Energy Clearing / Waking up to Psychic Attack
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Waking up to Psychic Attack, Empathic Overwhelm

The morning of me writing this article I woke up in a panic and in physical pain. There was nothing wrong for me, but I had been exposed to psychic attack (or rather, empathic overwhelm) While Asleep!!

This may sound scary but honestly I'm used to it happening sometimes. I am an empath and the night time is the toughest time to maintain protection because, well, I'm asleep!! :D During the daytime I can manage my empathic highly sensitive nature to some degree (though of course I'm still learning - every day is a lesson). But at night it is so much harder when a) I'm asleep and no longer in "control", not unless I gain the ability of lucid dreaming that is, and b) at night time a lot of distressing energies fly around. This is only natural. People genuinely do find it harder to protect themselves overnight.

So what happened to me? A combination of going to sleep too late (tut) followed by somebody's heightened distressing energies, someone I'd been talking to that day. And I hadn't fully shut off and sorted my energies out before sleep. The result was that I had their energies lingering and coming in more so overnight. I take full responsibility for this!! There are lessons I'm learning that will help me overcome things like this, but it is a journey and I'm not there yet. But I'd like to share with you what happened and how I repaired from the psychic attack / empathic overwhelm in the morning, and how to learn best from the experience.

The first thing I did when I woke up and felt this crazy energy shift was to check in with my guides, before I'd properly opened my eyes. Something like "Hey guys, what on Earth is going on?! Why do I feel this way?". The answers came to me quickly (Thanks Guides!). I was guided it wasn't my energy and to get straight up and go and sit in my healing room to repair. My reply was something like "Ugh, really?! Have you seen what time it is? And how little sleep I've had?!" But yes, of course I knew the answer would be, "It doesn't matter, get up!!" Sometimes they "humour me" and say " OK, just another 5 mins then, see if you can get back to sleep". Then 5 mins later I'm feeling worse and tossing about, fed up. "Ok, Ok, you were Right!" I say, as I get up and fumble around annoyed, and go to my healing room. Yes not all healers are dignified and accepting of their role sometimes lol. And yes, I try my guides' patience too. I am only human after all. So up I got and went to find some peaceful vibes in my healing room.

As I went to my room, I became aware of things I could have done to avoid this energy problem, one big key one was GO TO BED ON TIME. I honestly do feel a lot like a  child sometimes with my lessons "Go to your room" and "Go to bed on time". Next you'll be telling me I'm grounded too ;) Oh wait, that is so true, and no I don't just mean because we are all grounded (at the time of writing literally the whole planet is under lockdown), but it Is best to be Grounded healing-wise for sure!!!

I had a number of thoughts run through my mind, while I was preparing to settle in my healing room, after getting a glass of water...
* what crystals, runes, affirmations and homeopathic remedies etc would help me feel better
* How can I be in bed on time tonight?
* Shall I just relax and the energies will release, or will I need more than this, e.g. self-healing. Can I just go back to sleep Zzzz (please)
* Shall I meditate to help me feel better
* Shall I do some shielding to protect me from the energies, if they're still coming in?
* What was the reason for me picking up these energies and whose were they if they weren't mine. Do they need help or should I focus on myself first?
* Shall I write about this experience... hmm it might make a good article? (and here we are).

There are a number of things I feel I will like to add to this article over time to fill in some of the detail...
* Protection at night - does it work?
* What is it like to be empathic?
* Crystals and remedies that help overnight
* What is the best way to detach from external energies when in the moment (awake or asleep)
* Can you block out external energies?
* Why is it important to get up when you awake to a psychic attack / empathic overwhelm?
* Why it is important to not just fly into your day when you wake up, with or without an obvious psychic attack / empathic overwhelm - why you should wait before checking your phone / email. Why it helps to spend a little time on your own (physically, energetically and technologically) after waking to readjust to the new day and find yourself again.
* Are people aware how easy it is to have psychic attack / empathic overwhelm? And how anything we do / say, while under attack, is full of external energies, so is tainted, not our true selves, if we have absorbed another person's energies. Hence it is important to Stop as soon as you notice an energetic issue, and sort out the energy before doing anything. Misshaps are common if you are not yourself, so do take care! Be nice to yourself and give yourself rest and healing time, until you feel like yourself again. Then you can do whatever is best for You.
Treat this like a mini possession, because that's kind of what it is!

