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Addiction ~ Jacky's Recovery ~ Introduction

On Tuesday 28th June 2011, a client of mine in the States (who we shall name Jacky for the purpose of this blog) came to me to say that she would like to give up drinking alcohol. She has what I would class as a mild addiction to alcohol. She is uncomfortable with how much she has been drinking (half a bottle of wine minimum a night, sometimes a whole bottle on occasions when she feels the need). She doesn't usually drink during the day, except sometimes on weekends, but she does drink every night without fail as soon as she finishes work.

She came to me after we had been discussing the effects of using substances (whether that be alcohol, drugs - prescription or otherwise - caffeine, food and even herbal medication), how some 'cover up' something in themselves that they are uncomfortable with by using these substances. We agreed that it was possible that she was covering something up about herself through the use of alcohol whenever she was trying to relax. She was keen, though frightened, to find out what this 'thing' may be that she was covering up. She had her suspicions about what this may be, but she wasn't sure.

Ultimately, her eagerness to know what she was hiding from herself was overpowering her fear of what she might find, and fear of whether she was strong enough to reduce her alcoholic intake and face her fears.

She asked that we document her progress through her reducing her alcoholic intake. She wanted to be able to look back on the overall experience and see the changes that occurred at each point. She didn't want to forget, as she felt it was a very important journey for her to make. I would help her through healing sessions, advice on crystals for her to work with and by passing on advice from her spirit guides.

Jacky also wanted me to share this experience with others, and has given me permission to blog about her experience in detail here on my site. Her aim is to also help others see what it is like to stop something that you have a mild addiction to - the ups and the downs - and then the end result. For research purposes she was also interested in seeing what the effects of her drinking had really been - something she feels she can only know once she has actually stopped relying on alcohol and accepted who she is.

So first here were Jacky's original aims: She wanted to intially try only drinking alcohol on weekends. So first trying to stop drinking alcohol on week nights. Initial guidance from her spirit guides was that this was OK. We shall see whether this guidance changes once it gets to Friday night!

Jacky works well by breaking things down into little steps, so she thought this could be something she could achieve - only weekend drinking - rather than trying to just quit 100%. Because she was not addicted to alcohol to the extent of waking up and needing a drink in order to live her life, she didn't feel it was necessary to stop drinking alcohol and never touch a drop again. She wanted to still be able to drink the occasional glass of wine or two, but just without needing to.

She noted that she did not need alcohol to help her through her day. She was happy with her job. But she noted she needed alcohol to relax after work. So she hopes that by reducing her alcohol intake during the week, she can learn other ways to relax, and also find out why she struggles to relax so much. If she can resolve this issue, she hopes that she would not then need to lean on wine for relaxation, but may be able to still have the occasional glass when already relaxed.

She has agreed that time will tell whether she is able to achieve this goal, or whether she will learn that she needs to stop drinking alcohol altogether. We have left this open and will see how she gets on.

Ultimately, she loves drinking wine and really doesn't want to stop! BUT... she feels the time has come to try and stop drinking so much, for her health and happiness. She wants to be able to relax without a prop. And she wants to know what she's potentially hiding from herself so that she can be her true self.

So, that's what the study is all about :) I will next post what occurred during Day 1.