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Healing Lara Rabbit

~ Lara Rose Quartz and Rainbow Moonstone healing (21st June 2012) ~

Lara has been requiring rose quartz crystal healing the past few days, just gently healing her by having it near her. She has needed this for increased independence and courage. She's had a lot of grief release healing recently (we lost her bunny partner Hopscotch 6 months ago), and this rose quartz healing replaces the grief energy with what she needs to continue in her soul journey (independence and courage). Rose quartz is notoriously an excellent crystal for healing during the grieving process.

I have a little rose quartz heart-shaped crystal that I placed at Lara's heart chakra for 15mins whilst playing the grounding healing visual/tune on a projector in my healing room where she was relaxing, so there was the soft glow of the visuals and the music quietly healing and grounding negative energy released at her heart chakra whilst also calming and soothing her entire energy system.

While I held/rested the rose quartz heart at her heart chakra, I gently stroked her so that she would be as relaxed as possible, so that the healing energies would be at their most powerful for her.

The healing gave her a great sense of peace and calm. She was a little jumpy at the start of the healing, but she went through various stages of relaxation until she was very peaceful and calm. At each stage of relaxation there was more and more anxiety released from her system - anxiety that had been blocking her finding peace in her soul, and therefore blocking her from being courageous and independent, happy being the real Lara. Tooth purring towards the end of this part of the healing physically showed she was in a good relaxed state too :)

After 15mins of rose quartz healing, I then added in two rainbow moonstone crystals, one placed either side of her head on the ground. These crystals were healing her end-of-ear chakras. She is a lop-eared rabbit, so these chakras are right on the tips of her long ears which point down to the ground. Over the past week she has needed a lot of healing at her ears to release grief from losing Hopscotch.

The rainbow moonstone and rose quartz combination was *beautiful*!! She relaxed even further, really enjoying so great cuddles around her cheeks and ears (her favourite places to be tickled) :) I could feel a lot of tension around her throat and head initially but these gradually lifted away with the addition of moonstone, until more and more light airy cool energy surrounded her crown chakra area. At the end of this part of the healing, Lara had a good scratch and wash round her ears :) A sign of happiness and relaxation. And then gave me a thank-you lick on my hand lol :)

Post-healing, I could feel her vibrations lifting higher, there was more coolness at her crown chakra and soft radiant rose quartz and blue moonstone energy all round her. She ate some of her dinner and came for a great flop on her bed - satisfied with her healing session :)

Katy and Lara xx

~ Lara's meridian healing yesterday (21st May 2012) ~

I did a meridian healing for Lara yesterday for a couple of reasons: 1) In the past this specific healing has helped my bunnies start eating again when they have been off-colour, 2) Meridian healings are one of the most powerful healing tools I have, and I'd become quite concerned about this ongoing problem Lara was having and whether she would pull out of it, 3) Given how close I am to Lara, I find it harder to get the usual perspective on what's going on in her energies, so working with a systematic healing that covers the entire physical body I hoped to pick up some information on where the source of her problems were, where the negative energy was focused.

The healing I feel did give her that boost I had hoped for in her appetite :) There was a lot of healing needed to reduce anxiety that was trapped in her digestive system. So I feel the healing was really working on calming her digestive system and helping food move through as it should, and helping her feel more hungry. She definitely was more willing to try new foods last night, and as I type she is trying out some more foods by herself too which is a relief to see! :o)

The healing also showed me that she was having trouble with her bladder. I had wondered about this, as she has been peeing in the wrong places at home since falling ill! Today in her vet appointment the vet also said her bladder felt a bit sensitive. If there's some kind of infection there then this will be helped by the meds she's on already.

During the healing I picked up that she had a lowered immune system caused by anxiety and that this was creating infection somewhere in her body. She needed a lot of healing at the top of her head which seemed related to a headache, and there was definite tension in her jaw and neck, so I wonder if there is some infection somewhere - maybe her jaw or ears somewhere that is painful.

I will be sending her another meridian healing today and see what comes up.

Katy and Lara xx

~ Lara's mystery problem (21st May 2012) ~

Around this time of year, Lara seems to have her most serious problems. It's something about the spring air. She's had a number of serious illnesses in her little life (severe headtilt and a big jaw abscess being the most memorable). Technically these have likely stemmed from an excess of Pasteurella bacteria in her system. This flares up when she gets stressed, and she is one anxious little bunny! Rabbits are notorious for their anxiety, being prey animals - the animal spirit is all about fear specifically. So Lara's healings are always about reducing her anxiety, in order to help with her physical illnesses when they are present and to try and prevent new illnesses from occurring.

