Animal Healing / Healing your animals
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Animal Healing for your precious companions

Here is a list of some of the many things that can be treated with hands-on crystal healing and distant healing in your pets:

* Pain                                    
* Muscular problems                                                
* Nerve problems                          
* Spinal problems  
* Dental issues                            
* Infections                              
* Viruses                                  
* Parasites                                
* Incontinence                            
* Digestion problems                      
* Anorexia                                
* Balance problems
* Depression
* Anxiety
* Stress
* Sleeping problems
* Excess energy
* Aggression
* Territorial issues
* Possessiveness
* Persistant barking
* Howling
* Timidness
* Fatigue

Or perhaps you want to help prepare your animal for a stressful time ahead - e.g. a house move, or time staying in kennels or with a new owner. It's wise to prevent rather than cure wherever possible. If our energies are running smoothly and correctly through our systems then we will be in better health, and therefore stronger in the face of stressful situations and environments.

Please note that so many things can be treated that it's very likely I've missed something out in this list! If you have any questions then please do get in touch and I'll happily discuss with you your specific requirements. I'm available by email

"My bunny certainly seems more chilled out since you carried out a distant healing on her.  She has a fear of men, which you picked up on, and although still a little wary, there is certainly an improvement there. I've noticed she's more relaxed and seems to have a new found confidence. We've sat down to have more cuddles for longer than we ever have before. She also seems to be suffering much less with her internal health problems since the session. Thank you."
A. Lewis

Vicky's bunny Archie had gut stasis / slowdown - a life-threatening condition. This was Vicky's comment the morning after his first healing session:

"I can't thank you enough for your distant healing on Archie. The benefits are already apparent by his behaviour this morning... he was a different rabbit! He was genuinely pleased to see me and couldn't wait to get stuck into his breakfast! I am so glad that we have made contact Katy."

And about a week later:

"Archie is still a totally different animal after you healed him and I think definitely benefiting from crystals."
V. Carey