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~ How to Stay Protected ~

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How can you stay protected?

Well the short answer is that the very best way to stay protected from external negative energy forces is to be as healthy and happy as you can!

OK... easier said than done as life is a constant journey jam-packed with learning experiences that involve challenges and obstacles even for the most self-assured and easy-going of us!

So how do we keep our protection going through difficult times, or even just day to day life where we feel stresses and strains (whether small or large)?

There are many things that you can do for yourself to increase your protection, for example:

*  Wearing/holding certain crystals

*  Meditate (to keep in touch with your higher self which will help you keep to your life path)

*  Use visualisation techniques (e.g. for protection and grounding - see Exercises and Techniques folder in menu)

*  Exercise (to keep you healthy)

*  Make adjustments to your diet (to keep you healthy)

*  Working through issues in your life (psychologically, emotionally, spiritually and physically) that are causing you to feel unwell and unhappy.

The first thing I would recommend is to check for the presence of external forces and have them removed (see Energy Clearing page for a free check and details). This will make the rest of the work a lot easier! This should help you progress, think clearly, sleep at night, and feel more like yourself without a negative energy presence draining your natural positive healing energy, and creating new symptoms (psychologically, emotionally and physically) making you feel worse.

But be aware that removing the external negative force can just be the beginning. Some people just need their negative force removing for them to have a fantastic boost and go on their way fully protected for a long time. But my experience is that these negative forces come to us for a reason. And the next step is to figure out *why*. When you learn why, you can heal yourself (whether energetically, through lifestyle changes, diet, thinking patterns, or just giving yourself more rest time), and with healing (on whatever level) comes greater health and happiness and therefore greater protection.

But why? How is health, happiness and protection related?

Through experience I have seen many cases where someone without healing (on whatever level) and who is not progressing through their life journey (e.g. blocking themselves from moving forward in some way) is left vulnerable energetically, leaving them open to spiritual attack and absorbing other people's negative energy like sponges. This is because a physical, emotional, spiritual or psychological issue makes us feel low, it means there are energetic blockages present in our systems, it means that we are not connected to universal/ spiritual and/or earth energies (where we draw on positive healing energy and release negative energy). We end up trapped in a spiral of ill health and unhappiness. This spiral may be very small to begin with but as time goes by, one symptom leads to another, to another, to another... until we can find ourselves completely debilitated.

Now while this is occurring, whether at the beginning of the spiral, or part-way through, our energies are blocked in our systems, our energies and vibrations are low, stifled, stuck... Our bodies end up full of negative energy - holding onto all those negative memories, events and thoughts etc from years gone by. If this wasn't bad enough, because we are feeling this way we attract more negative energy! Not really what we need, as it deepens the spiral further.

This negative energy can be from negative attachments, geopathic stress, 'accidents', 'bad luck', lost opportunities, more events and situations in life that cause us ill health and unhappiness. This is all because of what I call 'energy draws': when we focus our energy in one direction, we create an energy draw where we receive more of the same. So if we are trapped in a negative spiral then we attract more negativity. If we are on the up, pulling out of the negative spiral and into a positive spiral (i.e. actively doing something to improve our health and happiness) then we create a new energy draw for positive energy :)

So if we are feeling low and in the negative spiral, we are vulnerable because that is the time we are likely to draw in more negative energy - e.g. external forces of negative energy. So, our protection is down. This is when we can pick up negative attachments (entities and implants) and absorb negative energy from other people and the environment.

When we are feeling positive, and in the positive spiral (or at least heading out of the negative and into the positive spiral!) then we are stronger because then we are more likely to draw in more positive, healing energy. This gives us more protection because we are on the up. It is like the universe can see that we are trying to make changes to our energies and our lives and rewards us for our efforts (whether great or small).

Try it. Make some little changes in your life in a positive direction (even just request a free energy check) and you are showing to the universe that you are trying and you should be rewarded in some way. But do look out for these rewards. They can come in so many different ways, shapes and forms - and often not how we expect! They can be easy to miss in the beginning. The key is to begin recognising these rewards.

How Can You Help Yourself?