On Tue 8th May this year, Lara had her usual conscious incisor burring that she has every few weeks. This time though, her vet found a bony lump on her jaw that's very sensitive. But we weren't sure whether the lump was new, as she has so many lumps and bumps and sensitive bits around her jaw because of her old issues. So we decided to see how she was following the incisor trim.

On getting home from the vets that evening, Lara wouldn't eat :( So she had to go back to the vet again... She ended up having a dental under anaesthetic a couple of days later, partly because she was due one, and partly so that while under the vet could check over the jaw and do some xrays. Nothing was found to be amiss with her jaw, and just a straightforward dental was done. We hoped that this would fix her lack of eating, but sadly not! Now, it's been nearly two weeks and Lara is still having trouble chewing :( She can eat some foods by herself, sometimes liquidised, sometimes mashed up, and the occasional hard piece of food, but mostly all soft.

She's on anti-inflammatories, gut motility drugs (as she's had some tummy problems because of her change in diet), and antibiotics and probiotics. We're not sure if an infection could be the cause of her problem chewing, so the antibiotics are there just in case. We are keeping her going on these meds for now and then just see what happens over the coming week or so. There is no physical outward sign of anything wrong with Lara that's causing her problem eating, so we are attempting this treatment rather than anything more invasive yet (especially straight after her GA) partly because of her age and partly because of her previous illnesses (she has a complicated past!).

So while we are sitting this out and seeing how she does, I am of course sending her lots of healing and doing what I can. Her current healing diet is: 1) lots of cuddles and attention as this relaxes her, 2) healing tunes that I have made to keep calming her and releasing her energy blocks, lifting her vibrations and lifting her spirits, 3) specific healings - including some energy clearing to remove a nasty connection she has to someone in past lives.

So from hereon I will blog about her healings and anything I pick up along the way.

Katy and Lara xx

~ Lara healed me! (2nd April 2012) ~

What a bizarre experience! Recently, Lara and I have been communicating more and more. I mentioned in a previous post about Lara that she sometimes looks at me intensely when she is trying to tell me something. I then tune into her energies to work out what she is saying to me. Sometimes she is asking for something, or saying whether something is good or bad, telling me how she feels about something, or telling me about my energies. She started telling me about my energies when I was healing myself - either 'wow that looks cool' (as I'm sure she can see my energies and shifts that go on during healing), or 'your energies look weird' (if I'm releasing something negative from my energies, and she can see the negative energy as it releases).

The other night, I was sitting cuddling Lara and she gave me one of these intense looks again. But this time she wasn't saying anything she was 'sending' me something. She was sending her love to me! I thought, wow that's so adorable, and a step up from us just communicating. It was the first time she'd consciously 'sent' some energy to me. I sent my love back to her and it was a really sweet moment :)

This happened again another night. And then last night.... I was doing a healing on myself, and I was at a tricky point in releasing some negative energy that had surfaced, when Lara sat up and stared at me... more intensely than ever (lol!). It was quite unnerving the look in her eye! I checked what was going on with our energies and found she was actually sending me healing! Wow!!! I had no idea that this was even remotely possible! But why not? They are intelligent little beings our animals - some very intelligent indeed as it turns out! :)

I was blown away by my little bunny's healing skills! She got right to the core of the matter, really helping me out with the healing I was doing on myself. It was absolutely incredible. She stared at me throughout the healing, and then when the healing completed she settled down and tooth purred :D I was quite unnerved by the whole experience, it was quite spooky! But absolutely astounded and so happy and excited to have understood what was going on, and for it to have ever happened :)

Lara was sooooooo pleased with herself afterwards! I told her thank you and gave her a big cuddle, but she was receiving the cuddle with such joy - she knew full well the healing she had sent me and was really happy that she'd been able to do it! Since that moment she has sent me another little healing later that night, and she has been so happy! More confident and even more communicative. It's really amazing :)

I'm intrigued to see where this is going! I'll keep you posted.

