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Third Quarter Moon ~ September 2020

Written 7th September 2020

During the full moon this month, I focused moon healings on selenite. But as the days headed into the Third Quarter phase of the moon, Selenite energy was fading and becoming less imposing, but it was still very much the crystal of the moment. Suddenly though, I noticed a strong powerful shift to Green Aventurine crystal. As I noticed the shift, I literally gasped with delight lol!!! And saw the possibilities of what is to come from this crystal - really helping a person locate their soul energy and Shine!

Green Aventurine will run for several days until 10th September when we reach the Third Quarter of this moon. By then something will have changed again.

We have just had the selenite crystal time of shining light on our paths and helping us find our way. The energy in this time with green aventurine is about letting go of the past so we can focus on the present and future. This energy is about accepting where we are on our path, being in the now. And looking to move forwards.

Honey calcite new moon healing in August was about courage to face our paths and roar away our demons. Selenite Full Moon was about having the serenity to accept our paths and make wise choices. Green Aventurine is now about moving along in our adventure. This gem will help us find ways to make our dreams happen, now moonlight has been shone onto them.

To experience the healing power of green aventurine during these coming days, until Thursday 10th September, hold a piece of this crystal at your crown chakra and say "I Will" three times, whenever you feel blocked from your path or unsure because you face difficulties.

If you haven't some green aventurine, let me know and I can send you some healing with this crystal for the next few days or so. I can also add in some affirmation healing with "I will" for an added boost too continuously!!


I offer healings based on my moon readings, in tune with what is happening globally. These healings encompass what you are going through individually as well as what we are facing together on a planetary level. Please contact me for details at or click here for a Free Energy Check, quoting reference "Moon"

If you are reading this article after this moon phase has passed, you can contact me for extra information on the current moon and how it is affecting you and what you can do to heal in line with the moon.