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Get Your Free Power Animal, Start Getting Some Answers Today
Free Card, Full Reading £9.99

Make sure you're on the right path in life, get some guidance from your power animal today.

All I need is your name and email address and I will intuitively pick the power animal to guide you at this point in your life. I pick the card and tell you your power animal for free and then if you want more in-depth answers book a reading.

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~ Tarot Reading ~

Allow the power of animal spirits to guide you through life

It is interesting and fun to work with the animal spirits when we are looking for answers and guidance in life. Their power can be truly amazing. Not only can they give us the answers we are seeking during a reading, but we can call upon them after the reading to help give us the strength and courage to do what is right for us, or simply just ask them to stay with us and offer guidance to keep us on the right path when it's needed. You might even be surprised to find that the animal spirits appear to you in life when needed at poignant moments - in your mind, an ornament in a market stall, or a picture on a wall of your power animal. These are signs that the animal spirit is calling out to you and pointing you in a certain direction.

How an Animal Tarot Reading could help you
A tarot reading could help you when you need an answer to a question in any part of your life (to do with a relationship, your family, career or social life, etc). For example, you might ask: Or perhaps you need some guidance on how to handle a situation, or you are keen to see if there's something you ought to be focusing on, or considering, in your approach to life?

Do you have a decision to make? When faced with any kind of crossroads (big or small) it is so easy to get confused by our options and not know, with confidence, which is the right way to go, or that you've made the right decision for yourself, those around you, and for the greater good.

If you feel that you are missing the answer to some question because you are unable step out of the situation and get the perspective you need, a tarot reading could be ideal for you.

By tuning in to your energy across the distance, I can intuitively select the best cards (power animals) to guide you through your situation towards the right outcome.

How can I know what is best for you? I can make a strong connection with another person's energies. Take a look at my testimonials page for some examples of my work.

"The information received from the animal tarot reading was right on! Your professionalism and expertise is greatly appreciated!"
Jenn, USA

"I did not realize how powerful my reading was with Katy until I began really absorbing the meanings of the animals that were presented to me for this time in my life. Katy provided a narrative of what each animal's significance was and further enhanced my knowledge of what the Power Animal Tarot is about.

Further research of the animals presented just about brought me to tears. I knew what they meant and began to honor the significance and even the sightings of them - be it real or statuary.

I never imagined that animal tarot of any kind could help define and sort out some of the questions I had about where I was going, and what gifts I had to help in this quest.

Katy is a gentle soul with an ability to enlighten with love and meaning, and I am very grateful to have found her in my spiritual quest for knowledge."
S. Read, USA

"Well I can say that I completely did relate to your reading! In fact I could say that my self-esteem issues have been pushed to the surface very much the last year, due to my relationship with XYZ...because we are so different, and I have always felt uncomfortable if someone was very different, in that I would find it harder to be me, thinking or assuming that they would find fault with my beliefs (spiritual) because they are from the science camp, and want scientific proof of things.

But I think the Tarot Advice at this time is timely, is very applicable, and it's true, I do need to listen and allow, and not jump in with advice, and just be there... and allow XYZ the time to learn his own lessons, but just be supportive if he asks... Yes a good and very much applicable reading...!!"
A.D., UK

What type of readings do I offer?
All my tarot readings are currently power animal readings.

One-Card Question and Answer Reading ~ GBP £9.99
This reading is a one-card answer to a dilemma or an issue in your life - whether this is something small concerning your near future, or if you are facing a life-changing decision. Or you can simply ask me to find your single most important animal guide for this time in your life.

Two-Card Balancing Yin/Yang Reading ~ GBP £19.99
Would you like to feel more balanced in life? Either right now because of a stressful or confusing day, or across the board in life? Everyone has a yin and a yang side to their character, this reading is intended to show you both sides with a view to restoring balance/harmony within your being.

A two-card male/female, yin/yang balancing reading helps you see how to bring into alignment these two opposites of your character. Once we can balance our male and female energies then we can see more clearly, act with confidence, and relax and be at one. This reading can help you make sense of your current feelings and your path in life.

Full Spread Reading (between 3 and 7 cards) ~ GBP £29.99
If you are looking for a deeper reading then I can provide you with a Full Spread of cards. This can be excellent for where you want to see a part of your life from a number of angles. For example, you might like a reading that summarises your path in life, including your past, present and future. Or perhaps you'd like to understand more about your personality from different angles. Maybe you've recently begun a new path in life (a new career or just started a family) and you would like to know whether you are doing things right, and what you can do to achieve your goals.

How to book a reading
To book a tarot reading, first decide which type of reading you would like (one-card, two-card, or full spread). Then click on the appropriate PayPal button below to order your reading.

Then send me an email (to Katy at Healing@FireBeans.com) with your question for the reading, or something about the situation you would like assistance with. Sometimes we might need to discuss what kind of spread would be best for you. If you have any questions or preferences, then please let me know so that we can tailor your reading specifically for you.

If you are able to email me a photo of the person the reading is for then this will help improve the accuracy of the reading. However, if this is not possible then just let me know the person's full name (spelt correctly) and their date of birth. Any extra facts you can tell me about the person will help me connect further and will help the reading. Please know that all information provided is strictly confidential and will only be used for the purpose of this tarot reading.

As soon as I have completed your reading, I will email you a full write-up of your tarot reading based on the animal spirits (or animal medicines) chosen. If you have any questions about the reading then I will be happy to discuss these with you.

How quickly will you receive your reading?
I attempt to perform all readings within 48 hours of your payment clearing. If you need a reading as a matter of urgency then please let me know by emailing me (Katy) at healing@FireBeans.com and I will do my best to fit you in asap.

Q&A Reading : £9.99
Yin/Yang Reading: £19.99

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Please note that I offer a full money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied with your reading.