Equinox and Solstice / Autumn 2020
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Autumn 2020

And so it begins... another season ending, another beginning. As the time passes by through the seasons, we experience natural shifts in energy that link us together.

If you follow the meteorological calendar then we are already in Autumn, as of 1st September. If you follow the astronomical calendar then Autumn is not yet to start until 22nd September at the Autumn Equinox. Whichever you follow, the energy can't be denied, there are big shifts already being experienced.

You may sense a push-pull effect in your life, an opposing and balancing amount of pain and pleasure, as part of our energies stay back in Summertime and part of our energies are ready to bring in the new season. (Who says "you can't be in two places at once!") As one season ends it brings an end to some things in life which can bring a lot of sadness, but also a lot of joy and relief. As another season opens up to us, it also opens doors to new possibilities and opportunities which can be really exciting, but also scary and challenging sometimes. We draw within our individual selves energies, connections and shifts that affect us as a whole, as Earth's beings together. We reflect what is going on in the seasons in our minds, hearts and souls.

Now is an excellent time to take stock of what has happened across the Summer for you; indeed, across the whole year if you wish. A change in season is a good time to think about everything you have achieved, as well as anything you have sadly lost or left behind. It is time to think of the happy and sad things that life brought to you.

Why revisit the past? It can help centre us in the now. We will have experienced much pain and pleasure in the past but without acknowledging these things we sometimes cannot let them stay in the past, or carry them forward into the future with us if they are happy events. Sometimes just a little moment of conscious attention can be extremely healing and help bring us forward into new beginnings.

Something else key that this little look into the recent past can bring, is to help show us where we have begun projects but not continued them, perhaps because the timing was not right (in our hearts or the world, or the greater universe), or through fear and procrastination ;) Yes how often do we start things and not finish them. Maybe there is some project or idea in your recent past that these moments will help you see their importance and worth and find courage and strength in the changing of seasons and the passage of time to open that door to the opportunity to pick up where you left off.

Whatever a new season brings, it is a time of Hope and expectation. We must all have dreams of the future and hope for things to turn out well. This is what our hearts and souls thrive on. Whatever is happening in the world and in life around you, whatever has happened in recent months, know that this new season brings a chance to make changes within and around you. Have hope in your heart, peace in your mind, and excitement and creative wonder in your heart.

It can be really healing to sit with a lit candle while you think through recent times, and meditate on what you would like for the season coming ahead. The candle energy brings light and high vibrations to our positive thoughts, and helps us manifest our chosen reality. It also helps burn up any negativity we release through thinking about the not-so-happy times, releasing pain into the fire.

At these times of change our spirit guides are also particularly active in helping show signs of how we can make positive changes to our lives. Keep looking out for little signs of support from above :) A little feather left by your front door showing that angels are with you, or repeated numbers appearing in your life. A little bird with a spiritual message for you, tapping at your window, or staring intently at you (lol). Or even a little mouse family setting up camp in your home as the weather becomes cooler. If you need help deciphering any unclear messages from guides, please let me know. Or if you are unused to looking out for these messages I can do a Tarot Reading for you to help show you what your guides are trying to tell you!

A crystal which can also help through this thought process is happy golden yellow Citrine. Carry this crystal with you through the change from Summer to Autumn. A fresh piece daily is wise, while the previous day's crystal cleanses and rests. This crystal helps to attract joy, happy times and prosperity. Keep it in your purse if prosperity is your key concern right now!!

If you have had much energy to burn up in the candlelight, then I suggest working with Amethyst crystal too, as this absorbs negativity and transmutes negative into positive vibrations. If you are working to overcome an addiction energy in transferring from Summer to Autumn, if this is a new goal for you (for example, cutting down on smoking or drinking alcohol), then Amethyst is brilliant for this! It helps put us in touch with our higher selves and our spirit guides, helping show us the way. It is also great for reducing intoxication.

Another couple of good crystals for the change into Autumn season are Moss Agate and Amber. These beautiful Earthy crystals help reflect and build Autumn energies if you need some help connecting with Autumn energy and feeling grounded in Autumn time, or are struggling to let go of Summer and welcome in Autumn with open arms and an open heart, mind and soul.

To new beginnings....


If you would like some help adapting to the changing seasons, or if there is anything specific shifting that you are needing some guidance on or some positive energy sending to something that is developing from Summer ending and Autumn arriving, please do let me know. I am paying particular attention to this energy right now and in the coming days and weeks.


I offer healings for seasonal shifts in energies, so we keep in tune with nature and understand how what we experience in daily life and in our hearts mirrors the planet we inhabit and life all around us. These healings encompass what we are going through individually as well as what we are facing together on a planetary level. Please contact me for details at healing@firebeans.com or click here for a Free Energy Check, quoting reference "Seasons".

If you are reading this article after this time of writing, you can contact me for extra information on the current time and season and how it is affecting you and what you can do to heal in line with nature's cycles.