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Heart Chakra Healing

For an added step to this meditation, please read 'Healing Your Inner Child' in the Exercises and Techniques folder.

     ~  As with all meditations, begin by grounding yourself down to the earth's magnetic core. You can do this by visualising an
        energetic cord growing down from the end of your tailbone, right down into the core of the earth. (See Grounding Exercises in
        Exercises and Techniques folder for more information.)  ~

When you are next meditating, or relaxing, rest three small crystals on your heart chakra: a pink, gold/yellow and violet/purple crystal.

Example crystals could be:

*  Rhodochrosite, Rose Quartz or Pink Kunzite

*  Citrine, Pyrite, or Mookite (yellow/cream)

*  Amethyst, Lepidolite or Blue Goldstone

(If you do not have any crystals to hand then you can also do this meditation / visualisation without crystals, or just with a piece of Clear Quartz if you only have this.)

During your meditation, or just while you are lying there peacefully, visualise three flames in your heart chakra: a small pink flame, a gold flame and a violet flame. Allow the flames to burn bright and pure.

Then envisage the flames growing from your heart centre, entwining their colours, surrounding your whole body. Extend the flame so that it surrounds you from top to toe, nice and wide.

Feel the flames burning up any anxieties or worries you have. Let *everything* go into the flames until you feel calm and soothed.

Complete the meditation by checking that you are still grounded (that your cord is still strongly connected to the earth's core). When you feel balanced, gently and gradually reduce the flame down to a little fire in your heart again.

     ~  Make sure you are fully grounded when you complete the meditation.  ~