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This depends to a certain extent on your sensitivity to energy. Some people feel amazing tingling sensations, warm or cool, as the positive, healing energy moves through areas that were previously blocked with negativity. Some have described this feeling as a nice kind of pins and needles, or a feeling of cool water flowing through their body.

Sometimes people who are new to sensing their energy don't actually feel these sensations, intitially at least, but do feel calm and peaceful after a session, with their symptoms eased. A person's ability to feel energy appears to grow over time as your body and mind open up to the experience.

People have different levels of sensitivity, too, and while it may take some people a while to experience these sensations, others will feel them instantly!

If you don't feel these sensations, it doesn't mean that the therapy isn't working for you. I pick up a lot of energy from clients in a session, so I can tell what's going on with the chakras and flow of energy. So if you're not feeling it, I probably am! It is quite clear from my experience that the healing does work even if you don't feel the flow of energy as it is working. If you don't feel the sensations of energy, you will still feel the benefits of the session.

I encourage people to comment on sensations at the time if there is anything that bothers them during the session, but any pressure that you may feel as I work to clear energy blockages (perhaps at the third eye if you have a racing or cluttered mind, for example) is generally released and disappears as I work through the blockages that are causing the problems. The feeling is often replaced by a warm or cool tingling as the positive energy moves through. The best way to work through an uncomfortable blockage is to ensure that you are fully grounded and then continue the work, and sometimes changing the crystal placement if necessary. This is why it is useful for me to be told if you are feeling higher than usual increases in pressure. Not everybody feels these sensations while I clear the energy - some are more attuned, or sensitive, than others. In fact, I often feel these sensations for clients! Which is another reason why it helps me to know what you're experiencing.

It's also very interesting to hear about the pleasant sensations that the movement of energy through the body can bring. But to avoid interrupting your experience you might want to save the memory of these and just enjoy them, then tell me once we've finished the session.