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Connecting up visuals with healing music - for connecting up to the higher power or universal / spiritual energies

This is a healing Connecting Up visualisation with music and specific intent for connecting you up to universal / spiritual energies. So just sit back, watch and listen, and be healed :)

Ideal viewing time is at least 10 mins, and as often as possible.

I created the music, with intent throughout for connecting the listener's energies up to universal / spiritual energies, so that you are healed as you listen. My partner (AcidGFX) created the visuals specifically for a connecting-up effect. I have found that both the visuals and music together is the best combination, rather than just one or the other.

A perfect companion to this healing visual is the Grounding visual, as this connects you down to the opposite healing energy source: earth energies.

This is one of a few visuals that my AcidGFX and I have been creating together, and we are hoping to produce more soon :)

My first personal experiences of this connecting-up visual with music, once completed:
In the first instance, I sat and listened and watched this healing visual and felt an increasing feeling of euphoria, with all the sensations of being connected up (a cool feeling at the crown, and a gentle tingling vibration around the head)! I had played the grounding visual first, to make sure I was properly grounded, but still felt such happiness on watching this :) So I felt reassuringly attached to earth energies as well as universal / spiritual energies above :)

On the second instance (a separate night), I found this connecting-up visual relieved a few feelings of irritation that had come in as I had grown tired in the evening. Connecting up is a classic way to relieve feelings of irritation, annoyance or anger.

On the third instance (another separate occasion), I used the connecting-up visual to release an energy block I had at my causal chakra (one of my highest chakras). This helped me have a more peaceful mind. When unchecked, an energy block at the causal chakra can lead to symptoms such as insomnia, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), depression, etc.

What is connecting up?

Connecting up is when the energies in our body are connected up to the spiritual / universal energies above (to God, a higher power, the divine, etc), connected to the highest energies of pure light and love that are intensely healing.

Connecting up is a powerful way to keep you feeling calmer, more relaxed, clear-headed, with a positive perspective, trusting in the universe and yourself, and connected to those around you and the cycles of life.

Being connected up helps smooth the flow of energy through your body, helping you to feel happier and healthier. As your energy flows better through your body, negative energies and blockages can be released gently and revitalising, positive healing energy can be drawn down from the source of pure love and light.

How can connecting up help me?

Connecting up helps reduce:

* anger
* worry about the future
* stress
* fears about how things will work out
* Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
* insecurities about your life
* feelings of stubbornness or inflexibility
* a feeling of being disconnected from the world
* not being able to go with the flow of life
* pain
* migraines and headaches
* physical tension
* insomnia
* restless mind
* confusion or foggy thinking

and more!

How to help yourself be more connected up through other methods

Continuous Connecting-Up - day and night
I offer a Continuous Connecting-Up healing that works on helping your energies stay connected up every second of the day and night. Please see here for more details or email me, Katy, at

An excellent way to connect yourself up is to meditate. You can do this by sitting quietly and feeling your connection up to this higher power, or universal / spiritual energies. Or you can purchase or find meditations online. A great source of meditations that I am always recommending to people  Brain Sync. Kelly Howell produces some awesome, beautiful meditations - some guided, some with subliminal messages beneath relaxing wave sounds.

Connecting-Up crystals
Here is a list of crystals that are particularly good for connecting up to universal/spiritual energies:

* citrine
* amethyst
* selenite
* clear quartz
* rhodochrosite
* yellow calcite

and more :)

Healing the reasons why you are disconnected from universal/spiritual energies
It is important to understand what is causing you to be disconnected from universal / spiritual energies. If you are disconnected it is because you have an energy block that builds up and cuts off the supply to this healing energy source.

I offer distant healing treatments to help you discover why you may be disconnected from universal / spiritual energies. These treatments help you get to the root of the problem and heal your disconnection at the root cause rather than just treating the symptoms.

If you would like to discuss distant healing to work on the reasons why you are feeling disconnected, please contact me, Katy, at and we can find a treatment to suit you. Or click here to receive your free energy check.

This healing visual is excellent for reducing the symptoms of deeper energy problems, and reconnecting your energies while you are undergoing a course of specific distant healing treatment. They can be watched/listened to alone, or combination with healing treatment, to help you between sessions - including during periods of detox.