First though I want to take you through the steps I recommend to clearing a psychic attack / empathic overwhelm.

My release process starts with relaxation. Sounds easy right? But not necessarily when you are full of a jumpy anxious external energy, for example. Sitting still, lying down, breathing slower and calmly feeling the Earth/chair beneath you. This can be harder than it seems and it can take a while to stay put and go with it. But as you allow yourself to more deeply relax you will feel a sense of the twitchy anxious angry restless energy leaving you and gradually you will begin to feel a lot more relaxed :) More like yourself. Relaxation is a Major part of healing. I often tell people to make sure they are relaxing while they are receiving distant healing from me. It helps the healing flow better. Relaxation is so calming and naturally healing in itself too - think how much our bodies heal overnight when we sleep for example.

How do you relax if you're really struggling with an energy? First start wiith being comfortable. Find your comfy position, and maybe have a blanket at hand in case you suddenly become cool once relaxation begins. Try to be somewhere you feel safe and won't be disturbed. In times when I'm most bombarded, I focus on feeling the Earth beneath me. If I'm sitting on a chair with feet on the floor, I focus on the connection between my feet and ground, and between the lower half of my body and the chair. Feel how the chair supports you, maybe even wiggle a bit to feel the cushion against you. Wiggle your toes and feel the hardness of the Earth supporting you. Feel how the chair and Earth almost reach up to hold you in place. You feel secure in their support. You may even feel the connection so much that the chair and Earth start to feel a part of yourself, like you are gently and gradually sinking into the chair / Earth, just a little. This is your energy lines blurring with these solid energies, this is you starting to become more grounded. And with grounding comes relaxation.

It may help to breathe into the ground too! By this I mean to breathe a little slower and deeper than you were and visualise your breath flowing down into the Earth as you breathe out. And when you breathe in, visualise Earth energy coming up from Earth, up through your body, healing and calming you, restoring you to yourself. This may take some practice for it to seem easy, but it is worth it. It's a great technique and can be used anywhere, any time.

Other grounding techniques are available, so if you have another which you prefer to work with then try that. Grounding is one of the best ways to find the key relaxation you need right now in this process of clearing psychic attack.

Why do we start with grounding relaxation, and time and space on our own? Because it clears the initial stage of the external energies immediately, without having to figure out what the energy is or how it came to you. When we first have an energy stuck we can be quite swamped by it and unable to think clearly. We can be so full of another person's emotions that we can't sense ourself. It can be hard to fathom anything while in this place. So first things first, take the edge off with some relaxation. This will clear the energetic fog a little.

You may find you have sudden realisations, sudden "Ahaa moments" of where the energy has come from, what happened to trigger its influx, things you could have done earlier to notice this happening and act (in a non-blaming way ;))

The next step in the process is to Wait. Give yourself a little space and time. Waiting energetically is a key healing term. It gives your healing a chance to happen, rather than rushing on to the next thing on the list. Healing takes some processing, and often time is needed for this. There are many layers to healing, it does not all happen instantly. It needs a little patience and time to just be with the healing and let it be with you.

When we have been caught up in psychic attack or empathic overwhelm, we can feel so bombarded by others' energies that we lose sense of who we are. We can end up feeling like another person in our own body. Or perhaps even your body feels strange to you, like you are physically someone else. There are so many ways in which we can not feel ourselves. This is because when we are taken over energetically we really are Not ourselves at all.

I love opposites in healing. If some energy is a problem, what is the opposite of that energy? Finding the opposite of a problem energy can sometimes quickly bring a solution. This is not Always the case, but often. For example in this situation, you're not feeling like yourself. But if you think through things that you love, that are a part of you, that you enjoy in life, these can ground and centre you and bring you back into yourself. The key is to make these things that you positively attach to become more powerful than the things that are causing you to not feel like yourself. This is an opposite positive energy. Be this positive energy and be more powerful in yourself than the negative energy.

