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Instant Healing by Lone Wolf...for People, Pets and Properties

Receive healing and energy clearing in the most efficient and pure way with Instant Healing.

"Ok so Katy's finally convinced me to offer healings and energy clearings directly ;)...so if you know who I am or are one of the few I've done readings for in the past, then you know what to expect. Otherwise, brace.

You may not get what you ask for, but you'll get what you need.


As with Katy's Instant Healing page, please enter the details of the person, pet or property you want to receive healing or energy clearing. If you need more than one session please just repeat the process as often as is needed.

Instant Healing for ONE person, pet or property, from: £14.99

£14.99 is a basic healing/clearing, if you feel you need more or deeper work then please feel free to send an amount which you feel is appropriate and you will receive healing to that value.

After submitting the form below you will be shown a Paypal payment button, shortly after you have completed payment you will receive an email confirming that your healing has been activated.

Please note!
The confirmation email will be sent to the registered Paypal address.

Amount of healing requested:

Your name:

Full name of the person, pet or property to receive healing
(One name per submission please. Extras will be ignored):

Brief description of the problem you would like help with:

How does Instant Healing work? (introduction by Katy)

I have discovered that my role as a Healer is all about Energy Management. I have a range of healing spirits, guides, higher healing powers (e.g. angels) and energies, crystals, herbs, grids, etc, at my disposal 24/7. I can intend that these healing energies and spirits take on certain tasks for me. They work for the highest and best good, with love and light, with the purest of healing energies constantly, without interruption. Instead of channeling their energies through me, as I would during a scheduled focused healing session, I can now instruct them to complete healing and energy clearing for me without any involvement from my own energies - which means you receive a completely clean, pure healing and clearing!

With this tried and tested automatic pure healing method, I have also found that I can manage the healing energies and spirits to immediately send healing to where its required when a healing request comes in without me actually needing to be present at the time. This has been a remarkable development for me and my clients as it means that when you require healing, you can receive it straight away! Therefore there are no longer any waiting times for healing - you simply fill out the form on this page, make payment, and the healing energies and spirits start your healing or energy clearing.

Please Note: this instant healing technique ONLY works when you complete the form on this page of my website and send payment via this page. This is the only way that the instant healing will work, as this is the arrangement I have with the healing spirits and energies.

Top reasons to book an Instant Healing
*Please note these healings should not replace medical advice in case of an emergency!

Testimonials for Instant Healing by Lone Wolf

Jude (a healer from the UK) was struggling with a temporary block that was preventing her from healing others. Lone Wolf sent healing to where Jude needed it most, and her block vanished! Jude says:

'My energies are fine now, I'm up to healing others again :) and I didn't have to remove any toxins or tensions from myself like I've had to do every morning!! Thank you for my healing :) I could really feel it and I now feel I'm ready to move forward.....at last!!!'

Her cat, Kizzy, was also holding a large amount of anxiety in her tail, and by healing Jude, Lone Wolf has indirectly healed Kizzy of this anxiety too. We often share negative energies between us, especially within a family/household, so it seems that Kizzy was holding a lot of anxiety in her tail that was related to Jude's energy block. So by removing the block, Kizzy was healed too!

* * *

Don't forget I offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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