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I like to go into detail with my healing sessions as this can lead to the most profound results. So I would like to offer those who are interested an extended in-depth service.

The process involves me taking a concentrated look at the way your energy is moving through your chakra system, subtle bodies and energy field. By assessing the chakra movement, and whether there is too much or too little energy in each chakra, I can tell you  where your problem areas are in detail, and how they relate to your symptoms (physical and psychological). This can be a very enlightening experience and one which can lead to great changes in your life.

It is key for me to understand how the energy moves through your body, where it gets blocked on a regular basis, and work on shifting those blocks. But it is even more interesting when you understand what is going on yourself. This helps you speed up your healing because you become aware of triggers for your symptoms - and being aware means you are able to make changes, learning to stop the triggers in their tracks before they can do their usual damage.

This is an ongoing process and regular crystal therapy during this process is advised to keep your chakras spinning, your subtle bodies aligned and your protective energy field strong as far as possible. Many factors can knock your energy out of sync, and quickly too. So it is important to keep everything topped up and moving as it should. As you become more energetically healthy, you will need less and less topping.

I have worked through a number of issues through this process and had outstanding results. The indepth approach is definitely advisable for those that would like to understand more about their energy and would like to take a much more active part in their healing.

This option involves:

Step 1: An initial detailed energy status analysis and crystal therapy session (2 hrs)
This session will include a full initial analysis of your energy staus (chakras, subtle bodies and energy field if time allows).
I will take notes throughout the session so that I can piece the information together afterwards.

At the end of the session I should be able to provide some insight in advance into the results of the analysis. I may ask you a few questions to help establish the bigger picture (e.g. 'Do you have often find that your mind is cluttered/racing').

This completes the first step.

Step 2: Your energy analysis
After the session I will take a couple of days to review my notes. This gives me time to make further connections and spot additional patterns in your energy.

If you are able to provide a contact email address or phone number then this would be useful in case I have further questions after the session as I am going through the information.

I will then contact you to arrange the follow-up appointment.

Step 3: Follow-up appointment (1hr 30mins)
In this session I will go over your energy analysis with you and discuss what we can do to try and improve any issues. This will also include a second crystal healing session to continue the work already begun.
I may suggest particular crystals, meditation CDs, or even herbal remedies to help guide you through the healing process.