So one way to begin to help yourself be protected is to start making little steps towards your own health and happiness. If there is something that is bothering you in life then work out why that is and consider what small things you can do to start turning the situation around to help you feel better. It's easy to become impatient with things that bother us and want a quick-fix solution, or put pressure on ourselves to make great leaps and jumps in one direction - e.g. leaving a town and starting up afresh somewhere new, or quitting your job without future prospects. But focus this energy and this desire for change into the little steps - I know it's an old expression, but Rome really wasn't built in a day! There will be many things to learn along your journey, and these things can only come to light as and when they are ready to come to you and as which is when you are ready to accept them. So have patience, enjoy the journey and your route to greater protection. Know that it can take time but it is very much worth it!

In the meantime, there are some things you can do to make you feel better which can give you some quick-fix moments in the short term to help you through the day. And again, the more you try the more you draw yourself into the positive spiral!

The simplest thing you can do to help your energies on a day-to-day basis with the smallest effort is to keep some crystals around you that help you feel better. You can wear these crystals as jewellery, put them in a pocket or handbag, or just have them on your desk or nearby at home. And if you feel you need an extra boost, holding them in the palms of your hands can create a stronger connection.

There are particular crystals for protection - e.g. hematite, selenite, amethyst, red jasper, blue goldstone, golden tiger's eye, malachite, black tourmaline. These are very helpful to a certain degree, because they can help repel negative energy and protect from psychic attack, but you may find it more useful to combine them with crystals that you need personally to clear negative blockages in your system which are holding you back energetically, and which are keeping your energies low and making you vulnerable. You will find that you are naturally drawn to certain crystals and not to others. Follow your instincts and keep those crystals with you that you feel drawn to. If one crystal doesn't seem very appealing at this time then don't keep that one around you, as it's not right for you right now. If you would like assistance learning which specific crystals are right for your energies then please do get in touch as this is a service that I offer.

Another option you have is meditation. Some people can find it easier than others to still their mind and find some inner peace for a few moments. However, I find that most people need practice to get to this stage. So you might find that guided meditation is more for you. There are some amazing meditations along with brain wave therapy on There's even a free 7-minute meditation that is beautiful on their site.

Meditation can help because it puts you in touch with your true self, your inner self, your higher self, your guides... whatever you prefer to call it. And by being in touch, you are able to find calm, balance and peace, and through this mental state you can see your life more clearly, with greater perspective and also receive important messages about how you help heal yourself. By finding yourself and listening to yourself on a regular basis you can guide your life to a happier, healthier place, which in turn will help you become stronger and therefore more protected.

Just one meditation session can make an enormous difference to how you feel in the day too - in terms of finding a temporary quick fix. Whether you only have a few moments to spare or an hour, taking time out to meditate can give you the energetic boost you need to get through the day and stay more protected.

Remember, you can combine crystals with meditating for an even more powerful experience. E.g. holding amethyst or selenite (or a crystal you're particuarly drawn to) while meditating can lead to some powerful insights and experiences which could speed you along your path. Please also remember to perform a grounding exercise before and after meditating as this will help to keep you more protected during the process. If you are not yet experienced with grounding exercises then having a grounding crystal at your feet and/or root chakra can certainly be of help.

Visualisation Techniques
These grounding exercises are part of the next option you have for quick fixes during your day: visualisation techniques. These techniques are energetic exercises that you can do yourself whenever and wherever you feel the need. They can take a little practice, but are well worth it, and you can extend these techniques eventually to perform full self-healing! Wherever I can I advise people I heal to try such techniques themselves because this gives you control of your own healing, which is so important.

There are two techniques in the Exercises and Techniques folder that are particularly relevant to this topic. One is 'grounding' techniques and the other is 'protection' techniques, with more to come.

Healing Sessions
Healing sesssions are the best way to help keep yourself protected long term as they clear out the negative energy that can pile up in your system and fill you with positive healing energies. Over time these healing sessions can help retrain your energies to help you stay stronger and protected by yourself.

You can learn how to heal yourself as an extension of the visualisation techniques but if you would like someone to send the healing for you, to make the process easier for you, then I have a range of distant healings available to suit your needs, currently including aura healing, chakra healing and meridian healing (see my Distant Healing folder in the menu).

I can also work with you using the information I pick up in your healings from your subtle energies to help you move forward in life in the best way for you, overcoming these life challenges and moving past obstacles. So the healings heal your energies and the information I pick up and pass on to you helps you heal yourself day-to-day and this all helps to keep you more protected.

If you would like more information about energy clearing or distant healing, please feel free to get in touch with me (Katy) at