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Homeopathy and Lara Rabbit

Lara is my first venturing into Homeopathic treatment. As you will read from information about Lara on my site, she struggles with a chronic problem with infections / abscesses which has been life-threatening at a number of times for her in her life. She was always snuffly from the moment Lara came into our lives as a baby, so I feel that whatever has caused this immune system issue for her was likely passed down from her mother. The best we are able to do for Lara is to make the best of the orthodox and healing options available to us. Unfortunately, given the number of times that these infections / abscesses have cropped up in Lara, she has had a lot of antibiotics over the years. We have always helped her energetically with healing and clearing, but now as she reaches her later years we are starting to get to a point where she no longer tolerates some key antibiotics that have until now have cleared up or managed her infections.

In December 2011 we sadly lost our dearly loved Hopscotch bunny. We lost him to a chronic abscess that we had been successfully managing for a couple of years. But eventually he too could not tolerate key antibiotics used in his treatment, and with age not on his side either (he was positively geriatric at the end, bless him!) it all just became too much for him :( I feel the universe is showing me through Hoppy's experience and now through Lara's situation, that I must learn and do something new in order to try and help Lara in ways that we could not help Hoppy.

And so I turn to homeopathy...

Here I post information about Lara's journey with homeopathy and the effect of this treatment on her energetically.

The first homeopathic remedy I gave Lara was on 28th April 2013. I gave Lara a single 30c dose of homeopathic arnica montana tablet. Following this she became sooooo relaxed. Sleeping extremely deeply and with great comfort on her bed in the middle of the floor! Exposed, not shy/anxious. Spread out very happily, snoring, with occasional grunt snores of comfort, and really flat out when asleep on her side and twitching, tooth purring in sleep. This is the most comfortable, and at ease I've seen her in a long time, if ever?

I continued Arnica 30c once daily between 29th April and 1st May, easing in gently to make sure she was ok on it, and her appetite increased massively! This was wonderful to see as she had been quite off her food recentl.y

On 1st May, I started Lara on homeopathic Echinacea 30c and have continued this daily too.

On 1st May I also increased Lara's Arnica remedy because she had to go to the vets for her usual incisor tooth burring (which she has every 2-3 weeks). She always finds this quite stressful, and sometimes uncomfortable. Unfortunately Lara struggled with a dip in her energies after the vets, going back to hiding and not eating properly (as she had been a week ago), so a real set-back for her.

2nd May, Lara was still low from the vets, so I increased her Arnica to every 2-4 hours temporarily. I saw a slight improvement in Lara over time. She came out from hiding more and ate a little bit better than the night before.

2nd May, I was guided to give Lara a very relaxing remedy: Hops 30c. This I feel is to combat feelings of anxiety which I am sure trigger her infections / abscesses, so this is to work on the core issue for her problems. I felt Lara healing massively after giving this remedy!!! I can feel a good positive healing energy all around her, and she is looking a little more relaxed too.