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Don't Be A Skittle

Shortly after waking this morning my guides sent me a silly image. I often see their messages visually, shapes around me form into pictures and an image dances for me with a secret message. Today I'm guided to share this one with you!

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The image is one of a rather goofy-looking skittle. Yes you read that right. A skittle with big innocent eyes and a silly smile. A skittle waiting to be hit by a giant bowling ball! The skittle sits in line patiently waiting to be bowled over. Happy. This is the skittle's role in life, it's his/her job.

I had to laugh when I saw this image. Then heard my guides say "Don't be a skittle!!". My response was "Ohhh" laughing but also feeling this was a concern, something I definitely needed to take seriously. I do love my guides' sense of humour though, they can be hilarious!

How many times have we been the skittle? How many times have we innocently, somewhat goofily, been enjoying our day / life, when suddenly out of the blue, along comes a massive bowling ball that sends us (and everything around us) flying! We can really get knocked over by events in life.

However, have you ever noticed that sometimes it doesn't have to be this way? No I'm not saying you need to develop a psychic gift for when trouble is coming. Even psychics can't foretell everything, it is not in our power to know some things. But there are some bowling balls we can avoid if we spot patterns happening in our life and around us, see problems forming earlier and take action to redirect the bowling ball away from us.

If you were a skittle with legs, you could maybe see that big demon ball being lifted up and being prepared to be thrown right at you, and get the heck out of the way :-O This takes some foresight but you don't have to be psychic to spot some things coming. Take note of what's happening in your life and around you, be conscious of what's going on. Are you happy, motivated, loving life? Or are you ignoring some issues and problems within yourself or your life? The universe has a sure-fire way of throwing us a bowling ball if we ignore what's going on. Our guides will send us lots of early warnings, but get ready for that bowling ball if we ignore them!!

It is a common human trait to firefight, to wait until a problem is really bad before creating change or trying something new, to wait for something to break, have your back against the wall, before taking action and finding a better way. We can get stuck in a loop waiting for things to get better, delaying, stagnated, procrastinate, through fear or lack of inclination, motivation, desire or inspiration. But when it blows up in our faces we may wish we hadn't ignored all those little signs and opportunities. "If only we'd done something about this earlier!" people may cry! Sound familiar? Our guides are always trying to steer us along paths to avoid these catastrophes but if we don't make time to listen and don't take up the little opportunities for change, a spirit guide will definitely throw a bowling ball into the mix to shake everything up and force change.

So, as a skittle you have learnt to grow legs, look ahead and side-step that crisis ball. Phew!

But what if you could do even more. What if you could Be The Bowling Ball and really take charge of your life?!

Let's take this analogy further. What if instead of waiting for signs of impending doom to trigger you to take action along your soul path ... you instead take the bull by the horns, decide on your passions, decide what makes you tick and say "What the heck, I'm going for it. I'm All In!!" You point yourself in the direction you want to go, you take aim and you throw that bowling ball at your target. You aim. You throw. You hit your target. You WIN. Success and happiness come to you with no poking and prodding all along the way at every step from your guides, and no near-misses from giant bowling balls.

     I much prefer that option

     I don't think I want to be a skittle

If you find you need some help establishing what direction to take along your soul path, to find your path before the bowling ball takes aim at you, please email me for guidance and assistance.

Send an email to healing@firebeans.com