Distance Healing / Guided Healing
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Distant Guided Healing

What is Guided Healing?
In this session, I put the healing in the hands of what I call a Higher Power of pure light and love. This can involve working with angels and other healing spirits (e.g. animals, fairies, goddesses, etc) and/or crystals, herbs, woods, etc, to focus the healing energies.

At the beginning of the session I ask that you receive healing 'where you need it most'. The higher power then tunes into your energies and finds what you need most, which will be what is most necessary at that time. The higher power then works through me as a channel for you.

What do I need for the session?
If you have a photograph that you can email me for this healing then this makes the session more powerful. The photo does not need to be full length or particularly recent. If you are unable to email a photo then your full name and date of birth will be enough for me to be able to send you healing.

Before the session, please email me if there are any issues you would like assistance with during the healing. Your healing may involve healing around this problem as well as working on the problem itself - depending on what your energies and the guides say you need.

Pre-booking free energy check
It is advisable that you have a free energy check before your session so that if necessary we can perform an energy clearing to remove any external negative energy forces.

This is the best way to begin any treatment as an energy clearing (if required) will remove any of these external negative forces so that we can then see what's going on with your own personal energies. If we try to do any healing work with these negative forces still attached to you then this makes healing more difficult, the results confusing and sometimes stops healing from working at all. So, it's best for you that we clear up any of these external forces first.

Click here for more information about energy clearing. You can fill in the message box on this link or send an email to me, Katy, at healing@firebeans.com with the full names of those that you would like me to check for external negative energy forces.

How to book your Guided Healing
There are the following options for booking a Guided Healing session:

    Mini healing: £19.99

    Average healing: £34.99

    Deep healing: £69.99

A write-up is available for your session so that you can see what I found and so that I can pass on any advice and recommendations from the healing:

    Brief paragraph summary write-up: £4.99

    Detailed write-up: £19.99

You can book your session at this Send a Payment link here by selecting the correct amount from the drop-down menu. Or you can email me to request a PayPal invoice. Please note, you do not need a PayPal account to use my payment system, you can pay with a credit or debit card.

If you have any questions about this or any other clearing or healing sessions, please contact me, Katy, at healing@FireBeans.com.