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What is Protection?

Protection is not just Protection - there are Many different layers!

You may have come across this article because your required level of continuous protection via me has changed or because you have received an email from me quoting different levels of protection. Here you should find the answers to your questions, but if you would like some specific protection advice based on your own unique situation then please do email me (Katy) at

The basic level of protection
This is pretty standard and perfectly good for most people. It is a general protection covering all the basics:

- negative alien implants
- negative attachments like spirits / entities, demons, devils, witches, vampires etc.

Very gently it raises your vibration levels so that you become more naturally self-protected. It does this by very gently healing you, which helps you bounce away negativity from you on a day-to-day basis. It doesn't stop "bad things" happening to you, as these are a part of life and everything that happens to us offers opportunities to learn and discover more about ourselves. But, this said, it can reduce the severity of difficult situations and reduce the occurrences of "bad luck" and unfortunate happenings.

The protection attracts in your current spirit guides (and new spirit guides and other healing forces) to be more securely by your side. This is because by taking on protection you are saying "Yes!" to self-healing and "Yes!" to their help and guidance! In this way, and by raising your vibration, you start to attract more positive things in your life. So it is a general pick me up and general life-balancing healing. It helps you kick out some negative blocks and issues (indeed many experience energy clearings of old attachments during this process), so helping you along your soul path, helping you find your true self, and be more successful in your endeavours reaching your goals.

I often recommend this basic protection after you have received an energy clearing from me, as this protection level is enough to stop standard-level attachments from returning.

This is a good level of protection for homes and businesses too that need a gentle ongoing boost to their vibrations. Pets or wild or farm animals also benefit from this basic protection.

Basic Protection: An all-round good general protection from everyday life, for people, pets and properties with nothing too unusual or extreme going on energetically

Sometimes I will only recommend a basic protection to someone (or an animal or property / land), even if a very high level of spiritual activity is going on. This is because sometimes a gentle approach is needed to start repairing a harsh situation. If we charge in with a Huge protection plan in some high-risk spiritual situations we can cause so much energy to spring to surface from deep beneath that it can all become very overwhelming and unbearable very quickly for everyone involved.

This is definitely not always the case. Some situations most definitely require mega protection, and there is no other way around it. But sometimes a more gentle approach is the only way. Each situation is different and I take care to analyse each separately and with constantly checking what is best for everyone involved.

Higher levels of Protection
There are many higher levels of protection than basic that I offer. They can range from about £10/week to £100/week. Sometimes higher if there is a desperate need, but hopefully this would only be temporary, while we work on the reasons behind the need for such high protection.

Here are some examples of cases where a higher than basic level of protection may be required.

Case One: The person is struggling with anxiety and is exhausted all the time. She is sensing spirits everywhere, and keeps seeing them and feeling them move her bed at night. She is afraid and worried that these spirits are creating many difficulties in her life as she is having a lot of bad luck. The first thing I would check for in this type of situation is a portal! The number and variety of spirits she speaks of and the way they come and go suggests there could be a doorway open to the spirit world. If a portal is found it is closed and an energy clearing performed and protection immediately put in place to stop more spirits coming through and to protect the area where the portal was open as it is vulnerable to further attack. This type of situation suggests a greater need for protection than basic, as portals don't generally open under normal circumstances. They normally only open under some intense negative energy (whether human or spiritual).

Case Two: The person is a healer and works with a multitude of clients daily and burns through a lot of their own energy trying to stay protected whilst also helping others. I offer additional supportive protection in these cases as the healer is often bombarded by energies during their healings, some of which are really quite powerful and demanding, and there may be a lot of negative spirit activity, especially if the person is focused on healing rather than energy clearing their patients too. Healers are also a beacon of light, and this means they can attract darker forces to try and stop them helping others. For this reason especially I recommend higher levels of protection generally, as the intensity of the darker forces can be immense sometimes and pretty deceitful.

These are just two example of higher levels of activity from the spirit world which can cause us to require temporary extra protection.

If you feel you are under attack energetically from the spirit or human world, let me know and we can do a free energy check for you and set up some protection. You can contact me at or click here for a Free Energy Check, quoting reference "Protection"