Distance Healing / Energy Cord Healing
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Distant Energy Cord Healing

What are energy cords?
Energy cords are ties between us and anything that we have a connection to: a person, a current situation, a memory, a pet or even a property, boat, car etc. We even have energetic cords that connect us to emotions, thought patterns, behaviours and habits.

We all naturally have these cords and they can have positive as well as negative effects on our energies. Some are in place for great reason and should not be removed, and others are long-since redundant but still present and a drain on our energies, so should be removed where possible. Others are present because we are stuck in a pattern of destructive behaviour/thinking - these types of cords sometimes need to be removed in stages so that your body can adjust to the changes and heal bit by bit, at a pace that's right for you.

How can an energy cord affect your energies?

Positively, they can create great links between yourself and a person, place, event, etc, that can give you a closeness and connection that is as strong as steel! These cords vary in their type but they can even connect two people so much that they have a psychic link. They can be a wonderful capacity for love between two people. In the same way an energetic cord to a wonderful holiday, or particularly memorable birthday or other event can give such joy when we remember them, that the energy cord can help lift our spirits and keep us going through difficult times - so they can be a source of much happiness, peace of mind, and health. These kinds of links/cords we wouldn't want to break, and it would likely not be for your highest and best good to break them. Such cords can be healed, repaired and strengthened instead - providing it is for the greater good.

Negative energy cords have the opposite affect. They drain our energies, leaving us vulnerable and low. They can cause all sorts of symptoms: anger, feelings of rejection, anxiety, depression, impatience, annoyance, frustration, regret, blame, grief, guilt... even physical aches and pains.... and the list goes on! These cords are often able to be removed, but again I must check whether it is for your highest and best good that they be removed at this time in your life, and whether you (and perhaps another person on the other end of the cord) is ready.

When negative energy cords are ready to be released and you have them cut it can be a great relief! You may feel a new-found freedom and happiness, or a lightness energetically. Liberating yourself from negative energy cords can lift your vibrations which can help you feel more balanced, centred, peaceful and can also keep you more protected from others' energies (including external negative energy forces or attachments - see Energy Clearing).

Are all cords the same strength?

No, they all differ in strength, depending on the strength of the emotion between you and another person, or the depth of a trauma you may have experienced, etc. Some cords are so strong that they can last for decades or cause great changes in your emotions, relationships and experiences in life.

You may also have multiple cords regarding one person, event or place, etc. Cords are so intricate that you may have a number of different emotions regarding one concern, which creates lots of different cords. For example, there are so many aspects to a relationship between two people that there may be many many cords for all the ups and downs in your relationship, the emotions and experiences shared.

So for example, during a cord session between two people who have sadly ended their relationship, we can either remove 'all general negative energy cords' between you (and cut those that are nearest to the surface and need to be released first), or we can work through a list of detailed cords to remove in regard to this person. This latter option gives you room to specify particular things that you would like to release e.g. anger that you may feel regarding the way things ended between you; anxiety that you feel from the way you were treated; or a memory of an upsetting event/moment that you are struggling to forget. We can keep things as gentle and general as you like, or go as deeply as you like.

How do you know if you have negative energy cords?

Examples are as follows:

*  You may have trouble communicating with a certain person, or feel there is a block between you that you can't seem to get past.

*  You might feel like there is a drain on your energies, or that when you are around a certain person or in a particular place that you feel this drain or fatigue more strongly.

*  Perhaps you have trouble forgetting a particular incident, event or feeling about someone.

*  You might be experiencing a lot of negative emotions (e.g. anger, anxiety, fear, depression).

*  You may have a particular habit or negative thinking pattern, association, or behavioural pattern that you are struggling to let go of (e.g. quitting smoking, losing weight, etc).

*  You may be struggling to move on after a relationship has ended, or after you have lost someone close to you.

*  Perhaps you have an ongoing / chronic illness or pain that you feel you have an energetic attachment too. Although cord-cutting may not instantly release you from the illness, it may help you move forward and find a solution to your illness, or to find relief from your current situation in some way. Sometimes people have an energetic link to their illness, or just ill health in general. Or there could be cords from the centre point on your body of this illness/pain that relate to an event or person in your life or from your past. This is something that we can explore more deeply.

In all of these cases we can work together to establish which cords you feel you are ready to release. I can then tune into your energies and check whether you are really ready to let go of these cords and whether it is for your highest and best good (and for the good of anyone else concerned too).

Here are some examples of where I have seen clear benefits of cord-healing:

*  Quitting smoking

*  Losing weight

*  Assisting in communication in relationships (e.g between couples, friends, family and business associates / colleagues, even between pets during bonding!)

*  Releasing yourself from negative / destructive emotions (e.g. anger, anxiety, depression)

*  Releasing phobias

*  Releasing emotional trauma (e.g. PTSD)

*  Releasing physical trauma

*  Moving forward and easing the sensations of a particular illness, ill health or pains

*  Releasing a connection to a past life experience

Repairing, strengthening and sometimes adding positive energy cords

Quite often some energy cords need repairing and strengthening, and sometimes rebuilding altogether! I only conduct this work if it is morally right and for the highest and best good of all parties concerned. Such information I request from the universe, as what the universe says goes!

