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Purchase Specialist Crystals ~ High Quality, Powerful and Perfect for your energies

Would you like to buy crystals that you have read about on my site, or that I have recommended for you specifically through conversation or healing you have received?

I offer a first class, top notch service providing your desired crystals ~ hand-selected, and chosen by tuning into your energies and your guides to find the perfect crystals for your energies.

Allow me to read your energies and suggest a crystal (or set of crystals) for you. Sometimes I may need to go to my local specialist crystal shop to pinpoint exactly what crystal would be right for you at this time as they have a great variety there :)

How much do crystals bought through me cost?
This varies per crystal and per your budget. There are a whole variety of crystals available from small polished tumblestones to high quality beautiful crystals / stones in their natural form.

Contact me with your request - either for specific crystals, or to request a reading for what crystals I would recommend for purchase - and I can either give you an estimate of the crystals' costs or visit my local crystal shop to obtain more information for you about the recommended crystals and costs.

Please note, postage and packaging will be added to the cost of the crystal once we have confirmed your crystal items and I am able to weigh them for a shipping estimate.

The best way to find the right crystals for your energies
The recommended way, is for you to let me know your name and what you would like from your crystal purchases energetically. For example, perhaps you need crystals to release anxiety, stress, or anger, or to relieve pain, help you sleep, clear negative energy from your home. Just let me know any details and I will then intuitively tune into your energies and your guides to see what would be best for you.

You can email your details and / or requests to me, Katy, at Healing@FireBeans.com.

World-wide shipping
I am very happy to ship crystals world-wide. Where the parcel of crystals is large and/or particularly valuable, it may be better for us to use an insured postal service. If this is the case, I will advise you of this at the time and provide an estimate for shipping.

Sending payment
Payment for your crystals can be sent to my Send a Payment page, by selecting the correct amount from the drop-down menu. Or you can request a Paypal invoice.

Contact me

If you would like to discuss your possible crystal purchases further, would like to make an order, or would like a reading of your energies to see what I would recommend you buy, then please send me, Katy, an email at Healing@FireBeans.com. I will be happy to talk this through and answer any questions you may have.