Healing Crystals / Lapis Lazuli
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Lapis Lazuli ~ Finding Yourself

* To help you find yourself in dark or difficult times.

* Lie down with this crystal placed on your brow / third-eye chakra for connection to your higher / true self.

* Combats feelings of loneliness (we are never alone :))

* Quietens the mind, soothes the spirit. Helps you find peace

* Clarity of mind, particularly in a stressful situation

* For those who have pushed themselves to the limit, exhausted themselves, it helps everything negative drain away so that you can rest

* Releases feelings of loss and grief, fear of being alone

* Provides serenity and acceptance

* Gives you the freedom to 'allow' others to have their freedom

* Increases faith and trust in yourself

* Puts you in touch with your spirit guides

* Very grounding

* Relieves anxiety

* Breaks negative emotional ties, contracts, etc with other beings

* Extremely soothing, with very gentle but strong and powerful vibrations to connect you to yourself, above and to earth energies.

* Balancing and centring

* Increases inner strength, courage, power and independence

* Helps you to see that you are the most important person in your life

* Helps you to release worry about what people think so that you can focus on what is right for you

* Opens the third eye chakra

* Promotes happiness and self-confidence

* Helps you find your own *healthy* comfort zone!

* The magical sparkles of pyrite within this crystal open and heal your solar plexus chakra for self-power, self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence

* Removes soul obstacles and energy blocks

* Lapis Lazuli is an important crystal in helping you take control of your destiny

Physical benefits

* Jaw, teeth, teeth roots, gums healing

* Eases headaches and migraines

* Soothes the nerves

* For the digestive system

* For neck and shoulder tension

* Overall relaxation

* Promotes deep, restful sleep. Useful for insomnia when placed under your pillow

* Helps heal infections and wounds

* Very protective - protects weak/vulnerable areas of the body, mind, spirit and soul from psychic attack

* Strengthens the immune system (physical and spiritual)

* Good for posture