Katy and Lara xx

~ Increasing self-love (30th March 2012) ~

When I came in to see Lara this morning, she looked distracted and nervous. Physically she seemed fine, and she had eaten well overnight. But she just seemed like something was up. As I sat and ate my breakfast with her, she came up to me and gave me 'that look' - the look she gives when she has something to tell me! I communicated with her and she told me that she 'feels funny'. I checked her energies and she had something surfacing for healing in her. It wasn't quite at the surface yet, so I told her I would check on her again a bit later and then send her healing when I could.

A little while later she told me she was ready for healing so I began. Lara needed 3 pulses of healing today. Each was brief in itself, and then healing would continue, and more would surface in her energies and then she would let me know when she was ready for more healing.

Overall the healing was to increase her self-love and remove blockages that were in her path in relation to this. This also involved creating a stronger connection between her and the higher powers / the universe, and between her and Mother Earth spirit and the core of the earth.

The first blockage I needed to remove was at her solar plexus chakra. This was anger from a past life at having felt rejected. This feeling of rejection led her to feel sad and lonely when on her own, which has carried forth into this lifetime. This is something that will likely have come to the surface since losing her partner-bunny Hopscotch, as she now has more time on her own at night. It is something that I feel has particularly surfaced since yesterday's healing (see below). After removing this energy block at her solar plexus, I needed to increase faith at her solar plexus too.

The second blockage I needed to remove was at her rear root chakra. This was causing confusion in her mind/brain and in her heart. This explains why she seemed distracted this morning when I came in to see her. She was moving about as if she wasn't sure where to sit, or what to do with herself. There was great depression trapped in her rear root chakra, about not feeling comfortable in this world, finding the world to be a scary place :( This depression and fear was because of being left on her own, come from a past life experience, when she felt rejected (see above). I needed to ground the depression down from her rear root chakra and to the core of the earth. This increased her overall ability to be more grounded and connected to Mother Earth spirit and the core of the earth.

The final blockage I needed to remove was at her rear brow chakra. There was an external negative energy from another being from a past life that was trapped at her rear brow chakra. The energy was yellow in colour. This being had destroyed her self-confidence, hurt her, abused her in some way, and left her wanting to be alone. Although this created the split problem of wanting to be alone and not wanting to be alone! (see above). This left her needy but distant too.

I needed to ground down this external energy from her rear brow chakra into the earth. She had become self-hating in this past life, and shut off from herself :( There was LOTS of this external energy to remove. This massively increased her self-love :)

To end the healing, I increased faith at her rear brow chakra and increased her connection from this chakra to Mother Earth spirit and the core of the earth, and to the higher powers / universe and the light.

At the end of the healing, Lara looked peaceful and happy again and fell into a deep sleep :)

Katy and Lara xx

~ Fear of Loss healing (29th March 2012) ~

We had some sad news yesterday about the sudden passing of a friend. It was a great shock and we were quite upset, as you can imagine. Lara being her sensitive little soul picked up on our grief. She has been OK, but I knew she felt our sense of loss, and the fear that brings about losing others that we love.

Today, I settled to do some healing for Lara, just as a general top-up, and found from her energies that our grief had triggered more grief and fear of loss in Lara after losing her partner bunny Hopscotch a few months ago. It had brought her old emotions about losing Hops to the surface, and triggered more 'what ifs' about the future.

In today's healing, I did a short 10-minute focused healing and then set up the healing to continue until finished. The healing was focused mainly at the soles of her back paws. She needed anxiety releasing from here with my hand, sending the anxiety to the light. I heard a 'pow' noise as the anxiety released. This noise was the sound of energetic cords breaking between her and Hops' soul, so that she could let go of the past that was holding her back and making her anxious. The cords were causing her to fear loss of others she loves.

I saw a bubble form between the palm of my hand and the soles of her feet. This was a suction bubble, gently sucking out the anxiety from her feet. Little bubbles then floated up from my hand to the light, bubbles containing her anxiety. Then some of the bubbles floating up contained lightning. The lightning was anger mixed in with the anxiety that was also being released. Shortly after seeing this, a bright red ray of light shot up from Lara's feet to the light! This was a huge amount of anger suddenly being released. The anger was at the higher powers / universe for taking Hops away from her. Soon after this red light started to shine out, a green healing ray of light came down from the higher powers to Lara's soles of the feet to calm her :) The anxiety and anger was triggering symptoms of apprehension, like a tight knot in her stomach. All her old worries about more loss and where Hops was were resurfacing, from the time when we lost him. To help with this, I drew in a bright sunny yellow healing ray of light to her solar plexus (in combination with the continued release of anxiety and anger at her feet).

