Distance Healing / Continuous healings
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Continuous Healings

What are continuous healings?

Receiving healing continuously is becoming one of my most powerful methods of healing. The healing is set up initially and then sent to you automatically with the purest of healing energies, every second of every day and every second of every night. So rather than just receiving healing during your booked session you can also receive healing constantly outside of your session, as and when you require it. This can speed up your healing process immensely, meaning that we can get to the root of your problems more quickly and directly.

The continuous healing energy can help you work through issues constantly, unconsciously in the background, helping you to feel happier and healthier in life.

Pre-booking free energy check

It is advisable that you have a free energy check before your continuous healing begins so that if necessary we can perform an energy clearing to remove any external negative energy forces.

This is the best way to begin any treatment as an energy clearing (if required) will remove any of these external negative forces so that we can then see what's going on with your own personal energies. If we try to do any healing work with these negative forces still attached to you then this makes healing more difficult, the results confusing and sometimes stops healing from working at all. So, it's best for you that we clear up any of these external forces first.

Click here for more information about energy clearing. You can fill in the message box on this link or send an email to me, Katy, at healing@firebeans.com with the full names of those that you would like me to check for external negative energy forces.

What types of continuous healing are there?

You will see from the left-hand menu (within the Distance Healing folder) that there are the following continuous healings described already:

     Continuous Affirmations

     Continuous Connecting Up

     Continuous Grounding

     Continuous Crystal Prescriptions

I also now have available more continuous healings, and will be adding extra information to my site shortly about these:

    Continuous protection 24/7 from negative attachments of all kinds (including spirits / entities and implants, black magic, curses, spells and dark forces)

        Continuous mirroring for those instances where a severe energy is affecting you from an external source.

    Continuous energy clearing / detox - where negative energy, attachments and links to attachments are released continuously. This is ideal following an energy clearing or healing, as it helps you detox properly after your healing (where sometimes energies can get stuck) and keeps you better protected from new negative attachments coming in.

     Continuous follow-up healing - where the healing of your session is extended beyond the session continuously. This is the way to get the best from any healing session.

     Continuous chakra healing, subtle body alignment and aura healing - an awesome package that helps to keep your energies much clearer constantly.

     Continuous meridian healing - a simple way to keep your meridians clearer continuously.

How to book a continuous healing

The following continuous healing options are available:

Continuous clearing / healing per week

     1 continuous:   £4.99
     2 continuous:   £9.99
     3 continuous:   £14.99
     4 continuous:   £19.99

Continuous clearing / healing per month

     1 continuous:   £14.99
     2 continuous:   £19.99
     3 continuous:   £24.99
     4 continuous:   £29.99 (save 50%)

If you would like to book for longer than one month, please ask, as further discounts are available.

You can book your continuous healing at this Send a Payment link here by selecting the correct amount from the drop-down menu. Or you can email me to request a PayPal invoice. Please note, you do not need a PayPal account to use my payment system, you can pay with a credit or debit card.

If you have any questions about this or any other clearing or healing sessions, please contact me, Katy, at healing@FireBeans.com.