As you start to relax more and feel more like yourself, you may experience feelings of being grounded and connected up. Your feet becoming one with Earth, they may feel heavy and have a buzzing energy flowing down your legs and feet into the ground. Sometimes this can feel like a bag of sand emptying away into the Earth, or water flowing through your feet into Earth. Your brow and/or crown chakra may feel cool and light. Some people describe this as being like having a cold flannel placed on the top of their head!! Or you may feel like a window has opened somewhere and your sinuses suddenly clear as if fresh air has just come in. These are great signs of progress in clearing these external energies and finding your true self again. With these physical feelings should hopefully come a sense of clarity, peace and happiness. This is your true self energy!! Your true spirit.

Visualisations can help with these processes so far, but if you have trouble visualising then just being in your own space and resting, being aware of your breathing, consciously training your thoughts to be about things you love in life, these all make a huge difference. You can even surround yourself with herbs, essential oils, crystals, etc to increase the vibrations around you. Or hold a crystal you feel drawn to. These all help promote the higher vibrations that will relieve you of the external energies you feel.

Sometimes we need to do something to release an energy, and this may become clear the more grounded, centred and connected up you become through these gentle methods. Not all energy releases require an action, but some do.

For example, you may have been wanting to do something for a long time but keep putting it off. Maybe you have been wanting to do some gardening, but have made excuses recently or things have got in the way that were out of your control. Something simple like going and getting your gardening gloves and putting them by the door, or other gardening equipment, can be a good action to take to show to the universe "Today is the day!!" If you've just woken up then you probably don't want to be rushing right outside to start weeding and digging ;) but a little action like moving some objects to a place which shows intention can help spur along some healing. Perhaps you could make a light breakfast and take it out into the garden to sit with your inspirations for gardening and plan what you'd like to do.

Or if you have had something in your mind you've wanted to write about for a long time, but again just haven't found the right moment. Could you now? This instant? If not quite there yet, perhaps you could put items together for writing after breakfast, a pen, paper or pad/laptop, set out somewhere you will want to sit and write later.

Little actions can go a long way to helping clear trapped energies. It does not need to be a full blast of exhausting action! Just a little approach in the right direction.

However, be aware that some external energies can try to manipulate us to act when it is not for our highest and best good. So some caution is needed to really know if this is right for you in the moment. Check your instincts and check with your guides if you have clear contact with them. Your instincts and gut feelings should not be ignored though, even if guidance seems like it ought to be correct - if anything feels off then stop and continue to rest and self-heal more gently.

Have you had this happen before? With experience we build understanding, each experience is a chance to learn more about psychic attack and how we react to it in ourselves. It can also tell us a Lot about ourselves which is invaluable!! So it may seem awful to go through at the time, but there is So much to learn from the experiences that help us along our soul journeys.

If you have experienced psychic attack before, is there anything you did that worked to release the external energies? If so, try that again and see if it works again :) Sometimes one technique for release can serve us many times over. Sometimes a different approach and thought pattern is needed. If your usual successful method doesn't work this time, it likely won't be lost for ever!! You may just have encountered a different energy pattern which needs a different solution this time.

If you find you need the same method each time to release an external energy, then there is a pattern that needs your attention! Some digging around this will do you a lot of good! You can perhaps pre-empt a psychic attack by doing the thing that repairs you Before a psychic attack begins!! You can fend off a psychic attack before it's even happened this way :D This is natural self-protection. Learning what you need to keep yourself protected and doing it, no matter what, so that you have fewer psychic attacks. An example of this is if relaxation clears your psychic attack often, or even every time! Perhaps greater relaxation regularly, or all the time, is needed, to protect you naturally. If this sounds like you, see if you can increase your relaxation daily. Relaxation doesn't necessarily mean sleeping, or sitting around doing nothing for hours! Relaxation can come into everything you do, whether it be a few moments of gentle breathing between tasks, or mid-email if you're working and feel tension or anxiety rising. It may also be that you need to physically relax your body more, you may find you walk around with shoulderes up to your ears, tense, and your fists clenched into tight little balls. Relaxation for you could be about noticing this tension more and more, and shaking it off regularly. None of these techniques will affect your ability to keep working if you have a busy schedule to maintain, and these techniques will help you be more productive whilst also more protected.

