Face to Face / What a session involves
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Wherever you choose to have your session I do my best to provide a calming environment, with soft peaceful music and, where possible, aromatherapy to set the right tone from the minute you walk through the door. If you are able to have a home visit, I ask that you do what you can to ensure that you will not be disturbed by everyday distractions (e.g., the phone, the doorbell, family or friends). If you feel at peace in your environment you will have a more successful treatment.

It helps to start off the session with a little history, if it is your first session, or a catch up on what has been going on in your life since we last saw each other. This is often part of the therapy, to have chance to talk about things. Many people come to see me with a blocked throat chakra because they feel unable to communicate their feelings and needs to those around them on a day-to-day basis. It's often a lot easier to talk to someone separated from your everyday life. Simply talking can release negative energy from your throat chakra.

Next I ask that you remove your shoes, watch and glasses and make yourself comfortable, fully clothed, on the couch. I have a blanket to cover you in part or to the shoulders as many people experience a drop in body temperature as they slip into a fully relaxed state. All you have to do then is close your eyes and allow your worries to gently float away while I heal your energy systems with intuitively chosen crystals.

I encourage people to comment on sensations at the time if there is anything that bothers them during the session, but any pressure that you may feel as I work to clear energy blockages (perhaps at the third eye if you have a racing or cluttered mind, for example) is generally released and disappears as I work through the blockages that are causing the problems. The feeling is often replaced by a warm or cool tingling as the positive energy moves through. The best way to work through an uncomfortable blockage is to ensure that you are fully grounded and then continue the work, and sometimes changing the crystals being used if necessary. This is why it is useful for me to be told if you are feeling any uncomfortable sensation. Not everybody feels these sensations while I clear the energy - some are more attuned, or sensitive, than others. In fact, I often feel these sensations for clients!

It's also very interesting to hear about the pleasant sensations that the movement of energy through the body can bring. But to avoid interrupting your experience you might want to save the memory of these and just enjoy them, then tell me once we've finished the session.

At the beginning of the actual crystal therapy session I will first ground your energies down to the core of the earth. This is partly to begin the flow of energy down through the body (which will help the energy move through any blockages) and partly to establish a connection to the earth before connecting you to the universal energies for the upper chakras.

Next I will open and spin each chakra using a unique selection of crystals. This will clear any blockages and get the energy moving down from the universe, through your upper chakras, your heart chakra, your lower chakras and down into the core of the earth. I may come back to ground your energies at any point during this chakra healing, depending on the signals I pick up. Occasionally I may need to go back to work through all your chakras a second time briefly, if you had any particularly stubborn blockages. I always end this stage of the healing with a series of grounding procedures.

The chakra healing can take any time from 20 mins to an hour! It really does depend on the individual and how much negative energy there is to work through. Quite often more time is required to heal the chakras when the client is not used to therapy of this kind.

After the chakra healing we have the subtle bodies alignment. For this I need to stand and hold a crystal close to your feet - the opening point of the subtle bodies. Here I direct the energy of the crystal to align your subtle bodies, one by one, and then make sure you are still grounded down to the earth.
This stage generally takes 5-10 mins.

If there is time left in the appointment, then I move onto clearing and repairing your energy field. This involves working down one side of the body and up the other side with one major crystal. This process can particularly help with specific hot spots around the body - e.g. migraine, chronic back pain, digestive issues, leg cramp, etc. Although the chakra balancing and subtle bodies alignmenet can help these issues at the core of the body, it certainly is very beneficial to work on these hot spots at the energy field level. It can be a very powerful part of the therapy session. The energy field is your protective layer, your shield. When you have hot spots, you have breaks in your shield which leaves these areas further weakened.
It is well worth allowing extra time in your appointment for this part of the therapy. A quick energy field clearing could take 10 mins, but depending on the depth of the therapy you would like we could spend up to about 40 mins just on this part. It is entirely up to you how long you would like to spend on this area.

Once it is time to conclude the session, if appropriate for you I will sweep over the energy field with an essential oil scent. This can help protect the energy field and the therapy work completed and brush out any remaining negativity. I will then ask you to slowly come round and when you are ready to sit up. Then I will check that you are grounded and recommend you sip from a glass of water, which will help you retain the healing you have received at a cellular level and bring your consciousness gently into your body. Often this time gives us chance to talk about the session: my findings and your experience. Then when you are feeling ready you can replace your shoes, watch and glasses for the end of the session.

So the total time that ought to be allowed for a general crystal healing session is an hour. However, an hour and a half would be ideal as this would allow more time to work on the energy field, which can be extremely beneficial.