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Testimonials for healing depression

"I felt much brighter where depression is concerned again. It definitely does me good. You have a really good talent."
S. Curtis

"In August 2007 I was diagnosed with a mood disorder/depression and was suffering from constant feelings of anxiety.  The entire year leading up to the diagnosis was full of depression; difficulty getting out of bed; random, uncontrollable fits of crying and other times fits of rage; thoughts of suicide; extreme feelings of loneliness; constant feelings of intense butterflies in my stomach; isolating myself from others; and difficulty maintaining relationships.  I went into therapy and began to medicate the symptoms which greatly increased my quality of life, relationships and overall feelings of happiness.  

Then I began working with Katy in April 2010 and my life has completely changed.  Over the past seven months Katy has performed healing sessions on me 2-4 times per month and I have been able to completely get off my anxiety medicine – I no longer suffer from anxiety!  I have been able to reduce my mood stabilization medicine from 2.5mg/ night to 1.5mg, and I am confident that with Katy’s assistance I will be able to wean myself completely off the medicine by the end of Spring 2011.  

Katy has helped me cut cords to my abusive childhood and past abusive relationships that were causing me to continue in the same pattern of behavior/abusive relationships and to suffer from uncontrollable sadness and anger.   Through a kinesiology healing Katy was able to identify deficiencies in my system that would help me cope with a lot of my symptoms naturally, such as using specific Bach flower remedies and taking Vitamin C supplements.   Through her guidance, I have learned which crystals will help me heal any symptoms I am feeling at that moment.  Through her chakra and source healings she has helped me heal trauma from the past, heal the causes of my constant anxiety and, as a result, I have become an entirely new person.  

I am more confident, grounded, balanced, at peace, able to speak my truth and say what is on my mind, lessened my feelings of abandonment and rejection, and I finally recognize my self-worth and am able to truly believe and know that I deserve to be loved for me.  My life has completely changed through Katy’s help and I am looking forward to continuing to work with her in an effort to be completely off all the medicine.  This was especially important to me because I hope to start a family in the next couple years and I cannot take that medicine during pregnancy.  Now I no longer have to worry about that!"

Kristen, US