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How often you should come for a session depends on your current state of health and happiness. We can work out a treatment plan to match your needs during your first session.

Generally, if you are in a reasonable state of health, and we just need to keep things moving along, functioning well, and progressing with any basic issues, then a 90-min (minimum 1-hr) session every 3-4 weeks is ideal.

If you are suffering with a condition (physical or psychological) then I recommend that you come for sessions more regularly - as regularly as you can. What can work well is a monthly 90-min session with top up sessions over the month as required. Depending on your state of health and happiness you could have these once a week or even every day if you need it! Many times I will offer techniques or products (e.g. visualisation tips or meditation CDs) to help you stay balanced between sessions.

Regular sessions are important in order to keep on top of your progress and symptoms. You won't need therapy for ever, but until you've reached a point where you can maintain a good vibrational energy across your body, having learnt techniques to keep the positive energy flowing, and/or made changes in your life to keep you balanced, it is advisable that you keep to a minimum of 1 hr or 90 mins every 3-4 weeks.

I can advise you on a course of action after an initial therapy session, and you can decide whether this would work for you.