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~ A Journey of Ground Breaking Discoveries into Energy Clearing ~

Part One

It all began in the kitchen of an aquaintance's home, where I was learning about crystal healing, my first step into studying energy healing on any level.

I was surprised, and rather unnerved I admit, to find that high up on our programme was something about spirits ('entities') and .... what? ... 'implants'? ... sent by extra terrestrials?? :-o This is not what I came here for lol! :) In fact just recently in a conversation with friends on the subject of ghosts, I had said I don't like to think about them too much! I feel they exist, and I feel I am sensitive to them, and if I talk about them and their existence, I feel I would open myself up to them, draw them to me, and that'd be way too scary!! Oh if I had had a glimpse into the future at that moment - ha ha!

Don't get me wrong, I was very drawn to the subject of spirits. I used to read all sorts of frightening ghost stories as a young child and used to scare myself silly every night! And then go back for more :) So I feel it was a knowledge of the seriousness of the whole subject, and a knowledge of my sensitivity in this area, that had made me feel that until I was ready, I would be steering clear of the whole spirity stuff :) Otherwise I could find myself in very deep water.

So on that day in my first venture into energy healing, bang... the time was now, I was learning about ghosts, and not just ghosts but other energies I had not even considered!

It was a spooky time during that lesson, I could feel the negative energy just as we talked about these beings. The air felt cool, I was shivering/shaking, tense, and my stomach started doing back flips (I realise now these were spirit/implant energies affecting me, but at the time I just put it down to nerves and the spooky conversation). But as we sat there discussing them, we could certainly feel their presence as they were drawn in by the energies of the conversation.

When I think back to that first lesson in what I now call Energy Clearing, I laugh! I was frightened and felt we should not be messing with these things. But now I realise how absolutely imperative it is that 'these things' are uncovered, brought to light (literally!) to help heal people. But wow it is a heck of a lot more complicated than I had ever ever ever imagined! And still I feel in some ways that I may only be scratching the surface!

So in this first lesson about energy clearing, I learnt about entities and implants, that they could 'attach' to a living being and negatively affect their energies (whether non-maliciously or maliciously). We didn't go into much more detail than that, but learnt how to remove them.

Well I began practising this new technique but with some trepidation, and I don't think that really helped! Being afraid of the entities and implants weakened my position (mistake number 1). They knew I was afraid and they'd won before the battle had begun (as I saw it at that point - mistake number 2! This was not a battle). I had been told in our lesson that if I came across a particularly difficult attachment to remove, I should work with my solar plexus (the power centre) and demand that the attachment go to the light, shout it if necessary, be strong and use my entire force... Well... once I got over my initial fears I tried more with this energy clearing technique. I unfortunately chose people to clear that were very troubled energetically (very sick for years, and housebound as a result)... perhaps I should have chosen an easier subject, but I had no idea at the time, that there was a relation between how sick a person was and how deep/bad the attachment situation could be.

Anyhow, I tried this forceful approach... and I tried... and I tried... and I tried... No joy. The attachment would not budge!!! I ended up absolutely exhausted, and no joy! So I thought I must be doing something wrong, and to be honest I gave up then, thinking this spirity stuff isn't for me, I'm no good at it, and not really sure I like it anyway lol.

After that I put aside the energy clearing for a few months and focused on my crystal healing techniques and learnings. Until I was stopped in my tracks by the universe...

After learning more about crystal healing, I had a stall at an open day for my favourite local animal rescue centre. I had crystals for sale and was offering mini taster sessions in crystal healing. I had no idea the danger I was walking into :-o

Late in the day, a lady came along for a crystal healing session. She was struggling to walk, had a stick, but was leaning heavily on it. She had been through a terrible time with chronic illnesses, suffering with a lot of pain and mobility issues. I sat her down in the chair and began to work on her. Straight away I started to shake... it was a gentle trembling to start with but by the end I was shivering and shaking and could barely speak lol! And I was aching all over! I felt all jittery and nervous, and my heart was fluttery. I'd never felt such a sudden shift in my energies like this before while working on another person. I had always been sensitive and picked up their symptoms (taking care to release them immediately from my energies) but this was different, I couldn't release these symptoms... they were stuck fast.

I tried to laugh off the symptoms with the lady, but she was very bemused when I described what I was picking up from her energies. She said 'Wow! That's how I feel all the time! How did you know!?'.