Many people who experience psychic attack or empathic overwhelm blame themselves for this happening. But this doesn't help and only causes low vibrational energy and more attacking energy all by yourself!! This just feeds the negative energy cycle. It's not your fault you're empathic / sensitive. If you have had a protocol in place to try and protect you more, and you slip up on this protocol and psychic attacks comes in, this is also not your fault! Beating yourself up won't help. Sometimes life shifts a little and we can't maintain a plan we had in place. That is life. And at the end of the day we're all human. I tend to see these times as further opportunities to learn. Sometimes the lesson is "No matter what is happening, find a way to keep to your protocol. Don't let anything or anyone take you off path when your protection is the most important goal!" But sometimes we need to go off path to discover a new area where we need to help ourselves. So sometimes it is useful to have missed some of the protocol so we understand something better. Everything happens for a reason. So why beat yourself up when you have learnt something new? Accept you're human, accept you're learning, and accept your sensitivity, and work with these. Love yourself as you are. You're in the right place for your soul path.

Similarily it is common to blame others for psychic attack! Sometimes we may see all psychic attack as malicious. This is often not the case. I'd say about nine times out of ten are a form of empathic overwhelm, uncontrolled sensitivity, lack of protection against negative vibrations, vulnerability within the self, rather than openly being attacked maliciously. It does certainly happen, to be maliciously attacked energetically, but many energies are so intense that they can trick us into believing they are malicious when they're not, they're just Really intense!! And even if it is a malicious attack, yes we can be hurt, angry and blame the person / spirit / implant for the attack, but what good does that do? It only feeds the energy we are trying to release, it only satisfies the being that is attacking, as it ties us into the loop of the energy more closely. To be truly free of a malicious psychic attack we have to let it go completely, and this includes any feelings of blame.

Often the energy we pick up is an unintentional energetic exchange, and often the person / spirit releasing the energy we've picked up is in a vulnerable position. They are likely in trouble and looking for help, whether that be from you specifically (empaths attract energies of those who need assistance!) or they may be projecting a signal to anyone who can hear them, and usually this is an unconscious projection. So the last person we should be blaming, if anyone were to blame, would be the vulnerable person needing help.

Yes it is frustrating picking up a negative external energy, but most often a person would be upset to know they have passed on some negativity to you, especially if it's a friend or loved one who would not want to see you in pain too. Be kind to the person the energy came from, they likely need more love and support than you may be aware. And usually I refrain from mentioning this energy exchange to the person, because more likely than not they'd be upset about this having happened! I only usually mention such an energy issue if it's someone where we have an open connection where we talk about Everything. Or if it will benefit the other person in some way. Usually I find a work around rather than explain the whole energy exchange, just so as not to hurt anyone's feelings! So for example if during the energy exchange you noticed that a friend was experiencing deeply depressed energies, and you picked up this energy, you may not want to blurt out to them about this, but instead pick up your phone and give them a call and just check how they are. Talk to them normally. See if they open up to you so you can physically help them. If they are not opening up, give them space to open up and just show that you're there for them and that you care. Something like this can be significant and well-timed. Perhaps you picked up their depressed energy at that moment because their soul was desperately reaching out for help unconsciously. And your phone call may be the thing that saves them, even if you don't get to talk about what caused you to phone them. A lot can help energetically without being verbalised.

So, identifying the source of the psychic attack can be key not just for you but for the other person. By understanding who the energy is from you can sometimes help yourself release the energy. We don't always need to know the source, but often the source is helpful. Discovering what the energy is too can be really useful as well, e.g. is it anger, anxiety, etc.