As her energies shifted, I felt her thoughts switch to more positive memories, about how things have changed recently in ways that she appreciates - for example, having more time with us and more freedom around the home (as she tends to be better behaved than Hops was - he was a cable-chewer!) :)

Next there was a lot of regret in her energies to release. She regretted not appreciating Hops' company so much when he was here, not cuddling up to him or grooming him as much as she would if she could turn the clock back. There was a flood of energy of how much she misses him, and wishes he was still here to snuggle up to. There was such a lot of sadness being released from her soul from this healing at her feet and solar plexus.

Finally, there was a past-life connection revealed: a lifetime where she had lost someone in an accident. This experience was being healed through the healing at her feet and solar plexus, so that she could move on from that time and let go of the similar feelings she has from losing Hops in this lifetime. I also sent healing to her soul to rectify the imbalance left by this loss.

At the end of the focused healing Lara got up, stretched and yawned, looking happy :) I then set her healing continuing to release and rebalance her energies.

Katy and Lara xx

~ Power balance healing (26th March 2012) ~

Lara has been doing very well lately. We took some time away with her recently and although she was unsettled initially by the change in surroundings, she was as good as gold!

Today's healing was not to heal any physical ailment, but to generally give her a preventative lift to her energies.

I spent 10 mins today in a combination of distant healing (sitting next to her and sending healing, rather than direct hands-on healing) and communication.

Lara needed the following in her healing today:

* Increase in faith with turquoise crystal, ray of light and flame

* Healing to help her understand the current social hierarchy in our family. She has been feeling lost since we lost Hops a few months ago. He was her leader then (Top Bun!). I wasn't the leader (lol - Hops was in control of us all :) ), but now Lara has needed me to show myself as the leader. I have been attempting this since Hops's passing, but today Lara was in a new place in her energies where she was willing to accept this. So I sent healing to help her adjust to the new balance of power.

* Next Lara needed healing to increase her self-respect, which she did not have while Hops was in charge.

* She also needed healing to increase her unconditional self-love, so that she is self-empowered (something she was not encouraged to be previously, under Hops' reign)

* To give Lara a greater balance of power, I needed to release negative bright-blue energy from her soul, where she had been consumed by victimisation (under Hops' previous reign).

To conclude the healing I needed to have a little conversation with Lara. She needed to understand that Hops had been overly powerful, that she had taken on a victim-role in their relationship and he had taken on too much of a controlling role. She had not realised this. She had not been happy with the power imbalance, but she had just accepted it as how it was meant to be. She had not realised that it wasn't right. She needed to understand this so that she could let go of how she had allowed herself to be victimised, so that she can take on a more balanced level of power in our current relationship.

Following this healing I set up some continuous distant healing for Lara, to help continue letting go of this old power imbalance, and to encourage a more settled natural, positive power balance between herself and me now and in the future.

Katy and Lara xx

~ Digestion healing (6th March 2012) ~

Over the past 24 hours Lara has had difficulty with her digestion. She is moulting at the moment, and seems to have ingested a lot of fur :/ This is dangerous in bunnies, as they can sometimes struggle to pass it through their system. They need a good amount of fibre in their diet to help their digestive system cope with the fluff they can end up eating through grooming. If the fluff cannot be digested or passed through effectively, it can build up and cause a blockage. This can be potentially catastrophic.

As Lara can't eat fresh grass or hay (key sources of fibre), because of her earlier health problems in life, it is difficult to give her as much fibre as a normal bunny might have. I have some high-fibre pellets and I've recently started giving her grassmeal (dried ground grass) but even with this course of action, she is struggling at the moment.

Advice from my vet when I called about her yesterday was to keep an eye on her. She has been passing poops through, so there's not a full-on blockage but we need to be wary in case she stops pooping, as a blockage would be serious, potentially fatal. She has been relatively happy in herself though a bit quiet. She has been eating, but not as much as usual and last night she didn't eat at all! But this morning she ate again - so she's a little up and down.

