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Mirror Moon ~ New Moon September 2020

Written 16th September 2020

Hematite, lodestone and magnetite, what do these three crystals have in common? They both reflect negativity with their polished exterior like a mirror. They are also incredibly grounding, which helps increase your own natural self-protection in the moment.

At this new moon time, we are all needing some reflection! Not just some self-reflection time, looking deep within to find our soul purpose and to channel Divine energies to help us find our way, like we have been doing over the recent month of moon healing especially. We are consistently needing to reflect away negativity that bombards us and tries to take us off course (whether purposefully energetically or through natural distractions in life). Being grounded helps protect our paths and stay true to our beings. It brings focus and clears the mind. And without external energies trying to pull us off track we are also able to adhere to our paths more closely and focus and stay strong in ourselves.

At new moon time there is little-to-no reflecting light available from the moon. This brings more shadowy darkness for negativity to hide in, and it makes it harder for us to see our way sometimes - and I stress "sometimes" here, because not every new moon is the same in this way; some new moons are just magical and protective to us in their darkness. This new moon time needs extra light to shine on our way. And what brings more light to darkness? The mirror effect. Light is bounced where it needs to be to highlight energies that shouldn't be there.

The message from these three crystals this moon time is "Enjoy what's happening in your life, be in the moment. If it's painful to be in your moment, know it is where you are meant to be and there are lessons to be learnt from your experiences." The polished mirror-like quality of hematite, magnetite and lodestone mirrors away all negativity blocking you from being present on your journey, being in the now. If you haven't read Eckhart Tolle The Power of Now, now would be a good time. It's only a short book.

As we started the green aventurine moon phase recently I was guided we'd all need mirroring soon. This alarmed me as mirroring is intense and I've learnt to only use it in severe situations as it often causes bad energy to bounce back and forth. But with the mirror effect of these crystals and the current new moon time, the energy is banished - it doesn't bounce around. The crystals and new moon energy absorb the negativity and release it fully.

During the new moon time these crystals will work softly in the background. You can have a piece of any or all of these crystals with you, but not on you! Don't hold them or wear them during this healing time. That would be too intense. Normally it's ok to wear or hold these crystals (absolutely!) but not now. There is too much energy around currently for that to be safe energetically.

These crystals and the moon energy over the new moon period will help increase positive thinking and calm grounding energy so we can calmly face our own personal challenges and help ourselves and those we love, or anyone who needs our support. Grounding helps us feel supported, it grounds negativity so we can see truths clearly, it grounds negativity from the mind so our minds are clearer and calmer. Clearer vision of our paths and future opens up with grounding and with the fog of external negativities erased.

If you haven't some polished hematite, lodestone or magnetite, let me know and I can send you some distant / remote healing with these crystals plus New Moon and Reflection energy healing for the next few days or so. If you have just one of these three crystals then working with them will help you lots, as described above. However working with all three crystals is ideal, so we can do a mix of healing and your own personal crystal work if you'd like this. Polished hematite is most common of these three crystals; they are each powerful in their own right but they are also each very different and will work on different negativity energies to negate.

A look to the future:
We have Lapis Lazuli crystal coming up next in the moon healing programme, which is about the Third Eye chakra and even more about vision. Its beautiful sparkly starry sky look and energy will help after the new moon. This will bring Hope and help you reach for the stars. But first we need to clear negative fogs with hematite, magnetite and lodestone.


I offer healings based on my moon readings, in tune with what is happening globally. These healings encompass what you are going through individually as well as what we are facing together on a planetary level. Please contact me for details at or click here for a Free Energy Check, quoting reference "Moon"

If you are reading this article after this moon phase has passed, you can contact me for extra information on the current moon and how it is affecting you and what you can do to heal in line with the moon.