune system healing ~ 5th September 2010
Hoppy's 2nd healing of the day, to heal the source of his pain this morning. Big day for Hops lol!

I continued with Hops' healing because when he got up to go outside today I found he had had a funny tummy over night. I had thought there may be a problem last night brewing as he didn't seem as enthusiastic about dinner as usual and was hiding under the chair more than usual. I think this is related to his tooth chattering / pain today. There is a link between respiratory system and digestion in the meridians (the lung and large intestines are partner meridians). This is shown often in Hops' case too - he often gets a funny tum when he's having a problem with his respiratory infection / snuffles.

So today's Immune System healing....

As I tuned in I picked up on some stomach pain. Partway through the healing this stomach pain disappeared and by the end of the healing there was a warmth in his stomach as healing energy activated his digestion properly. I was not working on his stomach, but on his immune system in general (particularly around the thymus chakra area - between the heart and throat centres). Again, then, we see the relation between respiratory system (immune system at the chest area) and stomach.

I first began working with Archangel Raphael and light energy to heal Hops' immune system in general. I also used a blue obsidian wand, a rough piece of rose quartz and a small amethyst cluster. He needed loads of healing in this way! Healing was very grounding all over the body, including his mind - helping him to feel calm, relaxed and secure.

He then needed more healing but in a difference way: He next needed turquinite and male quartz generator, Archangel Raphael, and the zebra and unicorn animal spirits again (see previous healing for what they stand for). Quite a lot of healing was required with this method too, though not as much as the first stage above. There was lots of negative energy to shift.

Next Hoppy needed a goddess energy! I'm not sure who I was working with, but I will try to find out. Her energy was beautiful! White bright, sparkly stars of energy all around her :) She wanted to work on her own with Hops, without any input from me or other spirit energies. This is not something I was used to, but I stepped back and let her get on with it. All that was required from me was a male quartz generator pointing at Hoppy for focus. She started working over him generally, like she was scanning and preparing him I thought. Then she sent this white sparkly light to his thymus area for his immune system. Then she worked across his body and I heard the following words from her 'healing, fixing, repairing, mending, healing'. I also had the words 'emergency' and 'earth' come to me in this from her. She felt the need for the healing she was doing was an emergency. 'Earth' related to his meridians, his spleen and stomach pair of meridians. (Again a link between stomach and immune system, at the spleen).

Interestingly the next part of her healing involved a meditation-type imagery of her serving Hoppy some asparagus for its healing properties. But what was so funny is that she served it to him on a silver platter like he's royalty :D 'Fit for a king' is what I heard her say. This really relates to Hoppy as he's always (since a baby bun) had a royal rabbit feel and look about him lol!! He gets up as high as he can everywhere so he can look down on his subjects :D What was so interesting is that the goddess was pampering him and making him feel like a king because this boosted his feelings of 'strength and power' (more words that I heard her speak). So it seems that Hops needs to be treated like a king to help him get better LOL! Will have to make a throne for him in their bunny room :D .... seriously!

Next part to the healing: Hops needed turquinite, the blue obsidian wand and Raccoon animal spirit energy - for his bright, clever, and lively properties, and also for flexibility. This part of the healing seemed to give Hoppy a lot of strength :) It was about strengthening his immune system. He didn't need too much healing here, which is good :)

The final two parts of the healing were also brief, so they felt like tidying-up stages. First he needed to be surrounded with the violet flame, courtesy of Archangel Raphael and an amethyst cluster. This drew out negative energy remaining in his system and replaced with positive healing energy.

And finally he needed turquoise crystal with a female quartz point for healing his immune system. This was when his stomach suddenly became warm as healing energy got through to his digestive system. This was a sign that the healing was complete :)

05/09/2010 12:58:56
Beautiful Healing for Hops (Pain and Bone healing) ~ 5th September 2010
I've just done a really beautiful healing on Hops and wanted to share it with you! I'll update on his progress generally in another post :)

I came in this Sunday morning to find that Hops was chattering his teeth in a painful way again. He does this every now and then despite being on pain meds. It hasn't happened for at least a couple of weeks, so it's not a daily occurrence, and most days he seems very happy :) Just today he must have been feeling low.

