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Testimonials for anger healing

"Katy has done a lot of distant healing on my daughter, K. Since K. reached puberty upon turning 13, she went from 'Little Miss butter wouldn't melt' to a raging monster.

Katy started the healings. She told me that it was rather like pealing off the skin on an onion layer by layer. Though it was not an easy task working on K., Katy managed successfully to dissipate a lot of the pent up anger stored within K. Though my daughter's behaviour and attitude towards her school work is still far from perfect and there is still a lot of room for improvement, it seems evident that Katy's work did a lot to calm her down and help K. to adopt a more rational approach to situations she has to face which are potential triggers to her angry outbursts!

K. is far less defiant than she used to be and I think Katy has helped K. to finally see the light and realize that it doesn't always pay to throw her rattle out of the pram and scream and shout abuse when things don't go her way. Katy said that K. had a lot of emotional issues and Katy spent a great deal of time working on K.

I don't understand exactly how Katy's healing works, but several people have commented that K's behaviour has remarkably improved and she is thus having her privileges reinstated which were previously confiscated in the past due to her bad behaviour.

Well done Katy. You are such an inspiration and it is so reassuring to know that K. can be redeemed through your help."

V. Carey

"My dad is 74 years old and was told by the doctor earlier this year that he had to undergo surgery in order to get a heart valve replacement.  Through the years he has suffered from tremendous amounts of rage, PTSD as a result of fighting in Vietnam and a long career in the military, and a long life full of many challenges and ups and downs.  We worked with Katy to help clear his system and heal his chakras in an effort to prepare his energies and to make him as strong as possible to undergo such a serious surgery.  Through a month of chakra healings, source healings and cord cutting, Katy was able to heal decades of trauma .  

He went through the surgery and remained an “A grade” patient the entire time post-surgery with minimal complications.  My dad has impressed doctors with his fast rate of recovery.  Katy was even able to be with my dad during the surgery.  After the surgery we later talked and she told me that at about 4:45pm she helped my dad through what seemed to be an intense and traumatic part of the surgery and worked to keep him calm.  It turns out that the time she noted coincided with the exact time when the doctor took my dad off bypass and restarted his heart and lungs!  That was by far the most intense and traumatic part of the surgery and Katy was able to help my dad through it as smoothly as possible.  She was even able to remove the feelings of anxiety from the doctors and nurses working within the operating room to ensure they were performing at their highest levels.  

It felt so good to know that my dad was in such great hands, both in the hands of the skilled doctor and then also, energetically, in the hands of Katy.  She is so talented and knowledgeable in the work that she does that she can make quick, creative decisions to help promote the healing in whatever the situation.  Now that my dad is recovering, his heart and energies are very fragile and Katy is able to help him continue healing even while in such a fragile state.  

As a result of the healings, my dad has shown a sense of peace, calmness and happiness with life that I have never seen in him and I know that he is much better off as a result of Katy’s work."  

Kristen, US