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Protect yourself from psychic attack, negative attachments (entities and implants) and even just someone else's bad energy!

It is so easy to absorb negative energy - from just picking up on a bad vibe from someone else (that then affects your mood) to suddenly picking up an entity, or spiritual attachment (a ghost, even). By learning and using certain protective measures you can increase your strength to keep this negativity at bay and remain balanced.

First, if you would like to understand more about entities and implants, please see my Energy Clearing section, or just get in touch with me and ask :)

Entities and implants can bounce across to you very easily if you're vulnerable in some way - tired, falling ill, depressed, something like that. As a healer, it's also very easy to pick them up by tuning in to someone else's energies and particularly by trying to remove their entities. So it is very important to be vigilant.

Here is my current protection method that I would recommend you try:
I hold a piece of polished hematite in each hand and visualise the shiny reflective layer kind of melting and running over my entire body, forming a second skin, covering everywhere - no gaps. (This is adapted from something I read here - an excellent resource!) Then I focus my intent on asking that no negative energy be allowed in through this 'protective hematite shield'.

If I feel that an inner strength is required to help reinforce this shield then I visualise a pole of hematite (again, polished) running from head to toe through the centre of my body. This is to protect me from the very core. I call this my 'hematite core'.

If I feel some kind of pressure or warmth or any unusual sensation anywhere (often at my crown) then I take this as a sign of being 'attacked' (i.e. something trying to attach to me) and I stop whatever I'm doing or thinking and reinforce my visualisation.

Also consider adding the violet flame to your protection visualisation. Add a piece of amethyst to each hand and then focus on growing a violet flame around you, that completely encompasses you. The point of the violet flame is to change negative into positive energy, so it should absorb the entity/implant, release them and protect you.

In the past I have also mixed Labradorite with hematite (before thinking of using the violet flame) to add extra power to my shield. Apparently labradorite is excellent for protecting against entities.

Something else you can do - to protect yourself from attack you should be fully grounded and also ensure that your solar plexus chakra is as healthy as possible, as this is your power centre. If you are powerful and strong then you are less likely to be 'attacked'. You can ground yourself using the techniques outlined in my Grounding page (under Exercises & Techniques). However, if you are concerned about being vulnerable and open to attack I would recommend that you contact me for a healing session (face-to-face or via distant healing) as this is the best way to ensure that your chakras are functioning correctly, that you are grounded, and that your energies are as balanced as can be :)

For more information please do get in touch.