I sensed where the pain was coming from: his left jaw (where he has a chronic bony abscess - which he is having specialist veterinary treatment for too).

I began by simply holding a medium-sized cluster of amethyst pointed in his direction and asking Archangel Raphael to assist with sending the healing energy of this crystal to Hops. I kept this request general so that the amethyst could work on Hops in any way it was needed (e.g. for pain or inflammation relief, for healing, for releasing negative energy, for life-force energy, etc).

As soon as I started sending this energy to Hops he 'puffed' (his sign for feeling the healing). He was still tooth chattering but then shuffled down into a comfy position. Gradually the tooth chattering stopped and then there were a few actual 'tooth purrs' (very different from pain chattering!) as he settled down properly in his bed :) There was no more tooth chattering after this point - hurray!!

I felt that more healing was required for Hoppy than just sending this general amethyst energy - which I send a little of daily to Hops. So I tuned in to what was required: bone healing specifically. Amethyst was required again (only this crystal) and Archangel Raphael's assistance too for healing. But also other pure love and light spirits.... the fairies and two animal spirits, the zebra and the unicorn.

Hops needed zebra spirit energy for balance, power and sureness of path, survival under harsh conditions, for enjoying a challenge (as an opportunity to grow): ref

Hops needed unicorn spirit energy for it's healing powers. Apparently when the unicorn offers the tip of its horn it will heal all illnesses. I'm not expecting a miracle cure but the healing coming from the unicorn energy felt very powerful. The unicorn was also sending Hoppy joyful energy, to lift his spirits: ref

So I began by asking for these spirits to mend and repair. There were numerous tiny fairies all around Hoppy's jaw area, fluttering about, very busy and focused in their magical work. The animal spirits had a very different calm, peaceful energy, but focused and strong. It was like a wind of healing around Hops.

I felt that some very deep work was taking place in Hoppy's jaw to repair the bone where the abscess was, almost surgical in feeling. The repair work then spread to his ears too. Hops has had infections in both ears, but currently has a chronic infection in his left middle ear. I saw these spirits working on restructuring Hoppy's ears and jaw. I felt that if we could continue to do this healing regularly then this could build up the structure of Hoppy's ears again with this healing energy. Time will tell :)

There came a point where no more repairing and mending was needed. The fairies then made it known that it was their time to seal the work they had done. They were stitching over the areas that had been healed to protect the work that had been done, with a silvery magical-feeling thread that nothing negative could pass through. It was like the thread was made from pure light and love itself.

The next stage was to send healing to the area, this was mainly the job of Archangel Raphael and the fairies, so first the unicorn and zebra came forward and they whispered something to Hoppy in a wind-of-energy feeling again and then went. I felt that they were whispering to him to be strong, to take care of himself and to keep looking to the future with hope. This felt like a sealing of their healing energies and perhaps the way they conclude their healing sessions. I felt Hops had been really blessed by their presence!

So next Archangel Raphael and the fairies worked on healing the work that had been done. Making sure it all stayed 'embedded' as such. So that the healing was now a natural part of Hoppy's energies.

This completed the work of the fairies, so I thanked them and they left. Archangel Raphael stayed to then help with some general healing for Hops.

Back to using the amethyst cluster only and Archangel Raphael, we sent healing to Hoppy for pain relief, then life-force energy. We also surrounded him in the violet flame to draw out all negative energy remaining and replace with positive healing energies. This was very refreshing and really raised Hoppy's vibration :)

I then completed the healing by thanking Archangel Raphael for his assistance and grounding Hoppy's energies.