There are techniques for blocking malicious psychic attacks and energy vampires, etc. Contact me for details or read more on my website. I am also able to release these energies for you (malicious or otherwise), so please let me know if you need my help.

By this point, after your relaxation and grounding etc, you may be feeling a lot better. However, it is easy to accept that "feeling better" point as being "enough", but often there is some deeper healing to do to fully release the energy and be back to feeling like yourself. You want to make sure you've cleared as much as you can, otherwise the remnants will build up and you can quickly be overwhelmed again. Or the energy may affect everything you think, say or do until you refocus on it and clear it. So it's better to clear it fully, sooner rather than later. So check, do you really feel like True You yet? If not, then another step in healing is needed.

You may have already realised the source of the energy. If not, and you feel it is important (as it often is), try to analyse how you are feeling. See if you recognise any patterns with anyone you were around or talking to recently. Sometimes writing down how you're feeling helps as it helps clarify your energies. As you are writing, or reading back what you've written, you may suddenly realise that what you've described sounds a Lot like someone you've been in contact with recently. You don't need to have been face to face to have picked up someone's energies, you may have been chatting on the phone or messaging / emailing. Of course, depending on your gifts, you may have picked up energy from someone sleeping next to you, you may have even dreamed their dreams (where your dreams are full of their energy!). Or you may have had someone's energy come to you during your dreams, even if you haven't spoken to them for a while! We can be visited by a person's spirit during sleep if they are needing our help. This can trigger a psychic attack / empathic overwhelm, and waking up full of their energies. (There are some ways to work on protecting and receiving messages in a more constructive, less intrusive way, which I hope to discuss more. Please email me if you can't find the info on my website.)

When trying to locate the energy source, or how to release it, try to (safely) feel what the energy is, but without getting lost in it! Acknowledge what you're feeling / sensing but try not to get involved in the energy, stay detached from it. If you feel yourself getting pulled into it too much, revisit the earlier steps that helped you detach. As you gently feel the external energy, a sense of the person it is from may pop up too and you may hear or see things that create a bigger picture. Be open to signs and pay attention to everything you sense. This will all help you determine the source. Perhaps write down what you sense, like you wrote about how you were feeling earlier. A picture should form based on the information you're putting together.

If you can't clearly notice the source, but know this isn't your own energy, then do not worry. Sometimes we are not shown the source! Sometimes we are protected from it for some reason, or because we are "not allowed to know", as decided by our guides. Instead know the energy isn't yours, trust in that, but don't worry about digging further. Set the energy as a kind of energy picture, and see it as a separate person, even if you don't know their identity. This helps you detach from the energy a little.

Once you have a full picture of this energy (and potentially the source too), then you can start working on fully clearing it. The best way I have found to do this is to see what the key energy is that you're dealing with and figure out what the opposite of that energy is. For example the person's energy you have picked up may be full of anxiety, not feeling safe, feeling paranoid. The opposite of this energy could be to feel that everything is ok, feel safe and loved. So then the focus would be on helping yourself feel this opposite energy fully and completely. This will counteract the negative emotional energies of the other person.

At this point it seems right to note that when we pick up an energy from someone else, some healing is needed for ourselves (within ourselves) to do with the energy we picked up! Like attracts like. You may notice that some people's issues you don't pick up, ever! But other types of energy you pick up all the time and seem to be really sensitive to. You may notice that you also go through phases where some energies you pick up all the time, but then a month or so later, you're always picking up a different energy. These phases are not random, they are based on what is going on for you at the time. You may have phases of feeling more anxious, and at which times you keep absorbing other poeple's anxiety on top of your own. But other times in life anxiety doesn't seem to be a problem for you and you don't pick up others' anxiety either. But instead you may be picking up something else, which plays on another energy you are dealing with in yourself too.

What happens is that a small (or large) amount of negativity in ourselves acts like a magnet to others' similar energy. This is the case for empaths and non-empaths. In empaths this process can quickly become overwhelming, like we are discussing here. But be aware that non-empaths can have this happen too, because it is a common way of being. All people are naturally connected. In some people the sensitivity is a lot more conscious and obvious though.

