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Bringing the body, mind and spirit into balance, crystal therapy provides the chance for us to function at the highest level.

Crystal healing can treat a whole host of issues and dis-ease, from surface-layer symptoms to underlying deep-seated issues - from migraines and back problems to chronic pain, plus stress, panic attacks and depression.

All your symptoms (psychological and physical) are connected, and by treating the body, mind and spirit holistically we can overcome these problems. By creating a natural flow of positive energy from head to toe, you are connected above and grounded below, releasing negative energy and relieving symptoms. You are left feeling calm, balanced and at one.

Through a series of sessions it is possible to get on top of a range of recurring problems. By frequently topping up your energy through crystal therapy you can increase your inner strength and external armour, or shield, so that you are more protected from whatever it is that triggers your dis-ease (e.g. environmental or psychological factors). This will help you stay healthier and happier in the long run and puts you more into the realm of prevention rather than needing a cure.