Healing Crystals / Creedite
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Creedite ~ Take control of your soul journey

This crystal helps you focus on yourself and find clarity about what your soul journey is, where you are going and why, and how best to stay on the right path. By focusing on yourself, your needs, your wants, your desires, above all else and everyone else, you give yourself the freedom to find the real you, and to discover what you are destined to do in this lifetime.

Creedite helps you understand that other people are on their own soul journeys, and are at various stages of enlightenment, so their opinions on yourself and what you are doing in life are invalid. Creedite encourages you to  just focus on yourself and your own place in the Greater Plan, at your particular point in your own soul journey, so that you can achieve your goals without being distracted by self-doubt, or other people's needs and expectations.

Once you have found your way, you will then be in a better place to help others along their soul journeys too. Plus, by focusing on yourself now, you will be naturally and unconsciously helping and guiding those around you, because a) they will be encouraged to follow your example, and help themselves too, and b) we are all connected - so by helping heal ourselves, we are helping heal everyone and everything else too on some level.