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Instant Healing...for People, Pets and Properties
Enter the details of the person, pet or property you want to receive healing. If you need more than one clearing please just repeat the process as often as is needed.

Instant Healing for ONE person, pet or property, from: £14.99

£14.99 is a basic healing/clearing, if you feel you need more or deeper work then please feel free to send an amount which you feel is appropriate and you will receive healing to that value.

After submitting the form below you will be shown a Paypal payment button, shortly after you have completed payment you will receive an email confirming that your healing has been activated.

Please note!
The confirmation email will be sent to the registered Paypal address.

Amount of healing requested:

Your name:

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Full name of the person, pet or property to receive healing
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Brief description of the problem you would like help with:

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Don't forget I offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

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