So for example it may be that during a cord healing session between yourself and your partner there are negative energy cords that you are both ready to have cut, but then other positive cords need strengthening and healing. In these cases I will put the request up to the universe and ask whether it is right for me to heal these cords (or rebuild if need-be). There are many cases where positive cords can be healed, so it is worth looking into this.

Another example of where positive cords can often be repaired and strengthened is where they are to do with your emotions or psyche. For example, we may have cut negative cords regarding a negative thinking pattern, anxiety / phobia, or illness, etc, and then we would like to strengthen or rebuild positive cords that help you heal and move forward: e.g. by adding positive cords for self-worth, self-esteem, faith and trust in yourself, motivation and strength to get better, etc.

What happens during a cord healing session?

After discussing the best cord session for you, and discussing (if necessary) the type of cords you would like to be cut or healed, I will book you in for your session.

During the session, using your name and/or photo, I will scan your energies for the cords we are to remove/heal. I will then tune in and check that what we have planned for the cord is for the highest and best good of those involved at that time, and is acceptable to the universe and your life journey (and the life journey of anyone else concerned).

If cords are to be removed, I will call upon the assistance of Archangel Michael to help cut the cord. Next I will heal you (and anyone else concerned) of any energetic wounds left by the cord. This will help you heal and your energies adjust.

If cords are to be added, repaired or strengthened, I will call on the assistance of Archangel Raphael, sometimes Archangel Michael too if cords are to be rebuilt or extra power is required during the process.

After both cord removal and cord healing/rebuilding, I will then surround you in the violet flame (which transmutes negative into positive energy) to help heal your energies further. It is then advisable to follow up with an aura healing if possible (see Aura Healing page) or even a chakra healing (see Chakra Healing page) to empty out the energies in your system from the presence of the cords that have been removed and to strengthen positive healing energies.

How quickly will I see results?

You should see some results straight away. If we have removed key negative cords or created key positive cords then you should see some noticeable changes in the problem area quickly.

In some cases a detox effect may take place. This is where any symptoms you had prior to the healing session (because of the presence of negative cords, or the lack of, or broken, positive cords) could increase before they get better. This can happen particularly with deep, strong, key cord-healing sessions.

If you feel you are experiencing some form of detox then please let me know straight away so that I can check your energies. I may be able to send you some healing briefly to help you feel better and work through your detox.

It is always advisable to drink plenty of water and rest as much as you can following a healing session. This enables your energies to adjust to the changes from the healing, and helps remove negative energies from your system more easily and more quickly.

You may just need one cord-healing session to help with your current concern. Sometimes people need a series of cord sessions, and sometimes additional healing too, to reach the core of the matter. This is because your body/energies may need to go through a set series of stages towards healing, based on how quickly you are ready to release and heal. It could be too much for you to release all in one go, so your body may protect you from this by only allowing a certain amount of healing at a time. If this is the case for you then we can work out a programme of healing to help your energies adjust and heal in the best way.

What type of cord cutting sessions are there?

I have a few types of sessions available depending on how gentle or deep you want your session to be, or depending on your budget. You may wish to also book other healings at the same time to follow your cord session. For example, some people like to start with a cord session and follow up straight away with an aura healing or chakra healing to seal in the healing and help their energies adjust.

Please note that it is advisable for you to have a free energy check before a cord-healing session, to make sure that there are no external factors affecting your energies. Please see my Energy Clearing page for more information.

Types of cord sessions available are:

- Mini cord session (£14.99): for the removal of any negative cords around you and the healing/repairing of positive energy cords around you. This is completely non-specific. I will ask for angelic guidance and follow my intuition entirely in this session.

- Standard cord session (£34.99): for the removal of any negative cords regarding a specific event, person or place, etc. You can specify the event, person or place and I will intuitively, and with angelic guidance, remove any negative cords that are ready to be released at this time. So the event is specific but the cords are not. This healing will also include the repair of positive cords regarding your chosen concern. Only one specific event, person or place, etc is included in this session. You can book more than one session for extra concerns.

- Deep cord session (£69.99): for the removal of specific cords regarding a specific event, person or place, etc. You can specify the concern, including particular negative cords that you would like me to remove. I will then tune in and check that you (and anyone else involved) is ready for me to remove these. You can also specify positive cords that you would like me to heal, repair or rebuild if necessary. Again I will tune in and check that this is OK. Only one specific event, person or place, etc is included in this session. You can book more than one session for extra concerns.

- Optional brief write-up (£4.99): this includes approximately a paragraph-long description of my findings during your session.

- Optional detailed write-up (£19.99): this includes a detailed description of my findings during your session.

Cord healing price list:

*  Mini cord healing £14.99

*  Standard cord healing  £34.99

*  Deep cord healing  £69.99

*  Brief write-up £4.99

*  Detailed write-up £19.99

To book, please follow this link Send a Payment and select the amount for your session and write-up from the drop-down menu.

If you have any questions about cord healing, please do get in touch with me, visit my Contact page.