So this is useful to know while trying to clear an external energy, knowing that we are healing something in ourselves that has attracted the energy as well as clearing someone else's energies from us. This also helps with clearing any feelings of blame we may still be harbouring too!

So you have figured out what the energy is, and what the opposite energy is. Now how can you increase this opposite positive energy? There are a range of healing techniques and methods that you could use. I work with a whole array and see what feels right for me at the time. For example, crystals, Reiki symbols, runes, affirmations, visualisation, homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, essential oils, tarot, colour or flower/tree/animal spirit healing, numerology, action, the list goes on!! With whatever knowledge you have, find something healing-wise that is associated with the opposite positive energy and work with this item in the way that feels best, e.g. hold a crystal, spray a (diluted) essential oil around your aura in a mist, visualise a flower / tree / animal spirit that can assist you. You will know immediately if something is helping release the energy as you will feel it lift and feel closer to yourself, happier and soothed in some way.

During this process of clearing, don't get into a fight with the energy!!! This is essential. Healing should not be tough, stressful or awful! If you are not feeling good, switch to another tactic / method. Also be aware that some external energies may have come in (in the past, or recently) and then stopped coming in; so we are clearing something in its entirety. However, some energies may Still be Coming In while you are trying to clear them out. This can lead to you going round in circles, unable to fully clear something. If this happens then you may need to switch to finding a healing method which temporarily blocks the energy from coming in, that protects you first. Then once you have stopped the energy coming in then you will be able to clear it much more easily.

If you have got stuck in a loop or been in a fight with the energy, find your centred and grounded self again. Relax again. Begin again. Remain in control. Stay you and sift the energy out piece by piece. Relaxing and waiting and allowing the healing to happen in a gentle way.

There may be multiple stages / layers of this external energy to release! So check for more once you feel some release. Like earlier, don't accept "feeling better" as the healing being complete, not until you feel completely better!!

Each layer of the energy may need a different tool for healing it. In fact each layer can be slightly different, so check if it is still the same key negative energy and therefore the same opposite positive energy that you need to work with. Stay with the shifting energy until it is fully released. Patience is needed, but know that you will get to the bottom of it :)

Another shift that can happen during the clearing process is that you may become aware of Another energy source. Just to make things confusing! In fact you may find you have multiple energy sources, and not just one. These can be completely different energies that all jumbled up together at the same time as you were vulnerable. Or it could be that each energy source is the same energy, just from multiple people at once. You may need to treat each energy separately, or you may need to work on them together. You may need to alternate between clearing one and another. It depends how they are tied together within your energies. If the energies have been there for a while, stagnant, then they may have become particularly entwined and be harder to notice them and decipher between them. One energy can even hold another energy in place (or multiple energies). But persist and you will understand the energy connections and learn how to release them. You can always email me for help too.

Often there is a Core layer that caused all the rest of the energies to attach (if you found there were multiple sources). You may even be able to narrow down how you came to pick up this initial core layer. This is crucial and often fascinating information that can be so useful to learn.

When you have finally released the energies completely, it is best to find some way of protecting from them recurring in future (in the form they arrived in). It can be easy to forget this step in the joy of feeling like yourself again and lifting that dark fuzzy energy cloud :D But protecting yourself and fully learning from the experience can reduce the times that this happens.

If you found there was one central energy that kept recurring or was the core layer to multiple energies you'd picked up, note what this is as this will be key to your future protection! Something that recurs or is the deep root of an issue needs the closest work.

Whatever it was that you found that helped release this key energy, you may find you need regularly, perhaps even as a Preventative to this psychic attack / overwhelm returning? Perhaps you regularly need this healing method / item to heal deep within yourself the energy that attracted the external force in the first place ;)

Protection is key to our happiness and well-being, and this can come in many forms. If you need help identifying how to protect from a repeating external energy, psychic attack, or empathic overwhelm then please contact me for help.

Send an email to