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New Moon ~ 19th August 2020

This month's New Moon is in Leo on 19th August 2020. All new moons are about new beginnings, new promise, and this new moon is in the fire sign Leo. Leo has firey energy and courage, but if you are on the receiving end of a "negative" Leo spiritual energy, then you may be struggling to find your path and follow your dreams right now. This spiritual energy can appear in people around you or on a spiritual plane, out of sight, masked, but there in the background affecting how things happen around you and within you.

I feel this new moon is about calming anger of negative Leo energies. Leo in negative state is aggressive and overconfident, and this energy tries to make you run and hide. I've been seeing an angry Lion recently in my visions, roaring to try and scare me off. And Gruffalo, where he is initially a ficticious character made up to scare people away. Do you feel like you are being led to run and hide and not face your reality, your soul path? Are energies trying to make you run away from your dreams rather than towards them? Are there seemingly random obstacles and distractions thrown into your path to take you off your chosen route? This is the new moon in Leo conflict we are facing together globally. No it's not just you!

What you can do at this new moon in Leo time is to tap into Leo "positive" traits. Turn around that courage and strength that negative Leo energy is trying to scare you off with. Rebound with extra courage and strength of your own and ROAAAAARRR in the face of adversity!!! Naysayers? Roaaaarrrr. Doubters? Roaaaarrrr. Self-doubt? Roaaarrrrr. Let yourself roar sore until you can roar no more :D

An ideal crystal for finding your ability to roar is honey calcite.

An affirmation to help you roar is "I can do this" or just "I can", for short. Repeat this affirmation and hold this crystal for extra spiritual courage and strength of the positive kind and Divine power.


I began my Moon Healing Programme at the time of this new moon. I recommended the programme to a number of people I heal and they loved the idea and participated in a joint healing over the new moon.

Update after this new moon healing, 20th August 2020
My personal experience of this new moon healing was that "Roaring is not always elegant"!! But nevertheless it was a great experience.

There were some intense energies around globally from this new moon, but there were also some really magical energies both through the day yesterday and overnight. I really felt the healing energies strongly and powerfully and a lot of people in the moon healing programme had beautiful moon-filled happy positive Leo energies of courage and strength. A lot of negativity and doubt energies were roared away. The sky just looked and felt so healing last night too.

I worked with honey calcite and the affirmation "I Can!" a lot and these were calming but also helped everyone thrive and strive for better for themselves, no matter what resistance they feel energetically from others. This is so self-empowering for everyone, to be finding their true spirit and sticking to their soul journey unique individual pathways, and loving it...

It was a roaring success all round. And I hope everyone feels a magical happy difference in this moon ahead. Thanks so much to those who took part!!

If you have some honey calcite you can still continue to have this delightful calming and energising crystal around you for a few days as we enter into this new moon phase. And also the affirmation "I can", any time you feel you need it. I also have continuous healings available for both of these, the crystal and affirmation, if you feel you need more.


I offer healings based on my moon readings, in tune with what is happening globally. These healings encompass what you are going through individually as well as what we are facing together on a planetary level. Please contact me for details at or click here for a Free Energy Check, quoting reference "Moon"

If you are reading this article after this new moon has passed, you can contact me for extra information on the current moon and how it is affecting you and what you can do to heal in line with the moon.