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New Moon in Pisces ~ March 2021

Written 12th March 2021

What is the secret of being?

What is the original truth?

What is your deep knowledge within of your own personal truth?

Who are you?

What is happening for you?

What makes you tick?

These are all questions of this new moon! And with the two fish Pisces, that truth and knowledge can seem like you have it right there in your hand, you feel it, you sense it, you know it, you have all the answers and then .... Oops .. that little fish has slipped right up out of your hand and back into the water ... Splosh.

Where did those thoughts go?

Where did that complete knowledge and understanding go?

Back in the water.

Swimming away.

It'll be back but you don't know when.

This is the new moon. Have fun with that and try not to let it frustrate you. Like being with a beautiful Pisces person, enjoy the moments they are with you and then let them swim away and come back to you when it's right.

I'd like to work with watery and Pisces crystals this new moon, so aquamarine, green aventurine (again, yes!) and amethyst, along with some sparkles of pyrite for the sunlight that reflects off the water like little stars of magic inspiration and creativity.

This is a new moon of capturing magic while it lasts. Delving deep and at the same time enjoying the confusion and playful light on the surface.

Frog spirit would also like to come to us all for this is watery themed energy. To cleanse and detach and helps us be grounded but at the same time going with the flow.


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