Hoppy has stayed in a comfortable position, sleeping since the healing
31/07/2010 19:46:58
An update on Hops ~ 31st July 2010
I haven't been in touch for a while as I have been off work with an energy problem of my own. But now I'm back and fighting fit and picking up where I left off :)

So... unfortunately Hoppy has not been doing too well since I last wrote. On 24th June, about a week after my last post, I needed to take Lara (my other bun) into the vets for a checkup. Something told me to take Hops with me, though I wasn't sure why. I was clearly being guided to do so!! My vet took one look at him and said he was far more worried about Hoppy than Lara! He had been on a course of penicillin until about 10 days prior to our vet visit for his chronic jaw/ear abscess. In those 10 days since finishing his meds his abscess had grown a bit again and was sensitive to the vet's touch :( He said this really shouldn't have been the case in such a short space of time.

After talking through the pros and cons we decided he should go back on penicillin injections and stay on it permanently :( Although I was upset at the thought of this, that Hoppy's illness has got to this stage, I was also relieved because it is has been so hard to know whether Hoppy's silently getting sicker and the abscess getting worse beneath the skin. The only way I could know this more would be if I'd had time to check and heal him daily - which would be my ideal! But finding that time has been tough - though it seems lame to say that now! I'm feeling now that I need to find the time to do this because he is most certainly struggling, the poor fella! And if this is something that will help him then I have to find the time to do that. Healing isn't generally about a one-time only quick-fix healing, it's often about little and often. So if this is what Hoppy needs then it's what I'm going to need to do.

So since the 24th June Hops has been back on penicillin injections. He has mostly been on daily injections, but recently we tried to reduce him down to every other day, but he got worse again. This week I contacted the vets and requested he go back to daily injections for now because he was getting more snuffly and sneezy (suggesting an increase in his bacteria in his system, which will worsen his abscess). And the night before I managed to get hold of the vet nurse, Hoppy had started to lean to the side of his abscess in true headtilt (wry neck) motion :(

Having nursed him through headtilt last year it breaks my heart to see him tilt again, even though it was only momentarily last week, and once again last night. It fills me with horror, because once Hops goes down hill he is really difficult to bring back up. And he's not getting any younger :(

So the current status is that he is on daily penicillin, metacam (a NSAID safe in rabbits), probiotic (which helps his tum while he's on the penicillin) and a herbal tonic, oh and I've added in Silica tissue salts as advised by my kinesiologist friend.

Healing-wise most recently I did a meridian healing last Monday (26th July), the night he started leaning suddenly. After that he was more perky (chasing Lara about again :) and his appetite increased I think which is great! He seems to be eating as a coping mechanism when he feels dizzy at the moment (because of the middle ear abscess), which I must say is quite unusual for him, but definitely something I'm happy to go along with!! :) After the meridian healing he didn't tilt again until last night, so I will check whether that means he needs another meridian healing.

After the meridian healing I followed up the next day with an energy flush (which emptied out a lot of negative energy from his system).

My next step is to go through my notes on Hoppy so far and work out what he needs next, see what will help him best out of all the healing tools I have at hand.

Will keep you posted!
Katy xx

31/07/2010 18:42:44
Meridian Healing as Hoppy wasn't looking well ~ 18th June 2010
Well after my post about Hoppy seeming sprightly and eating lots of hay, he started to get a gurgly stomach. I wondered whether it was because he'd changed his diet by adding in more hay and so having less room for pellets and veggies/salad. I have checked his energies and it looks like this may have been the case.

I am thinking now that I should have acted on that gurgly stomach with a healing, but I didn't and thought I would see how he got on.

But the next day when I got up, Hoppy was sitting hunched up in a dark corner of the room :( I was immediately worried, as this corner is the one he only usually goes in when he's upset about something (like when he's just had meds, or been to the vets) or feeling unwell. And the hunched-up position wasn't a good sign, as this can indicate pain/discomfort. Then when I opened the back door to let them up the garden, he wouldn't budge and even though I left the back door open for hours he wouldn't go outside :( Usually Hoppy *adores* being outside. But today he wasn't interested at all. He didn't even get up for a sniff at the fresh air - just stayed in his corner.