I've been doing what I can to encourage her to eat - she had a delicious meal of grated carrot, walnut, pumpkin seed (all high in fibre) and grassmeal yesterday evening :) And I've been sending her healings and playing my grounding tune/visual for her which helps release energy blockages and draw her energies downwards, it is also extremely calming and relaxing, and that will help her health and happiness too. (See the free healing visuals folder for my grounding tune/visual.)

So this morning I wanted to send her a focused healing and blog about what occurred. The healing lasted 40 minutes and we found it to be very effective!

On receiving permission from Lara to perform a healing on her, I tuned into her energies. I saw an arrow pointing at a specific point to the right of her rear solar plexus chakra. This is where she needed healing, in her intestines, and where the fur was getting caught up inside her. I sent her healing to dissolve the fur trapped at this point inside her. As I did this, a positive healing yellow light of her solar plexus chakra began to shine through :)

As I continued this healing I could feel a block at her crown chakra releasing too, which was triggering a lovely cool healing vibration there. The crown and solar plexus chakra can often be linked in their symptoms and both work well with healing yellow light. As a result of this first release, Lara flopped down on her bed - a sign of feeling good!

While continuing this healing at her intestines to dissolve the fur within, I began playing the grounding healing tune/visual from my website (See Free Healing Visuals folder). I also added Quantum Quattro crystal energy to the point in her intestines that was needing healing. Instantly I felt an increase in the healing vibrations with these two things added.

Next I was guided to chamomile herbal energy to this point in her intestines too. Chamomile is great for the digestive system and is very relaxing :) Straight away after adding this to her energies, I heard the word 'sleep' and knew that Lara was feeling sleepy as a result of adding the chamomile. This was good, as sleepy would mean relaxed, which would help her digestion. If everything is tensed up in her digestive system, then nothing will be going anywhere!

A couple of symptoms came up then, as I healed with chamomile and quantum quattro at her intestines: 1) tension in her sacral chakra, as a block was being released, and 2) a slight strain on her breathing, as a block at her solar plexus was being released.

Next I saw a green light around her intestines. This was a sign that she needed something new adding: lime flower extract. So along with the chamomile herbal energy and quantum quattro crystal, Lara also needed me to send her energetically lime flower extract to this point in her intestines. As I did this, the crystal in my hand became warm and started to vibrate. This part of the healing was quite intense.

The combination of chamomile and lime flower energy with the quantum quattro crystal then became a beautiful swirl of healing energy, coming out from the end of the crystal and towards this point of healing in Lara's intestines, and then swirling in and around her intestines! This was the best way to get the energy in and around every curve and bump of her intestines, but also being a gentle whisp of energy at the same time (rather than a harsh focused point of energy). As I did this, Lara stretched out on her mat - a clear sign of appreciation and happiness :)

This healing swirl filled her intestines and stomach. It was very comforting for her and to show this she started to lick at her dewlap (under her chin) as she lay stretched out on her bed.

As the swirl healed her digestive system, there was a symptom of jaw tension that came up. This was a block clearing higher up in her body.

The swirl then shifted to encompass her back legs and paws, and from there healing her right down into the ground, grounding her energies. I could see bits of fur that had dissolved that had been trapped in her intestines moving down through the swirl into the ground :) As this happened, her eyes felt sleepy and her jaw tension released. At this point I could really feel the healing energies from the grounding tune/visual all surrounding her too, which was increasing her calm and increasing the effectiveness of the healing but in a gentle way.

After this point, the main block at her solar plexus had released :) And she was ready for me to move on to the next stage: to release a big energy block at her crown chakra. To do this I needed to stop the swirl of healing (quantum quattro crystal with lime flower and chamomile herbal energy) at her solar plexus / intestines, and move the swirl to her crown chakra. As soon as I did this she sat up, but carried on washing herself. So she could feel the energy shift but still felt comfortable.

There was a link now between an energy block at her crown chakra and an energy block at her throat chakra. This seemed to be the original source of her problem at her intestines / solar plexus chakra. And this original source appeared to be anxiety. This is no surprise for Lara, as she has always struggled with nervousness. This anxiety I could feel was also affecting her stomach, so there were actually 3 blocks together that I needed to work on.