After her session had finished she was feeling a lot calmer, her symptoms greatly reduced. But I wasn't :( I had completely absorbed her energy problem and couldn't get rid of it. Not her fault at all obviously - I should have known what was going on, should have been able to protect myself in some way I thought. But I guess this is what learning is all about - and wow did I learn an important lesson that day, that I won't ever forget!

I just about made it through the rest of the open day with my stall, just selling crystals. I put a pause on any more taster sessions as I wasn't feeling well - I was still shivering, tense and sore.

Once we'd packed up the site from the open day, I got home and crawled into bed feeling exhausted and so sick! I spent all evening that way, not able to sleep, and feeling really emotional too. It was awful.

Then it dawned on me... perhaps what I was feeling wasn't the lady's energies that I couldn't release, but an entity or implant?

I got out my pendulum and checked my energies. Yes! That was it! I had an entity.

So I got out my tools for the job, though I was pretty exhausted and not in the best place for another attempt at this strange business ;) I tried really really hard again to remove this entity but I could not get it to go. My tutor had told me that it's particularly hard to remove an attachment (entity or implant) from yourself. In this case I saw how that was correct, because the entity was affecting my energies at the same time as I was trying to remove it, draining my will-power, resolve, strength, and lowering my vibrations. Eventually I realised this was a battle I couldn't win and the next day phoned my advisor to have it removed for me.

What a relief when it had gone!! I had been in such a state. It took a little while for the energies to shift, but eventually everything felt calm again, and it was like the sun came out :) My aches and pains eased and my energy returned. Phew!

So what a learning curve! I now knew exactly what it felt like to have an attachment present, how damaging it could be for your health when left there (e.g. the lady's chronic health problems, which may have been worsened or even caused by the attachment), and... how important it is to check other people for attachments before working on their energies! not just for your own protection but for theirs too, because negative attachments *must* be removed.

At this point then I realised that it was unsafe for me to continue my crystal healing until I had mastered the art of attachment removal (energy clearing).

My first attempts with energy clearing showed me that the attachments (entities and implants) cannot always be removed by force, by will power and strength alone. And as I realised this I also realised that it wasn't right to blast attachments away like this! In a lot of cases (i.e. spirits of some kind, whether human or otherwise) we are dealing with souls, and therefore we are most often dealing with trapped souls... souls that are stuck here for some reason, waiting for a loved one, trying to help someone who is still alive, trapped attached to the place or situation where they passed away. These spirits should be treated with care and love! Not blasted to the light :( If I were a trapped soul, I would prefer my journey to the light to be with ease and grace, not pushed and shoved away because I'm a nuisance, that would only increase my fear and make it harder for me to accept that the light is where I'm meant to be. So this would make it harder for me to be 'removed'.

In most cases entities are spirits that are frightened, lost, grieving, confused, upset. They need reassurance and guidance to go to the light. Make them more upset and they start to get a little defensive, or more upset! Then things can start to get very difficult very quickly!

OK not all entities/spirits are good... Some are malicious and mischievous, can create great evil and dire consequences, severe illness, rifts in families and relationships, and even death in extreme circumstances or via a sequence of events affected by the spirit. But what I found is that even these spirits need love! Think of a bully at school. Why are they a bully? Because they have been pushed into a corner for some reason in their life and feel they need to defend themselves, or get revenge for what has happened to them in life. If you push and shove a bully, they often rise to the challenge and push and shove back. If you show them love and kindness, work out what is causing them to feel the way that they do, you can understand the workings of their mind and see that they need help, not a punch on the nose :)

It's the same with malicious and mischievous spirits too. It's no good trying to push and shove them aggressively to the light - you'll likely only get an aggressive response back! Or you'll think you've removed them only for them to pop up again later even stronger.

Understanding this was a big breakthrough for me in energy clearing, and the beginning of me starting to make my own way in this area rather than just working off the basic training I had been given. It was with this new loving, graceful approach that I was able to successfully clear people of attachments.

The next interesting lesson I learnt was that attachments can be connected to other beings, not just people - so your pets/animals too, even plants! And then I found that they can attach to a person's home too, not just to a living being. Basically attachments attach to energy, so the possibilities are endless.

Quickly following this understanding was the discovery that an attachment could seem to be attached to more than one being at once, more than one property/place at once, they could seem to be in more than one place at a time. How is this possible? Well, when they attach to you at any time, they leave a link to your energies. This link leaves an essence of their spirit/energies, like a clone of them is present. So in energy clearing the current process is to remove the essence/clone of this spirit/attachment from your energies, to free you from it and its effects.

To be continued :)