I was really very worried about him. I put him some food (his favourite pellets) under his nose to see how bad the problem was and thankfully he demolished them immediately :) That was a blessing! But when I later put out his favourite veggies he wasn't interested. That's another sign that something was making him feel quite bad - because then he goes off some foods.

So... I got out my pendulum. I checked and he didn't need any medication (yet) - we have metacam (pain meds) in the house, probiotics and a tonic powder they have sometimes. But he did need healing. I checked which kind would be most appropriate for him. I checked for source energy healing, aura healing, chakra healing and meridian healing. I also checked to see whether he had any attachments present (external negative energy sources) - but all clear there. Meridian healing was what he needed, so I got out my crystals and meridian charts and settled down as I knew this would be a couple of hours' work at least!

In the end he needed a two-hour healing and I was amazed at how quickly it helped him!! By the end of the healing he was like a completely different rabbit :-o At the end of the healing he had booted Lara bunny off the rug in the middle of my floor and had flopped down right in the middle, fully stretched out, rubbing the side of his face against the rug and licking his paws over and over, whilst also rolling his eyes. LOL!!! This is a sign of a perfectly contented rabbit - he was showing all his signs of pure happiness :) Plus he'd feasted on all his favourite veggies, pellets and some hay again!

He first showed signs of picking up very early into the healing. First, he started eating some leftover pellets where he was hiding in his dark corner - so, coming out of the hunched, glazed look.

Then he suddenly got an energy spurt and dived over to where Lara was, grunting (lol!). Then he ate a few leftover bits of pellets where Lara had been and lay down cautiously in the middle of the rug. This was already great progress and we were only about 10 minutes into the healing! To go from where he'd been hiding all that time, hunched up, looking miserable in the dark corner, to suddenly getting his energy back and lying down, even though cautiously, in the middle of the room. I was so relieved to see just that!

After about another 5 minutes Hops then started to eat some of his favourite veggies (spring greens). These had been sitting here since I got up but he hadn't touched them.

After another 5 minutes Hoppy picked up another of his favourite veggies (cauliflower), ate a bit then stretched, yawned and lay down on the rug again :) More good signs! Nothing like a stretching yawning rabbit :)

Through the rest of the healing session (which lasted for 2 hours in total) he was alternating between sitting up and eating, chasing Lara about, grooming Lara, diving in and out of his litter tray, lying on the rug, having a wash and more yawning and stretching. Each time he did any of this I became more and more pleased and relieved :)

So the healing was a huge, and immediate, success! I am writing up my notes here from yesterday and today I can say that he has been completely back to normal (as normal goes for Hoppy ;o))

Today when I woke up both buns were sitting on the rug in the middle of the room. When I went to open the back door to let them up the garden Hops came rushing over, eager to get out before the door was even open :) This is his usual style! And as soon as he could get out he was straight up to his usual spot in the sun. Then in minutes he was climbing up onto his favourite chair and rummaging in a bush next to it, up on a level. So he was well and truly back to his usual self and fit enough to jump up and down on things.
31/07/2010 18:41:27
Hay Eating ~ 17th June 2010
A quick update today - I am overjoyed that over the last few days Hoppy has started to eat hay again!!! Hay is a very important part of a bunny's diet as it's a great source of fibre (helping their digestive systems) and it's great for keeping their teeth in good shape (helping to prevent them overgrowing and spurring). Hoppy hasn't eaten hay for months! The reason why is that chewing hay is hard work on the jaw, and he has a chronic jaw and middle ear abscess/infection. This must make it painful or difficult to chew (even though he has been on pain meds until recently).

So eating hay is a big sign of improved health for Hoppy right now, which is awesome news :)

It is interesting this has come after only recently doing some very deep 'source' healing - a new technique I have developed. I am shortly going to post up details here of his healing session, as I have my notes :) I feel there is a connection between this deep healing (working to remove his infection/abscess from his system) and this big step forward to eating hay.