To clear all 3 blocks, I needed to heal her crown chakra with the swirl of quantum quattro, chamomile and lime flower, plus the addition of hazel wood energy; and I healed her throat chakra with quantum quattro at her aura around her jaw; and I placed a gently-healing piece of energetic ice (not physical ice!) at her stomach to calm the emotional-fire energy present there. While sending her this simultaneous healing Lara did lots of poops and even ate some of her dinner!! I was really happy to see both. That is just what I was hoping for :)

Once these blocks all cleared, I then needed to send citrine healing across her energies. This helped her feel calm, positive and peaceful.

The fact that I needed to spend a lot of time healing Lara to release anxiety after removing the initial solar plexus blockage suggests that it was an increase in anxiety that triggered her digestive problem on this occasion. Lara is such a sensitive bunny and I can pinpoint when it was that she became more stressed, as it's something that has happened before! I needed to have a big clear out in the room that she lives in, and although this is for her benefit too - giving her more space, and making things more organised - she finds it very stressful when things have moved about. It stirs up her fear of doing things wrong (e.g. not going to the toilet in the right place). I have been working on calming this fear in Lara, by encouraging her as much as I can and healing her, but this experience shows that we have some way to go yet. We will keep working on it :)

Katy and Lara xx

~ Past life healing (28th February 2012) ~

Today I wanted to perform a short healing for Lara and then blog about what I found, with her permission :)

I tuned into her energies and felt she needed a pure hands-on healing, where I am a channel for healing energy from Father and Mother spirit. She did not require any crystals for this healing. The healing lasted for about 5 mins.

I found that Lara needed healing at her rear solar plexus chakra. I placed my left hand on her chakra and allowed healing energy to fill her chakra. As I did so, I felt a lot of jaw tension begin, as a symptom of her energy blockage at her solar plexus chakra. This jaw tension was anxiety trapped in her solar plexus, spreading to create physical tension in her jaw. Lara certainly has had a number of jaw issues over the years in this lifetime!

As the healing occurred, I felt her chakra grow hot and I felt there was a past life issue surfacing. She had accidentally hurt someone in a past life, but she felt it was entirely her fault, taking on undue responsibility for what happened. As this surfaced it also started to release and I could tell straight away that Lara felt some relief because she lay down and 'toothpurred' (bunnies can purr too!). She purred as she released her responsibility for the accident. As she released her feelings of guilt, my hand tingled at her solar plexus chakra.

I then received the word 'machine' from her energies, as I continued to release this experience and the effects from her solar plexus. She's been functioning as a machine since the accident in this past life - living on auto-pilot only. in shock. frightened of doing anything else wrong, even though it was an accident. I could feel butterflies in her stomach and buzzing on her tongue... all signs of her fear). I also saw her in this past life, after the accident, rocking back and forth in despair :( This was her feelings of despair and shock releasing from her chakra too.

During the release I also felt a little tightness, or strain, to her breathing. This was another sign of her anxiety. And here I felt she was lamenting the past, holding onto her regrets, but now able to let go of this. Lara has had respiratory problems a lot in this lifetime, so I feel this healing today will help her in this way too.

After a while I needed to put my other hand at her earth star area, at ground level (with my left hand still at her solar plexus). This was to ground down the problems from this past life, from her solar plexus and into the ground. I needed to say 'let it go, it wasn't your fault' to help this energy to really release into the ground. As this happened, my hand at her solar plexus prickled and was a bit painful, and I also felt a sharp headache (all signs of the extensiveness of this negative energy).

Finally, I then needed to put both hands at her earth star, either side of her body. This was to get the energy from her solar plexus flowing smoothly down to the earth. Once the energy was flowing down, it started really flowing well, I could feel it pouring out of her into the ground and she became much more relaxed, all symptoms went away, and she did lots of tooth purring!

She felt like a very happy bunny afterwards, very relieved, and fell into a deep sleep :)

Katy and Lara xx

~ Tuesday 28th February 2012 ~

Poor Lara had a difficult time earlier this month. After one of her incisor burrings, she stopped eating, which is very risky in bunnies. Sometimes it can take her a day to get back to eating normally following a conscious burring, as I would imagine she has to get used to her new teeth! But this time, she didn't start eating again :( I was very worried and took her into the vets again. After close inspection, for quite a while, the vets thought it was *possible* she might have a wobbly cheek tooth near the front. So they decided to give her a full dental, with anaesthetic, as they could see nothing else that could be a problem for her, and she had been completely fine the previous day, so it was likely that her mouth-exam the previous day had triggered a the wobbly tooth to become uncomfortable.

