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Powerful Distant Healing, for People and Pets

Many people turn to distant healing at times of great need. When they know something is wrong in their life but are struggling to fix it by themselves or through the help of traditional means. Other people are just interested in topping up their energies so that they are functioning at their highest level day in day out.

Whatever your reasons for arriving at this page - Welcome. And rest assured that you have found someone who will listen to your needs and do what she can to help you.

And let's not forget our furry friends too - they also benefit from healing. They are sensitive souls and are influenced by the energy around them just like you or I. Perhaps you have an out-of-control dog or a particularly territorial rabbit, or you would like to provide some relief for a pet's particular ailment.

About me
I'm Katy and I live in Northamptonshire, UK. I am a qualified crystal healer and work face to face with a number of local clients (both people and animals) as well people and pets via distant healing. My distant healing clients are spread quite literally across the globe. I am highly sensitive and during my sessions often pick up on some particularly accurate information.

I have a range of human and animal clients, and I send healing voluntarily to dogs at my local dog rescue centre once a week. I have had powerful experiences in all these areas and it inspires me to do more.

How does distant healing work?
It is possible to create a strong energetic link with another being, even across a great distance. In healing, time and space are no longer limiting factors. We are working with subtle frequencies and vibrations that can cross these barriers. All that is needed is something to build that energetic connection on (e.g. a photo in my case) and an intuitive like me who can make the connection between our energies using intent. Then the healing can begin!

I use the same principles for healing at a distance that I use for face-to-face crystal healing. Please see my crystal healing pages for more details about the power of crystals and how I use them during my treatment sessions.

'Everything is made of energy: molecules, pathogens, prescription medicines, and even emotions. Each cell pulses electrically, and the body itself emanates electromagnetic fields. The human body is a complex energetic system, composed of hundreds of energetic subsystems. Disease is caused by energetic imbalances; therefore, health can be restored or established by balancing one's energies.'

Cyndi Dale, The Subtle Body

How quickly will I see results?
Most people feel some results immediately. Distant healing can have an instant effect on symptoms such as pain, migraine, asthma, stomach complaints and cramps. If you are healing a long-term issue then you should find that you gradually make improvements after each session. A lot of people liken holistic therapy to peeling off the layers of an onion: often healing has layers/stages to go through and sometimes this can take time.

The best way to work through these stages is to have regular healing sessions. This tops up your energies and helps them retrain more quickly to run more smoothly and with fewer negative energy blockages. You can create a course of treatment to suit your needs, schedule and financial situation, with booking options from as many as three times a day to just once a month! Just let me know what you want :)

How quickly will I receive my healing?
I endeavour to send out healing asap - generally within 48 hours. The free energy check is performed within 24 hours. If you have a particular emergency or schedule in mind, please contact me to let me know this and I will book you in straight away.

You have the option to purchase a detailed write-up of what I have discovered during your healing session. This comes from the information your energy systems provide to me. If you have bought a write-up then I will email this to you once it is completed after your session. I will include in this email any tips that I have which will help you manage your health/ailments day and night. It is an excellent addition to your healing as it will help you to greatly understand your healing and learn ways to move forward.

How do I book my healing session?
If you would like me to send you, your loved one and/or your pets healing then please get in touch. The quickest way forward is to click one of the PayPal buttons below to book a session and email me a photo (preferably a jpeg) of the person or pet who needs healing. The photo should ideally be full-length (from top to toe) to receive the most focused healing, and if a person, fully clothed please. My email address is healing@firebeans.com.

I think you will find my prices very reasonable. You can book a 1-hour healing session for as little as £34.99, or 2 hours' healing for just £55.99 (save 20%). If you would like a detailed write-up about your healing then please add £4.99 for a 1-hour healing session or £9.99 for a 2-hour healing session. These write-ups are often very detailed. For your complete peace of mind I also have a money-back guarantee. If you're not happy with your healing I will return your fee. NB: I don't think you need a PayPal account to pay via this method, but if you have any difficulty just let me know and we will discuss other avenues.

If you would prefer to discuss your healing with me prior to booking then please fill out the contact form below or email me (Katy) at Healing@FireBeans.com. I'll be happy to talk further.

What is the difference between a 1-hour and a 2-hour session?
If you choose the 1-hour session, this will give me time to send you a general healing. Many people who are new to crystal therapy need a lot of healing at the beginning, so I concentrate on opening and balancing the chakras and aligning the subtle bodies. If you request a write-up (for an extra £4.99 only!) I will provide you with information I discover about your energy systems (which will most likely be a mix of physical, emotional and psychological factors) and tips for how to make changes to benefit your health.

If you choose the 2-hour session, this will give me time to do a general healing and then do more focused healing on the areas you need it most. If you request a write-up (for an extra £9.99 only!) I will provide you with information I discover about your energy systems (which will most likely be a mix of physical, emotional and psychological factors) and tips for how to make changes to benefit your health. Because this is a longer session, I will be able to give you more detailed information here.

Distant Healing
1 hour: £34.99
1 hour: £4.99
Distant Healing
2 hours: £55.99
Save 20%
2 hours: £9.99
For energy clearing click here

Don't forget I offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

Here are some fantastic quotes from my recent clients - thank you everyone :)

Michael A., UK, had a "very powerful reaction":
"It was amazing to be honest - felt like coming alive again!! My mind went into a completely different space after the treatment. Felt completely different in relating to people today. Felt so much more connected to people - like my conscious has been restored. Also at gym could feel strength in right shoulder, whereas it's just been a dead mass with no feeling. Wish I'd found you years ago!Thanks again so much for what you are doing it is so appreciated."

I did a series of healings on Vicky Carey, UK, and her family (human and pets). Here are three of her comments:
"Thanks for easing my stomach Wednesday night. I awoke with a pain-free stomach - no nausea, no lethargy as a result, and no gagging."

Healing one of Vicky's bunnies, Archie, who had gut stasis / slowdown - a potentially life-threatening condition. Vicky's comment the morning after his first healing session:
"I can't thank you enough for your distant healing on Archie. The benefits are already apparent by his behaviour this morning... he was a different rabbit! He was genuinely pleased to see me and couldn't wait to get stuck into his breakfast! I am so glad that we have made contact Katy."

And about a week later:
"Archie is still a totally different animal after you healed him and I think definitely benefiting from crystals."

Regarding Vicky's daughter:
"How you got K. is astoundingly spot on! I am very impressed."

Distant Healing...starts with a Free Energy Check
Distant Healing starts with a free Energy Check. Find out if you have negative energy attachments by emailing me your name for a free energy check. It is done remotely, only takes a few minutes and all I need is the full name of the person to check.

If you are feeling low or are suffering with a physical problem of some kind then you possibly have a blockage in your energy systems and/or a negative energy attachment. This free energy check is the best way to begin your path to healing, as it will help you see where you need healing first, right now.

Once I have identified whether you have any negative energy attachments, based on what I tell you, then you can decide if you would like me to clear them for you and get the energy flowing correctly again, to help you get back on form. Then the full distant healing can begin where we heal any energy blockages in your energy systems (your chakras, subtle bodies, aura and meridians). See below for more details on distant healing, including testimonials from some of my clients.

Energy checks can be performed on yourself, a loved one, or an animal.

To check for the presence of negative energy attachments, all I need is the full name (spelt correctly) of the person you would like me to check. If it is a pet that you would like me to check for attachments then ideally please send me a photograph of them, plus their name. If you would like to just contact me about distant healing rather than an energy check then please do so at the following address.

You can email the photograph and any additional queries to healing@firebeans.com.

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