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Invite a Friend and you could Earn GBP £4.99

If you are someone who has received an energy clearing or healing from me then recommended my services to a friend, you could be able to claim GBP £4.99 credit to add to your Healing Bank as a thank you.

When you have recommended someone and they then book a minimum of £29.99 worth of clearing/healing, I will give you £4.99 credit in your healing bank! This gift is a one-time amount per person that pays for healing/clearing - i.e. you don't receive £4.99 every time they buy.

So, if there's someone you know who you think might be in need of an energy clearing or healing - perhaps they have been suffering with ill health, stress, emotional upset and / or bad luck - then just recommend them to my website. If they decide to purchase a clearing or healing just ask them to mention that you invited them. I will then get in touch with you to confirm your £4.99 healing bank credit. You are then free to keep this credit for a time that suits you, for whatever clearing or healing service you want. Or you can keep the credit until you've more credits from other friend invites! It's entirely up to you.

If you would like more information, or feel that you might already be eligible for a healing bank credit as a thank you for recommending someone then please email me (Katy) at