A little bit about wobbly teeth in bunnies and mouth-exams. It seems that it is extremely difficult to spot wobbly teeth, and some other dental issues just by examining a bunny's mouth with a scope. One of my vets described it as trying to thoroughly investigate a porch by just looking through the letterbox! Bunny's have a lot of cheek teeth and the shape of their mouths can certainly hide problems. And although my vets are fantastic, real bunny experts, they couldn't have foreseen what was going on in Lara's mouth just with a scope.

So off Lara went for a dental! I was sooo worried about her, as it had not been long since I lost my other bunny Hoppy following surgery. But I tried to keep the faith.

Thankfully all went smoothly. She had to have 5 teeth out in the end!! :-o They were all wobbly cheek teeth, some tiny little things that really weren't all that useful as teeth any more and just creating a lot of discomfort while wobbly.

Her aftercare was the most disturbing time for me, as it was the first time she'd been ill since Hops had last been ill. Everything was too horribly familiar. Even down to the snowfall we had while she was ill, bringing the temperature right down. Lara's an indoor bunny, but it still affects the temperature of the room, and I was careful to make sure she was warm enough and not sitting in any drafts.

Lara did her usual recovery though, despite losing so many teeth, and after just two days she was back to eating properly! We had to have a number of rounds of syringe feed to get her to this point - which neither of us enjoy :) But she made it and was back to her happy bouncing self quite quickly given what she'd been through and her age.

Well done Lara! :)

Katy and Lara xx

~ Wednesday 1st February 2012 ~

A good report from the vet :o) Lara was at the vets last night for her 3-weekly incisor burring. This is done consciously, to carefully burr down her incisors to the correct length. For her this must be done regularly to keep her other teeth in check, to slow down the need for  a dental under anaesthetic for her cheek teeth. I'm so relieved that the vet can work on her incisors while she's conscious as anaesthetic is very risky for bunnies, let alone a bunny with Lara's complications (her age, headtilt and respiratory issues).

Having to go to the vets every 3 weeks gives us a chance for the vet to keep an eye on her and check her progress, spotting any issues as early as we can. This is no bad thing, because she's had so many problems in her little life, bless her. And the older she gets, the more complicated her case gets. I'm particularly finding these regular checks useful at the moment, because since Hoppy passed away (about 6 weeks ago) it's good to get another perspective on how Lara appears to be coping with the loss and moving forwards.

Last time we were at the vets, 3 weeks ago, our vet was really happy to see the progress in Lara! Despite the loss of Hops, she was looking happier and healthier than she has in a long time. And last night he said the same again! It is an enormous relief, as some bunnies can really go downhill when they lose a partner, falling into a slump in their health because of their grief. But with Lara, she is coping as well as can be at this stage :o)

She has had a break from healing the past few days after her marathon recently. I'll update again when something changes and/or when she has more healing.

Katy and Lara xx

~ Saturday 28th January 2012 ~

Well I'm very proud of little Lara today :o) Yesterday I offered her up the challenge of a new litter tray. As described, this is always more of a hurdle (literally) for Lara, than it can be for others. But she passed with flying colours, and on a day when I was really feeling a big shift in her energies too, so she wasn't feeling at her best. No accidents anywhere! That is a first for Lara when we've made a change to her toilet area! Phew! :)

Yesterday, Lara had some more deep healing occurring, working on helping her feel more confident in herself, and be herself no matter what anyone else thinks. Because of past life experiences and experiences with my bunny Hoppy (sadly departed), this has been very difficult for her to achieve (see 27th January blog).

This morning when I came into the bunny room, Lara was merrily nibbling away at a piece of cauliflower :) Happy as Lara! And since eating that she has nibbled on a tough popcorn nibble-stick. These may also seem like normal things for a bunny to be doing... but for Lara again this is a major achievement :) Because of a multitude of health problems across her lifetime, Lara has very few teeth left, and it's possible some paralysis that affects her chewing and swallowing normally (after life-threatening headtilt and a severe jaw abscess earlier in her life). She's really been through it, poor baby! When our darling Hoppy was here, wonderful as he was, he was always in a hurry with food, and because of Lara's issues she needed to take her time. Although she was never short on food, it's only since Hoppy has left us that I've seen that Lara avoided certain foods because she would need time and space to eat them, which Hoppy wouldn't give. These foods were crunchy naturally tooth-trimming foods - like cauli and this nibble stick. Bunnies teeth continually grow, so it's important for them to have things to gnaw at, to help keep them in check. Since Hoppy left, I've seen Lara have more time and space to sit and gnaw at new foods that she has abandoned over the previous years, because they took too long to eat. It is such a joy to see her be able to now :)

