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1. What is crystal therapy?

Crystal therapy is a wonderfully relaxing experience. During a session, the healing vibrations of crystals
and light energy are directed through the body's energy systems by the therapist: connecting us to
universal and earth energy, opening and balancing the chakras, aligning the subtle bodies, and repairing
and protecting the body's energy field. Bringing the body, mind and spirit into balance, crystal therapy
provides the chance for us to function at the highest level.
And if you simply want to experience a little bit of peace, it's perfect for that too!

2. How can it help me?

Crystal healing can treat a whole range of symptoms from migraines and back problems to chronic pain, plus
stress, panic attacks and depression.

3. What happens during a session?

A session begins with the chance for you to talk about why you have come for crystal therapy. Then I ask that
you remove your shoes, watch and glasses and make yourself comfortable, fully clothed, on the couch. All you
have to do next is close your eyes and allow your worries to gently float away while I place intuitively chosen
crystals on your seven major chakras and clear your energy systems.

4. How long should I book a session for?

I advise people to book a 1hr 30 min session as this allows plenty of time for us to talk and for me
to perform a thorough healing.

5. How often will I need crystal therapy?

This depends on your current state of health and happiness. We can work out a treatment plan to match
your needs during your first session.

6. How quickly will I see results?

Most people feel some results immediately, most common is a feeling of deep relaxtion. Crystal therapy
can have an instant effect on symptoms such as pain, migraine, asthma, stomach complaints and cramps.
If you are healing a longterm issue then you should find that you gradually make improvements after each
session in your treatment plan. A lot of people liken holistic therapy to peeling off the layers of an onion:
sometimes healing has layers/stages to go through.

7. What are chakras?

We have seven major chakras across the body: the crown, third eye (brow), throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral
(naval) and root (at the tailbone). We also have four major transpersonal chakras and many minor chakras.
I also work with the thymus chakra which is the centre point for the immune system. Chakras are swirls or
wheels of energy - they are the body's energy centres. The front or back of a chakra can become closed or
blocked by negative energy (your own negative thoughts and feelings, or negative energy that you absorb
from other people).

8. What are subtle bodies?

There are seven subtle bodies and each is connected to a chakra. The subtle bodies surround the physical
body. They have a tendency to slip out of alignment during times of stress. When misaligned they can cause
psychological and physical issues.

9. What is the energy field?

Your energy field is a shield that protects you from external negative energy. It is important to keep this field
strong and healthy, and to heal any breaks in the shield that naturally appear over time.

10. How do crystals work?

Everything has a vibration, everything is made of energy. Our bodies consist of a variety of vibrations,
across our energy systems. The slightest thing (a negative thought or feeling, or picking up a 'bad vibe'
from somebody else) can affect our energy systems, making us vibrate to the wrong frequencies,
leaving us feeling stressed, tired, detached, or in pain. Getting ourselves to vibrate to the correct frequencies
again is key. This is where crystals come in.

Each crystal has a fixed vibration that can be absorbed by your own energy systems to get your vibrations
functioning at the correct frequency again. You can be affected by a crystal's energy by touching the crystal
or just by being in the same room. So when we lay crystals on you during a healing session, we are intuitively
choosing crystals that vibrate to your correct frequency at each point on the body, healing your dis-ease by
altering your energy.

The healing effects of crystal vibrations can be amplified by focusing the crystal energy using intent and a crystal
generator. This technique has proved to be highly effective.

Please contact me through the Contact page if you have any other questions. I will be happy to help.