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Useful Websites

Meridians, Acupuncture, etc
Wood Element.

Fabulous site for meridian diagrams and point by point analysis, and more.

Yin deficiency.

Blood deficiency.

Article on the healing properties of willow by Glennie Kindred in the White Dragon as an example of the quality of their content and Glennie's work.

Search for Homeopathic remedies A-Z, with great proving information.

About Homeopathy treatment for Rabbits.

Homeopathy 1991 documentary Part 1.
Homeopathy 1991 documentary Part 2.
Homeopathy 1991 documentary Part 3.

Homeopathic Aggravations (worse before better reactions).

Homeopathy FAQ.

Flower Remedies
Descriptions of the individual Bach Flower Remedies.

Space Sounds
How Earth Sounds from Space.

Jupiter Sounds NASA-Voyager recording.

Top names in healing
Barbara Brennan's website: author of Hands of Light amongst many others.

Conscious Media Network. A range of interviews and daily updates, e.g. 'Select an Interview' by Donna Eden in the drop-down menu.

Sonia Choquette's website.

Louise Hay's website.

Bargain books
Discounted slightly damaged copies of Donna Eden works. This is a Facebook page about the warehouse selling these discounted books.

Free Downloads
From Judy Hall's website, author of infamous The Crystal Bible

Free online guided mediatation (7 mins long). An excellent taster of the meditations/music available through Brain Sync. See far left column beneath menu list

The Energy Medicine Handout Bank of the Energy Medicine Institute. Another Donna Eden resource.

Google Books

Judy Hall, The Encyclopedia of Crystals

Cyndi Dale, Advanced Chakra Healing. Energy Mapping on the Four Pathways

Cyndi Dale, Advanced Chakra Healing. Heart Disease. The Four Pathways Approach

Cyndi Dale, The Subtle Body: An Encylopedia

Blogs / Magazines / Journals / Newsletters

Eden Energy Medicine (Donna Eden)

White Dragon quarterly pagan magazine.

My Recommended Healers / Therapists - Talented hypnotherapist and NLP Master - An energy healer using magic to bring Light to your Darkness

I've recently been adding all my archived moon healing mailers to my new blogging site, so if you've liked those you can take another look at them HERE

This page is updated regularly, please check back often for my latest finds.