Today I feel she can have a break from healing again, which I'm sure she'll be pleased about as she's had such deep work this past week. So I hope that she can now get to enjoy the positive benefits. I am already seeing a difference in her, which is fabulous :)

Katy and Lara xx

~ Friday 27th January 2012 ~

Today is the beginning of Lara Rabbit's blog :) She is currently my only bunny, after Hopscotch bunny, her partner, sadly passed away just over a month ago. I send healing to Lara all the time, and thought it would be nice for you to read about our experiences together.

It has been a difficult month or so for both Lara and I. Hopscotch bunny was a big and special part of our lives. Lara has had particular difficulty in that she has never been alone before, in this lifetime. Before she came into my life she was always with her sisters and brothers, and when she came to me, I already had Hopscotch. They spent about 7 years together, day in, day out. They were very rarely apart. So it has been a huge change for Lara to now be the only bunny.

Lara has been through a number of stages of grief so far, and I've been helping her wherever and whenever I can through healing and lots of cuddles and attention :) She has coped much better than I expected though, I'm happy to say. And even though I know she still misses Hoppy terribly (as we both do) the experience as increased the bond between us, and she is starting to grow in confidence and enjoy life more in new ways.

In time, we may find a new bunny friend for her, for those nights when she is on her own in the bunny room. But at this point in time, I don't feel she is ready yet. I'm also not ready yet, but most importantly I still feel she needs more time.

At the moment, Lara has had a few days of some intense healing. This healing was to help her feel less fear of being herself, to help her feel more confident. She has always been an extremely sensitive and nervous bunny, since day one, and over the years this has had a terrible effect on her health. Stress can have a very debilitating effect on the immune system, and she has most certainly had her fair share of illnesses as a result. So my hope is that by increasing her confidence and reducing her fear, we can build up her immune system and help her stay healthier and happier.

So that's a little history on Lara. Today we have had a couple of changes already and I'm waiting to see what happens next! First, she made a bold move and plucked up the courage to jump on my cushion area in the bunny room. She hasn't been bold enough to do this because 1) it's slightly raised off the ground, and she is unsure about jumping up on things (she had an illness once that affected her balance, which makes her nervous of jumping up now). 2) she is so frightened of doing the wrong thing, that even with encouragement from me over the past month or so, she has been too scared. This sounds like  a small achievement, but it's huge for Lara. She's such a scaredy-bun! We had a lovely long cuddle on my cushions then, to show her that it was OK to jump up.

The other thing that changed today, was that I bought her a new litter tray. Now again this doesn't sound like a big change, but Lara gets very nervous about any small change, particularly to the litter box! She is so worried about going to the toilet in the wrong place and getting told off :( Also, because of her old balance issue, she is nervous about jumping into a new litter tray, in case she falls or trips.

Why is she so extremely nervous and sensitive? I think it must surely come initially from her past lives, because she has always been this way. However I do know that it is in part because of her relationship with Hoppy bunny too. He was slightly bigger than her, about a year older, and at times very boisterous. They were fully bonded, and often snuggled up together, but at other times he was very bolshy! He would always have to be first every where, he would want to sit where she was sitting, eat what she was eating, and occasionally he would get over amorous with her, which she really didn't appreciate! This never progressed to any dangerous behaviour, like nipping or biting, there were no fights. But Lara was sadly the under-bunny, Hoppy certainly top-bun.

This is part of the reason why I would like to give Lara more time on her own before considering another partner for her. So that she has some time and space to increase her confidence, and to feel that this space is her own, that she can sit where she likes and do what she likes, at her own pace. And also for us to have the chance to increase our bond, where attention was divided in the past.

We are certainly having a chance to do this now :)

Now with the changes today (her confidence in jumping up on my cushions, and the introduction of the new litter tray) it's a big day for Lara! I fear that the new litter tray will confuse her and she'll be looking for somewhere else to pee, rather than pluck up the confidence to try out the new tray.... and that place could well end up being my cushions LOL!  I'll let you know :)

Katy and Lara xx