Will write again soon.
Katy xx
31/07/2010 18:40:25
~ Introducing Hoppy! ~
This part of my website is dedicated to the healing blog of Hopscotch my elderly lop-eared male bunny. He's currently (at June 2010) coming up to being 7 years old. He's nearly 4kg and so as a bigger breed of bunny he's considered pretty much geriatric according to my rabbit specialist vet! So, he's my old man, who loves sitting out in the garden on a human chair watching the sun go down each day, then coming inside for pellets and a mountain of salad and veggies, and cuddles in the evening - sitting with his cute fluffy butt pressed up to the radiator if it's a chilly night!

He's the first bunny I've had and has such a great character. He loves a good cuddle, has his particular 'licky spots' where if you stroke him there he will lick anything in sight lol! But... cuddles are on *his* terms ;o) He is a very independent bunny. He lived on his own for a couple of years before I brought home a pal for him (Lara bunny - who's famous worldwide for her headtilt - see He was not impressed having another bunny on the scene - my mistake assuming two rabbits would get on! But they have grown to be great friends over the years and snuggle up with each other many a time over the day and night like an old married couple :)

Health-wise, Hoppy was a very robust bunny, no problems at all, until just a year ago or so. Then he suddenly experienced high levels of a bacteria in his system (unfortunately brought in from Lara years ago when she first came to live here). Because of his age, I think he just suddenly became more susceptible to it. The bacteria is called Pasteurella, and can be responsible for all sorts of complications - mainly a variety of infections and abscesses. This surge in the bacteria in his system caused him to have two inner ear infections! One inner ear infection is bad enough (and was the cause of Lara's headtilt a few years ago)... but two! Poor bunny :(

As a result of the inner ear infections, Hoppy expressed some signs of headtilt too - loss of balance, nausea / going off his food. He was quite wobbly on his feet, occasionally falling over, but not reaching the severe state (in terms of spinning/rolling) that Lara ended up in with one inner ear infection because a) we caught it earlier and knew straight away how to treat it, having been through this illness with Lara, and b) having the infection in both ears kind of balanced him out a bit - he didn't end up with a wonky head like Lara, just a very tiny tilt to the side that was worse. However, this said the months following his headtilt led to many a fearful moment when I really thought we were going to lose him. He's been a strange bunny for sudden deteriorations and then sudden improvements. He's been up and down to the extreme! And we've had some quite hair-raising moments over the months! I have to remind myself each time he goes downhill that he may just leap up and be fine the next day, because he's that kind of crazy and determined bunny :)

Since he had this double whammy infection and headtilt signs he's not been right :( And the vet has said that he doesn't expect us to be able to cure his chronic infection (in his left ear and now in his left side of his jaw too), but just keep treating it over time and make sure he's as comfortable and as happy as he can be. Believe me I have one of the best rabbit vets in the country! However, I am not giving up hope because there are tools I have available through healing which could make a difference... hence starting Hoppy's very own blog to track his progress :)

Currently (as at 16th June 2010 when I begin Hoppy's blog) he is seeming happy and content, and is back to scoffing all his favourite foods - even extra crunchy, chewy things like broccoli and hay, which is awesome to see, as this shows that the discomfort in his jaw and ear have reduced :) He is getting a bit hormonal at the moment though (as many bunnies are around this time LOL!!) and we have difficulty with him spraying at my other bunny Lara (poor girl!) so I need to do some work on trying to calm his hormones. I recently found a connection between his excess sex drive and his recurring infections! A case of too much powerful energy pent up in his system! So it's important to help him calm down in some way, but more on that when I next do a healing on him.

Thank you for reading his blog. I'm looking forward to sharing the ins and outs of his healing experience with you. But I must go for now as the sun has gone down and he's waiting for his dinner :)

If you have any questions or would like to make any comments about Hoppy's blog then please send them to me (Katy) at

Katy, Hops and Lara xx
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