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Stay protected through healing your internal issues

How do we get attachments (entities, implants, demons, etc)?

We can pick up attachments in our environment when we are run down or are experiencing negative emotions (e.g. tired, stressed, anxious, angry, etc), or struggling with a physical ailment/illness. These things bring down our vibrations and our spiritual immune system, leaving us open to attack.

However the attachments that you may have directly around you at this moment in time, are likely not the only ones you have connected to you. We can pick up attachments at any time in life, we can bring them with us from past lives, we can pick them up in the womb or during birth, and right the way throughout our lives. And once these attachments attach to us, they create a link or cord to our energies. Once this cord is in place, it cannot be removed until the reason this attachment has come to us is removed completely.

This means that throughout life, we may have certain issues (behavioural or thinking patterns, for example) that keep us tied to a whole array of attachments at a distance, of which we are not consciously aware. Then when this issue reaches a peak point at some time in our lives (e.g. we have a period of anger at things not going right in life, or the way we've been treated) this re-attracts the attachment to us, because we have re-sparked its interest. This is how we get returning attachments, which can develop into quite considerable energy problems for some people if the original issue that they were drawn to is not resolved, and peaks.

How can we successfully remove these attachments and stop them returning?

The only way to completely, successfully, remove attachments and stop them returning is to heal yourself of the issue it is attracted to. So if you have, say, problems controlling your anger, it could be that your attachment is attached to this part of your energies. And until you work out what is making you so angry, the real core reason for your anger (which initially you may not be aware of consciously), and then heal and remove that reason for your anger, then the attachment is going to keep coming back to you because you're going to keep feeling angry until the matter is resolved.

In this way, attachments are in some senses doing us a favour by coming to the surface (though this may be hard to fully appreciate at the time!), because they are guiding us to change our ways, to heal ourselves, so that we can be happier and healthier. They are like red flags and alarm bells that something is wrong and needs fixing within.

Can we not just cut all cords from around us to attachments?

The cords cannot be cut 100% until what they are attached to has been removed (i.e. the issue that has drawn them to you in the first place).

Can attachments go away by themselves over time?

There is a possibility that attachments will go by themselves over time, if through life you naturally change and therefore release the problem that attracted the attachment initially.

However, when an attachment is connected to you in some way, every time the issue returns for you in life, so will the attachment. And when the attachment is directly attached to you, it can exacerbate your issue tenfold, making the situation more complex and difficult to break from it. Of course we all have the capacity to get through these difficult times, and therefore we have the capacity to make the right decisions and heal ourselves so that the attachment can be released naturally through our own progression in life. My services are here if you are finding it difficult to do this by yourself and/or would like fresh perspective and guidance on the situation.

How long can an attachment remain linked to me?

Attachments can stay directly attached or linked through a cord at a distance all your life, even through your lives plural, until you resolve the problem that has drawn them to you.

How many attachments can a person have linked to them?

There is no limit to how many attachments a person can have linked to them at one time or throughout their life. This means we can have a ridiculously large amount of cords to attachments, for all sorts of different reasons. Many attachments can be connected to one problem, and you may have a series of different problems (often linked) that have attachments connected to them too.

Do these attachments that are at a distance harm us in any way?

They can still affect us quite profoundly from a distance. Even if the problem they are attached to is relatively dormant, they can still trigger it to rise to the surface from a distance. Their cord to your issue, irritates the issue. The cord also weakens your energies and lowers your vibrations so that you are more susceptible to peaks in your issue.

Are these attachments malicious?

Some attachments are, some aren't. Some are mischievous and like to cause chaos. Others unfortunately have particularly dark energy and can cause a great deal of harm.

However, some attachments, e.g. some entities, are lost souls that are stuck in this world and are seeking release to the light. These particular types of attachments still negatively affect our energies, but not necessarily on purpose. For example if a spirit (entity) is grieving for a lost partner, then the spirit will be drawn to a living person's grief. So if you have been experiencing a period of grief, you may have attracted this entity to you. Once you and the spirit are connected, the spirit's energy naturally increases your energy problem (your grief), which is obviously not good for your energies, but the spirit didn't mean to make this happen (didn't mean you any harm), it was just attracted to your similar energy.

My method for removing attachments permanently

The *only* way I have found to permanently remove attachments from people's energies and to 100% cut these cords that keep them connected to these attachments is to combine energy clearing with energy healing. One without the other cannot be entirely successful. Of course people can self-heal, you do not necessarily need to be healed through professional services. Your health and happiness is entirely in your own hands. But I am here if you would like assistance, fresh perspective and guidance.

Multi-layered energy clearing and healing

Now consider that we are all on a journey in life, we have a path. Along this path, we have our issues and obstacles to overcome in order to reach self-fulfillment, health and happiness. This can be quite an intricate path, and this has led to many intricate interweavings of our problems and issues on a daily basis. In order to heal one issue, we likely will have to delve into another issue, and another, and another... because everything is connected and related. In this way you may find that a whole host of symptoms (physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually, and in your soul), are all inter-related. So the process of healing must work through these intricacies stage by stage, as and when they come to the surface.

Then to add to the complexity, each issue/problem that we have can have attachments connected to them from a distance (via these cords). During the healing process, as these issues and problems are brought to the surface within us, so are the attachments often drawn in so that they are directly present. This in turn can lead to an increase in your issue or problem temporarily because it is now being fuelled by an attachment too. Again, we must work in combination on a spiritual and physical energetic level: clearing your energies of external negative energy forces and healing your inner imbalances to successfully work through each stage of your healing (each problem/issue) so that you can continue along your journey towards self-fulfillment, health and happiness.

It's not all doom and gloom :)

This may seem like a long process, but it is the most enlightening and revealing journey to take. One where you are rewarded all the way along with freedom from your old demons. There may be many steps, and it may sometimes be a challenge, but the results are so infinitely awesome that it is definitely worth pursuing :)

Keep an image in your mind of where you want to be, keep hoping and pushing forward for that, and you will achieve it :)

How can I stay protected from new attachments coming in?

Protection comes from within, not without. There are protection symbols, spells, rituals, crystals, etc. that can help to keep you better protected, but ultimately if there is something within you that is making you weak, bringing down your vibrations, lowering your spiritual and physical immune systems, then no matter how much external protection you pile on top, you are still vulnerable to attack.

So the *best* way to really increase your protection is to face your demons, work through your issues, bring forth what is within, and heal yourself, so that you are strong from within. A happy, healthy, fulfilled person is a protected person.


So, to reiterate, if you have an attachment, it is because you need healing. You need to release yourself, your issues *and* the attachment. Energy clearing without healing on some level won't be 100% successful.

Release your demons from within and without.

Recommended action

If you feel you have an attachment, please get in touch with me, Katy, for a free energy check at I just need your full name to do this.

If you have an attachment, I will recommend an energy clearing followed by a healing to begin working on the issue that drew in your attachment.

We can then continue to check your energies for external negative energy forces and continue to heal you of your issues/problems, helping you work towards your optimum state.

If you have any questions or comments about the content of this article (or to request your free energy check), please contact me, Katy at

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