Healing Crystals / Carnelian
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Carnelian ~ Sacral Chakra healing crystal

- The life crystal:
        Reignites interest in life
        Provides energy and motivation to accomplish goals
        Increases fertility, helps with sexual problems

- Grounds your emotions, so that you feel calm

- Dispells negative feelings: anger, depression, fatigue, fear, guilt, grief, jealousy, etc.

- Inspires clarity, courage, happiness, love, self-confidence and wisdom

- Puts you in touch with your inner self so that you can find and understand your journey

Physical uses include:

- Lower spine problems

- Digestion

- Menstrual cramps

- Fertility, sexual problems

- Skin complaints (e.g. psoriasis and acne)

- Blood conditions

- Asthma

- Rheumatism, arthritis

- Neuralgia

- Insomnia