Distance Healing / Continuous Connecting Up
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Continuous Connecting Up Healing

Continuous Connecting Up Healing

What is connecting up?

Connecting up is when the energies in our body are connected up to the spiritual / universal energies above (to God, a higher power, the divine, etc), connected to the highest energies of pure light and love that are intensely healing.

Connecting up is a powerful way to keep you feeling calmer, more relaxed, clear-headed, with a positive perspective, trusting in the universe and yourself, and connected to those around you and the cycles of life.

Being connected up helps smooth the flow of energy through your body, helping you to feel happier and healthier. As your energy flows better through your body, negative energies and blockages can be released gently and revitalising, positive healing energy can be drawn down from the source of pure love and light.

How can connecting up help me?

Connecting up helps reduce:

* anger
* worry about the future
* stress
* fears about how things will work out
* Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
* insecurities about your life
* feelings of stubbornness or inflexibility
* a feeling of being disconnected from the world
* not being able to go with the flow of life
* pain
* migraines and headaches
* physical tension
* insomnia
* restless mind
* confusion or foggy thinking

and more!

How can I connect myself up?

An excellent way to connect yourself up is to meditate. You can do this by sitting quietly and feeling your connection up to this higher power, or universal / spiritual energies. Or you can purchase or find meditations online. A great source of meditations that I am always recommending to people is Brain Sync. Kelly Howell produces some awesome, beautiful meditations - some guided, some with subliminal messages beneath relaxing wave sounds.

There are also particular crystals that can help you connect up:

* citrine
* amethyst
* selenite
* clear quartz
* rhodochrosite
* yellow calcite

and more :)

I also offer crystal prescriptions from just GBP £9.99 if you would like me to select the appropriate crystals for your energies, for you to work with. Please see here for more information.

Receive 'Connecting Up' healing energetically, automatically throughout the day and night

I have now developed a new healing where I can send you connecting up energy automatically, every second of every day and every second of every night, as and when you require it!

The continuous connecting up healing energy can help you work through issues constantly, unconsciously in the background, helping you to feel happier and healthier in life.

Why do you have trouble being connected up?

If you are constantly having trouble staying connected up, and therefore are in need of continuous connecting up healing, you may wish to explore the reason for this energy problem.

If you would like me to look into the reasons why you are disconnected then I can recommend some healing designed for you and your concerns. Just send me, Katy, an email to Healing@FireBeans.com any time requesting advice on what type of healing would be best for you to work on your connecting up issue. I'll be happy to help.

Or take a look in my Distance Healing folder in the left-hand menu to see what healings I offer, and whether you are drawn to any particular type of treatment.

How is the connecting up energy sent to you?

Continuous connecting up healing is sent using a combination of crystal healing and distant healing. Specific crystals that are most required by your energies will be selected and used to send your connecting up energy.

Pre-booking free energy check

It is advisable that you have a free energy check before your session so that if necessary we can perform an energy clearing to remove any external negative energy forces.

This is the best way to begin any treatment as an energy clearing (if required) will remove any of these external negative forces so that we can then see what's going on with your own personal energies. If we try to do any healing work with these negative forces still attached to you then this makes healing more difficult, the results confusing and sometimes stops healing from working at all. So, it's best for you that we clear up any of these external forces first.

Click here for more information about energy clearing. You can fill in the message box on this link or send an email to me, Katy, at healing@firebeans.com with the full names of those that you would like me to check for external negative energy forces.

How to book a continuous connecting up healing

The following continous connecting up options are available:

     1-week continuous connecting up: GBP £4.99

     1-month continuous connecting up: GBP £14.99 (saving 25%)

If you would like to book for longer than one month, please ask, as further discounts are available.

Don't forget to connect your energies down to the earth, too!

I also offer a 'grounding' continous healing, which would complement the connecting up continous healing. Please see here for more details.

The reason it is good to have grounding and connecting up healing simultaneously is that this ensures that you are connected above and below, and therefore able to release negative energies up and down, creating greater energy flow through your body, and also so that you can draw in positive healing energies from above and below that revitalise and refresh your energies to the max :)

Booking a combination continuous healing

If you would like to book a combination of grounding and connecting up continuous healing, then the following options are available:

     1-week continuous grounding and connecting up: GBP £9.99

     1-month continuous grounding and connecting up: GBP £19.99 (saving 50%!)

If you would like to book for longer than one month, please ask, as further discounts are available.

As this is a new service please book your session at this Send a Payment link here by selecting the correct amount from the drop-down menu. Or you can email me to request a PayPal invoice. Please note, you do not need a PayPal account to use my payment system, you can pay with a credit or debit card.

If you have any questions about this or any other clearing or healing sessions, please contact me, Katy, at healing@FireBeans.com.