Property Healing / Continuous healing
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Heal your property today

There is a new unlimited healing I am offering for your home or other property (e.g. your work place) at a **super discounted rate** which covers energy clearing, continuous protection and healing all in one delightful package!

Normally the cost of this unlimited continuous healing for a person is GBP £49.99 per month, plus an additional cost for the initial energy clearing. However, I am offering this whole package (including the initial energy clearing) at a discounted rate of just GBP £19.99 per month for all homes /properties!!

What is unlimited healing?

The unlimited healing is sent to your home / property's energies in their entirety. Because the healing is continuous, it works on healing anything that is problematic for your home / property every second of every day and night (see my article on Continuous Healing, for more information or email me at

The unlimited healing is very intense - working on *all* energetic levels and systems at once, more than we can even imagine. By covering across the board like this, it means that we don't miss out the key problems by guiding and specifying the type of treatment your home / property receives. Any energetic issues that are causing your home / property obvious problems will be 'top of the pile' in terms of priority of healing. Therefore the healing will naturally be working on what's of most importance to your property right now.

How quickly will I see results

I've been seeing some amazing results from this unlimited continuous healing. Sometimes it can take time for the results to show in the exact places we are looking for them, because sometimes there are layers of issues to work through in the background that need clearing before dramatic results can be seen. Any issues that are obvious to you in your home / property's energies will be worked on by the unlimited continuous healing in the order that's required for its energies specifically.

However, sometimes results can be immediate! There can be a sudden raising of vibrations for the property and everyone within.

What type of problems can a property healing help with?

Low vibrations in your home / property could be causing damp, electrical or plumbing issues, 'bad luck' or accidents and miscommunication for those within the property, etc.

By raising the vibrations of your property / environment you are clearing the path for these issues to be resolved, rather than worsening or continuing as they are repeatedly. Raising the vibrations helps you and your home break from set negative patterns and issues that keep repeating. It also releases stagnant energies and problems since your property was built.

Included in this unlimited continuous healing is also energy clearing and protection ~ i.e. the removal and protection from entities, implants, geopathic stress, and even spells and curses!

How much does healing cost

The unlimited continuous healing for your home / proprty (including an initial energy clearing free of charge) is greatly reduced in price at GBP £19.99 per month.

A further discount is available on unlimited continuous healings for multiple homes / properties. Contact me for details at

Where do I book?

To book your home / property's unlimited continuous healing, please visit my Send a Payment page and select the correct amount (GBP £19.99) from the drop-down menu.

Any questions?

If you have any questions about this healing, please contact me, Katy, at I will be happy to discuss your home / property's specifc case.