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I offer crystal therapy sessions in the Northampton (UK) area primarily in the comfort of your home.

If a home visit is unsuitable for you then it is possible for me to arrange an appointment (for people only, not pets yet) at a complementary therapy centre.

I have a padded portable massage table that is approximately six feet long. If you have room for this in your home then this is ideal. However, I realise that not everybody has the space. I can perform the healing on a settee or chair - whatever you have available. All that matters is that you are happy and comfortable.

If you would like a pet healing session then we would need to consider a place of comfort for the animal, somewhere that they will be less distracted by noises, people or other animals. A quiet room in the house is recommended - somewhere that myself and the pet, and yourself too if the pet is not distracted, can focus on the healing in hand. It is often a good idea to bring their bed into that room too, so that (once they've got settled) they can be as comfortable as possible.

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